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  1. If the wedding was quick and business-like, it was also jolly and romantic.

  2. I am going to send you the silver and glass from the table," said he, "for a wedding present to remind you of my picnic.

  3. After the wedding we sailed for Florida, which was at that time enduring one of its occasional, but short-lived, bursts of prosperity.

  4. The two were betrothed lovers, and their wedding was fixed for the following June.

  5. She put out her hand to him, the transparent hand, whose only ornament was its heavy wedding ring, and he stooped down and kissed it, with a curiously reverent gesture that made her eyes misty.

  6. Amongst the Monteses it is not considered good form to return home from a wedding ostentatiously sober.

  7. And the new piece that all the world will come to see, as soon as she is returned from her wedding tour, is "of a tragic nature.

  8. Here and there one of the older boys gave a whoop that would have done justice to a wedding dance in a Highland barn.

  9. The Captain saw the dame that day-- Addressed her in his playful way-- "And did it want a wedding ring?

  10. To-morrow is our wedding day, And we will then repair Unto the Bell at Edmonton, All in a chaise and pair.

  11. Then the auld man said--"The strangest of all Is the curious wedding in our king's hall.

  12. For her wedding Hannah leaves her window and her shoes.

  13. The ushers at the wedding were four young naval officers, with Hal, Noll, Algy Ferrers and another young lieutenant representing the Army.

  14. A month after the affair at Holmesville there was as picturesque a double service wedding as it was possible to have at Fort Clowdry.

  15. Carlsbad has been an interruption to our silver wedding journey, my dear; but I hope now that it will begin again.

  16. After a moment he said, "I dare say they don't go round quarrelling on their wedding journey, as we did.

  17. As German-Silver Wedding Journey it's perfect--it seems as if it had been ordered!

  18. We might imagine coming upon our former selves over there, and travelling round with them--a wedding journey 'en partie carree'.

  19. It's been very different from our first wedding journey in that.

  20. It would be our Silver Wedding Journey just as it would be my Sabbatical year--a good deal after date.

  21. And as a German-Silver Wedding Journey, it's certainly been very complete.

  22. We can always talk of it as our German-Silver Wedding Journey.

  23. These wedding carriages are to be seen making their way through the narrow streets in every direction.

  24. They may hesitate as to an acceptable wedding present.

  25. Only two days before the wedding there was a paragraph in the Morning Post to say that it was all off.

  26. I forgot, I 'm afraid, that there were such things as after-wedding festivities due to society, and that this was the date for the first of the series.

  27. Up through the narrowest and least conspicuous path of all, one which few of the wedding revelers had noticed because its entrance was designedly unlighted, came a slim white figure with bent head.

  28. Only that morning she and Murray had returned, belated, from their wedding journey across the continent, to find cards out for a reception in their honour to take place that very evening.

  29. Then I shall have been at your wedding too.

  30. I don't like going to the theatre with other men than my husband, four months after my wedding day.

  31. But after the anniversary of our wedding day I determined that, as far as I was concerned, Uncle Philip might remain buried in oblivion; if he intruded himself into my thoughts I drove him forth again with contumely.

  32. The narrator then closes with "By and by the wedding of the Prince .

  33. He took her home and then celebrated his wedding with the pleasure of the king.

  34. Even though she thinks to save you by marrying him, he will defer his wedding until he learns the import of yours.

  35. I have twice had the wedding postponed, chiefly, I believe, to enrage my natural enemy, his sister, who is as much aggravated by my reluctance to marry him as by his desire to marry me.

  36. You should arrange to have the wedding at the same time as the old earl's, which comes off in summer, I believe.

  37. However, I also felt that imprisonment for life was approaching as the day drew near, and I told him that if he did not defer the wedding I should run away.

  38. More conservative hostesses have one for a wedding breakfast or other affair where there is no question of cutting off the view of any guest.

  39. There is also another volume on Parties and Entertainments, one on Suppers, and another on Breakfasts and Teas and a fifth on Weddings and Wedding Celebrations.

  40. If it is an affair given for a guest and not a wedding anniversary, the guest of honor drinks first and christens the cup, then the host and hostess and the guests drink.

  41. There's a wedding in the hill, and all the pots are in use.

  42. The preparations for the wedding were magnificent.

  43. His claim to the princess was fully proved; the king heaped honours and riches upon him; and he made himself so acceptable to his bride-elect, that the wedding was fixed for an early day.

  44. My aunt wants the wedding to be from the mission station in the low hills where they go every summer," went on the girl.

  45. He was vaguely ashamed of the lack of shame, however, especially when his fancy led him into endless mishaps which might befall a man, especially a missionary, before his wedding day.

  46. The memory of her in that red-and-gold mess jacket above her wedding dress, giving orders to the men squarely, came back to make him smile.

  47. She wept on her wedding day, but we in the lower storey heeded not tears in the upper.

  48. So the years came and went, and instead of wedding festivities the child was sent away on the journey to Lucknow, to enter into a strange, new life.

  49. The family exchequer is drained to the dregs to provide the heavy dowry, the burdensome expenditure for wedding feast and jewels, and the presentation of numerous wedding garments to equally numerous and expectant relatives.

  50. Arul combs her hair only for life's great events, such as a wedding or a festival, and changes her clothes so seldom that it is better form not to mention it.

  51. She wore the wedding gown that was her mother's, but when the hour was come to dress her Aunt Lucy and Aunt Hester failed in their task, and it was Patty who performed the most of that office, and hung the necklace of pearls about her neck.

  52. But Captain Clapsaddle came to the wedding in the long drawing-room at the Hall and stood by Captain Jack when he was married, and kissed the bride heartily.

  53. This, then, is the wedding you come from.

  54. Hero's wedding morning is an occasion for delicate hints of experiences to come.

  55. And just about the time originally fixed upon for the wedding she received a letter from him--he was abroad at the time--suggesting that their engagement had better be broken off.

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