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  1. It is interesting to note, in comparison with the character of the cabal against Scott, that he was supported by such men as Trist, E.

  2. One of them had something pungent but just enough to say about Lee and Izard and the cabal for removing Temple.

  3. The cabal of bad taste enlisted to a man in this new war.

  4. A cabal of great lords caused its failure at first.

  5. And again, "You may talk as you please of the Abolition Cabal directing affairs from Washington; some well-meaning newspapers advise the President to keep his fingers out of the military pie, and all that sort of thing.

  6. Let him do that and the Congressional Cabal would forgive him.

  7. It was then that the Congressional Cabal won its first significant triumph.

  8. Should he do so, there was no telling what attempt the Cabal would make to pervert his intention, to twist his course into the semblance of an acceptance of the congressional theory.

  9. But the power of the Cabal was very great, and the following it was able to command in the country reached almost the proportions of the terrible.

  10. It will mean much if it succeeds, for I know that there has been a surprisingly strong cabal against it.

  11. In all affairs of church or state He very zealous is, and able, Devout at pray'rs, and sits up late At the cabal and council-table.

  12. The Cabal of the Twelve Houses astrological, from Morinus, written 1659; and approved by William Oughtred.

  13. He was one of the cabal at Whitehall, and in the beginning of the session of Parliament, February 1672, endeavoured to cast the odium of the Dutch war from himself, upon lord Arlington, another of the cabal.

  14. Nor was this all: in London, there had already formed a cabal in favour of the Atheling.

  15. The soul of all council and cabal on behalf of Harold, which has led to the determination of the principal chiefs, and which now succeeded it--was Haco.

  16. The Jesuit cabal supposed that if they could obtain the materials for the future volumes, they could easily arrange and manipulate them to suit their own purposes.

  17. From all this, people inferred that he would serve during the following campaign; nobody dared to doubt as much, and the cabal derived new strength therefrom.

  18. This cabal trembled with rage; Vendome still more so.

  19. The cabal was amazed to see Madame de Maintenon on the side of Madame de Bourgogne, while M.

  20. The cabal made a great noise to cover this monstrous audacity, and endeavoured to renew the attack against the Duc de Bourgogne.

  21. His conduct was, in fact, much remarked, and the cabal opposed to him entirely reduced to silence.

  22. A powerful cabal was in fact got up against Monseigneur de Bourgogne.

  23. I determined to form and direct a powerful cabal in order to bring my views to pass.

  24. He declared it, however, the next day, and the news was received with the utmost internal vexation by the cabal opposed to him.

  25. The King embraced him with a sort of enthusiasm that made his cabal triumph.

  26. The cabal which laboured to destroy the Duc and Duchesse de Bourgogne was equally assiduous in augmenting the influence of the Duc de Berry, whose wife had at once been admitted without having asked into the sanctuary of the Parvulo.

  27. Vendome, who was thus unmasked and disgraced, in spite of every effort on the part of his cabal to defend him.

  28. It never occurred to her that the cabal would not be likely to abandon to her the fruit of so much labour and so many crimes.

  29. Monseigneur was dead, the Meudon cabal annihilated; Madame de Maintenon had turned her back upon Madame des Ursins; thus M.

  30. The cabal wished to drive Washington out of power and replace him with Gates.

  31. The Conway cabal went to pieces, and as spring opened Washington began to see light once more.

  32. So Washington wrote to Gordon as the cabal was coming to an end, and in that spirit he crushed silently and thoroughly the faction that sought to thwart his purpose, and drive him from office by sneers, slights, and intrigues.

  33. The cabal was seriously shaken by this sudden blow.

  34. Laurens, Henry, letter of Conway cabal to, making attack on Washington, i.

  35. By that time the cabal was falling to pieces, and in a little while was dispersed.

  36. When the cabal got up its Canadian expedition, it consisted of Lafayette, and penetrated no farther than Albany.

  37. Even after the cabal was fully developed, he wrote about it only once or twice, when compelled to do so, and there is no evidence that he ever talked about it except, perhaps, to a few most intimate friends.

  38. I told him my concurrence was of much less importance than he seemed to imagine; that I kept myself aloof from all cabal and correspondence on the subject with the government, and saw and spoke with as few as I could.

  39. Of this, a cabal in the Senate of the United States has furnished many proofs.

  40. A remnant of former friendship was shown seven years after the Cabal was dissolved.

  41. It was particularly during the fifth and sixth acts that the cabal was most outrageous; they knew these were the most beautiful, and deserved particular attention.

  42. Let me not be told, because these were sublime, and commanded the respect of the cabal raised against it; because there are other scenes far more sublime in the piece, which they perpetually interrupted.

  43. Not but the other cabal too have seemingly sometimes their turn.

  44. This new arrangement seems not to have been productive of good results, for in December, 1674, after the fall of the Cabal ministry, it was discontinued and the direction of colonial affairs entrusted to the King's Privy Council.

  45. The Fronde cabal was then brooding in the dark.

  46. The Cabal followed, probably the worst ministry England ever saw; and in 1672, at Clifford's suggestion, the exchequer was closed and the debt repudiated to provide funds for the second Dutch war.

  47. At length, in 1673, the Cabal fell, and Danby became prime minister.

  48. Thus ended the Lee-Izard cabal against Franklin; it was not unlike the Gates-Conway cabal against Washington, save that it lasted longer and was more exasperating.

  49. He heard stories that he was to be recalled, other stories that there was a cabal to vent a petty ill will by putting an end to the clerkship of his grandson.

  50. Thus Parliament was to look on as if perfectly unconcerned, while a cabal of the closet and back-stairs was substituted in the place of a national administration.

  51. The point to be gained by the cabal was this; that a precedent should be established, tending to show, That the favor of the people was not so sure a road as the favor of the court even to popular honors and popular trusts.

  52. When any adverse connection is to be destroyed, the cabal seldom appear in the work themselves.

  53. In their turn they grow troublesome to that cabal which, whether it supports or opposes, equally disgraces and equally betrays them.

  54. Every one must remember that the cabal set out with the most astonishing prudery, both moral and political.

  55. As a foundation of their scheme, the cabal have established a sort of rota in the court.

  56. It will not be conceivable to any one who has not seen it, what pleasure is taken by the cabal in rendering these heads of office thoroughly contemptible and ridiculous.

  57. I called the centry to me, and asked him, what noise and cabal is this that hath been here to-night?

  58. This was an exaggeration, but Rupert was always on bad terms with the cabal of which Arlington was a member.

  59. He was a good soldier, and an experienced sailor, and the Cabal Ministry had no better reason for refusing to let him go with Rupert than the fact that he was the Prince's friend.

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