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Example sentences for "alliance"

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allez; allfired; allgemeinen; allgemeiner; alli; alliances; allied; allies; alligator; alligators
  1. It was fortunate for us all that in Lancelot's youth there was an alliance of courage with skill which would have done credit to a general of fifty.

  2. The history of the "Alliance of Christian Princes" is illustrative of the methods of those potentates at that time.

  3. In 1500 was formed the "Alliance of Christian Princes" at the initiative of the Borgia Pope Alexander VII.

  4. He had the baseness to enter into an alliance with the Spaniards, and to favour their conquests in Africa.

  5. And his close alliance with Oswyn had, as a natural consequence, debarred him from a real intimacy with any of the other men, who, for the most part younger, cultivated different friendships and different pursuits.

  6. It was on his first visit to Rainham, whom he had met abroad some years before, and with whom he had contracted an alliance that promised to be permanent, that Lightmark had decided his study should certainly be the river.

  7. Before the second punic war, the Carthagenians sought to strengthen their forces by alliance with the Carpetanians, whom they had already partially subjugated.

  8. However, it was not an easy task to win his consent to the betrothal to Prince Ferdinand or for the proposed alliance with the Fuggers to be broken off.

  9. Happy King of Hanover, were you still amongst us, not even the Alliance would insure your mustachoes.

  10. Whenever the respectable Whigs are attacked for their alliance with O'Connell, they make the same reply the priest would probably do in this circumstance--How can we help it?

  11. I shall certainly not encourage or countenance the thought of any other alliance for my daughter, although I pray Heaven that she may never live to set eyes on your face again!

  12. Such were the first fruits of Najaf's alliance with the Viceroy of Audh; the price was to be paid in the bestowal of the Imperial sanction upon the final destruction of the Rohilla Pathans.

  13. Advantage was taken of the opportunity, and of the old alliance between Shujaa and the Jats, to shake the confidence of Suraj Mal, and persuade him to abandon the league, which he very willingly did when his advice was so haughtily rejected.

  14. He then renewed his alliance with Ambaji Sindhia's favourite general, who was about to renew the war against Lakwa Dada in the Udaipur country.

  15. Major Popham, one of the best of the local officers, was accordingly sent to assist the Rana and stir up a confederation of Jat and Rajput powers to aid against the Musalman-Mahratta alliance by which British interests were threatened.

  16. Each party was earnestly longing for the alliance of the Shias under Shujaa, Viceroy of Audh, whose antecedents led men on both sides to look upon them as neutral.

  17. The term has been especially applied to the friendly relations which existed between France and England ever since the reign of Edward VII down to the formal alliance concluded at the outbreak of the European War.

  18. Their own family was, of course, Protestant, but it was closely connected by blood and matrimonial alliance with some of the most devoted and conspicuous Catholic families of England.

  19. Informal alliance between the Barbers (Barber-Surgeons) and the Fellowship of Surgeons.

  20. It ain't an alliance with Mr. St. Aubyn that you're after.

  21. An alliance of this sort always entails a certain settlement.

  22. We offer her this alliance with a family which for seven hundred years-- PIKE.

  23. And I reckon now she isn't wanting any alliance with the remnants of Crecy and Agincourt.

  24. Have you, after this, any further objections to my alliance with Mr. St. Aubyn?

  25. At the same time Sun was faced with the spectre of imperialism, and had to recognize that this unjust but effective alliance of economic exploitation and political subjection was an irreconcilable enemy to Chinese national freedom.

  26. Since there are only about four hundred surnames in China, the alliance of the clans was not so far-fetched a suggestion as it might seem.

  27. The holy alliance was broken up; he then retired to the mountains, protected by the Mexican government, and commenced a system of general depredation, which for some time proved successful.

  28. And so, I thought, despite what stood between her and the Lord Giovanni, Filippo would know no scruple now in urging her into an alliance with the House of Borgia, should they manifest a willingness to have that old affair reopened.

  29. Macdonald, relying for power on his alliance with Cartier, could not accept the demand, and saw seat after seat in Canada West fall to Brown and his "Rep.

  30. The Reformers of Canada West, as Upper Canada was now called, formed a working alliance with La Fontaine which gave them a sweeping majority in the Assembly.

  31. The Conservative-Nationalist alliance cost the Government many seats in Quebec and apparently did not frighten Ontario.

  32. Under this Taft administration the country was governed by the strangest legislative alliance our history ever saw; a combination of the Old Guard of the Republican Party with the leaders of the Tammany Democracy of New York.

  33. So it comes about that our captains of industry and finance have been driven to a more or less reluctant alliance with the Papacy.

  34. The Holy Alliance had sent French troops to Spain to act as guardians of the peace in the year 1820.

  35. Behind the hollow phrases of the Holy Alliance stood the armies of the Quintuple Alliance which Metternich had created among the great powers.

  36. But they did not want the sort of peace which the Holy Alliance and the Council of the European powers had now bestowed upon them.

  37. Four weeks later, the text of the "Monroe Doctrine" was printed in the English newspapers and the members of the Holy Alliance were forced to make their choice.

  38. Even the police spies of the Holy Alliance were powerless against this national characteristic.

  39. Eventually the Holy Alliance was signed by the Emperor of Austria, who did not understand a word of it.

  40. The Holy Alliance was directly responsible for the promulgation of the Monroe Doctrine, and the Monroe Doctrine of America for the Americans has a very distinct bearing upon your own life.

  41. I do not want you to think of the Holy Alliance as a piece of paper which was signed in the year 1815 and lies dead and forgotten somewhere in the archives of state.

  42. They even encouraged his plans for a Holy Alliance that he might be fully occupied while they were engaged upon the work at hand.

  43. Therefore, with much exhortation to privacy, and in the fullest assurance of confidence, Anunda had ventured to ask Sukya Bye, after all reserve had been broken down, whether the alliance might be hoped for.

  44. Nay; but we will have a marriage at home," thought Anunda; and from the time the alliance was shaped into form she began to hoard every rupee she could get.

  45. Under ordinary circumstances, an alliance between the families would have been rejected by the Jadows; but one fell out nevertheless, and after a strange manner.

  46. And would it be blasphemy if two such beings sanctioned their alliance before the world by a marriage, if they made that which is hallowed in itself saved in the eyes of society?

  47. What is an alliance with the little country of D---- to a prince like your Highness?

  48. Is not such an alliance a greater blasphemy than if two beings, with the loftiest feelings, give themselves to each other for a life of free love and voluntary faithfulness?

  49. By the authority the General, who sends me, gave me over every worldly coadjutor who enjoys the advantages of our alliance without showing himself worthy of them.

  50. Not unwilling to interfere, the King of England entered into an alliance with the Emperor of Germany; and sailing from the Orwell, in July, 1338, he landed in Flanders to pursue his schemes of conquest.

  51. Around him were warriors from another land, whose kings had long been in alliance with his ancestors, and whose barons looked to him for protection, and regarded him with reverence.

  52. But," said the Flemings, "this English alliance will best enable us to resist the oppressions of the French, and our connexion with England is much more profitable than could be a connexion with any other country.

  53. Of course the triple alliance would make these measures needless.

  54. League to Enforce Peace Wilson's address Lithuania Wilson and autonomy Lloyd George, David, Supreme War Council, 14 and French alliance See also Council of Four.

  55. In place of the Triple Alliance and the Entente has arisen the Quintuple Alliance which is to rule the world.

  56. The undertakings stated in practically identical terms in the two treaties constituted, in fact, a triple defensive alliance for the preservation of the integrity of French territory and French independence.

  57. Clemenceau to negotiate the treaties of protective alliance which the French demanded.

  58. Such a course would not have prevented Mr. Wilson from entering into the defensive alliance with France and Great Britain and might have actually delayed the peace.

  59. There appears to have been no thought given as to the way other nations, like Poland, Bohemia, and the Southern Slavs, would view the formation of an alliance to protect France and Belgium alone.

  60. The fourth was Mr. Clay, and it is not very clear why Mr. Webster refused an alliance in this quarter.

  61. The most immediate obstacle to Mr. Webster's alliance with General Jackson was the latter's attitude in regard to the bank.

  62. The address concluded by pointing out the French trickery which had provoked the war, and by denouncing an alliance with French despotism and ambition.

  63. Mr. Webster had exposed and denounced the Holy Alliance as hostile to the liberties of mankind, and had declared the unalterable enmity of the United States to its reactionary doctrines.

  64. Mr. Benton naturally did not see that an alliance with Jackson was utterly impossible for Mr. Webster, whose proper course was therefore much less simple than it appeared to the Senator from Missouri.

  65. It is likewise certain that there was an attempt to bring about an alliance between Crawford and the Federalists of the North and East.

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