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  1. Then his bronzed face went white with horror as the black snout of an alligator thrust itself out of the water between the girl and himself, and the saurian tried to seize her by the shoulder.

  2. Just as I was getting rid of the alligator beauty marks on one side of my face, I get a thundering slash on the other, which will take another three months to get tanned up to the rich, soiled leather hue of the rest of my hide.

  3. Now the Jackal was rather afraid of going near the river, for he thought, "Perhaps the Alligator will catch me to-day.

  4. At hearing these words the Jackal felt quite frightened, and thought to himself: "So the dreadful old Alligator is there.

  5. This great, big Alligator has caught my paw in his mouth, and in another minute he will drag me down by it under the water and kill me.

  6. Then the Alligator said to himself: "I will not allow that little wretch to make fun of me another time and then run away out of reach; I will show him that I can be more cunning than he fancies.

  7. At last, close to where the Alligator was lying among some tall bulrushes under the clear, shallow water, he saw a little crab sidling along as fast as his legs could carry him.

  8. So on the following day, when his little tormentor returned to the waterside, the Alligator hid himself close to the bank, in order to catch him if he could.

  9. Meantime, the Alligator inside kept as quiet as a mouse, but he could not help laughing a little to himself as he thought: "So I have deceived this tiresome little Jackal at last.

  10. This enraged the Alligator extremely; it made him quite cross to think of being so often deceived by a little Jackal, and he said to himself, "I will be taken in no more.

  11. Then the Alligator was very much vexed, but the Jackal had run away too far to be caught.

  12. The Alligator was very angry at missing his prey a second time, and determined not to let him escape again.

  13. The big alligator had seen Randal, and silently moved up till it was just beneath him.

  14. The bullet caught the nearest alligator on the side of the head, and the air was full of mangled fragments of flesh and bone.

  15. In the north they eat the alligator when they can manage to kill one, and the small fresh-water crocodile, found in most of the Gulf rivers, is also an article of food.

  16. The man held on to a mangrove tree, and his mates beat the alligator over the head until he let go, but not before he had so torn the flesh from the man's leg that he bled to death.

  17. The recumbent position of the alligator protects him from falls, and therefore his bones contain very little spongy substance.

  18. We generally take the purity of our ice for granted, and, like the alligator in the bayou, close our mouths and swallow it.

  19. So, as soon as the alligator made a jump at them, they also leaped to one side, and the unpleasant creature didn’t get them.

  20. Now, I see where I’m going to have a nice dinner,” the alligator said to himself, as he jumped out at Bully and Bawly.

  21. Oh, I’ll make that alligator wish he’d never caught Bawly!

  22. If we could jump across from this hill to that hill, the alligator couldn’t get us.

  23. But he couldn’t scare the alligator that way, and the first thing he and Uncle Wiggily knew, that savage creature poked his nose still farther into the room.

  24. So Bawly hid behind a tree, where the alligator couldn’t find him, and the frog boy beat on a hollow log with a stick as if it were a drum.

  25. Bawly’s mother, wondering if the alligator were after her son.

  26. Then, just as he was hopping to school, what should happen but that a great big alligator jumped out of the bushes at him.

  27. The flowers made the alligator feel kind and happy.

  28. Next Bawly waved his cap with the feather in it, and the alligator heard all this, and he saw the waving soldier cap, and he, surely enough, thought a whole big army was coming after him.

  29. They had just eaten the last of the sweet-sour cookies, and drank the last thimbleful of the orange-lemonade when, all at once, what should happen but that a great big alligator crawled out of the bushes and made a jump for them!

  30. And when the alligator saw the boy the savage creature flurried and scurried away, taking his scalery-ailery tail with him, and the boy was very much surprised when he saw that the rabbit was gone.

  31. Bully, and the alligator was so angry that he crawled right away, taking his scaly, double-jointed tail with him.

  32. The alligator will migrate before the hand and foot of civilization.

  33. Most of the route may be characterized as crocodile or alligator swamp.

  34. He showed more regret when he had to throw away the skin of the alligator which he shot at Timor, than when mentioning the death of one who had been his chief for three years.

  35. Peron made several excursions for collecting purposes, and once shot an alligator nine feet long, which he skinned.

  36. As the report rang out the hungry alligator ceased his forward progress and began floundering about in the muddy water.

  37. I took notice that you were very glad to get in the boat day before yesterday, when that big alligator gave chase after you.

  38. The professor was a heavyweight of the first water, and had it not been for the fact that Haypole was a very strong man, the ferocious alligator would certainly have had a good supper that night.

  39. Then it was that they first observed the alligator making for them.

  40. A floundering was heard a few feet from the struggling professor, and a half-grown alligator was seen making for him with all his might.

  41. Haypole, with an amused smile upon his face, allowed the alligator to get within a few feet of his intended prey, and then reached over suddenly and seized his employer by the arms.

  42. Then the idea of your standing here laughing at me when the alligator was coming after me with all his might.

  43. The smell of the blood from the dead alligator was drawing others to the spot, and both Leo and Dick deemed it advisable to board the boat.

  44. In his needy shop a tortoise hung, An alligator stuffed, and other skins Of ill-shaped fishes; and about his shelves A beggarly account of empty boxes.

  45. See Alligator gar (under Alligator), and Gar pike.

  46. Defn: A snapping turtle; as, the alligator snapper.

  47. Defn: A South American crocodilian (Jacare sclerops) resembling the alligator in size and habits.

  48. This was the first alligator I ever saw hooked; he measured sixteen and a half feet exactly, but words can give no idea of half the excitement that attended the capture.

  49. I fired at a huge alligator basking in the sun, on a sandbank close to the stream.

  50. I reached their tents late at night, found them both in high spirits after a good day's execution among the ducks and teal, and preparations being made for catching an alligator next day.

  51. I must try to describe one day's alligator fishing.

  52. He got eaten up by an alligator in the 'Dhans,' a sluggish stream in Bhaugulpore.

  53. He blinked, peered this and that way, exchanged glances with the alligator person, and then tucked his legs up under him.

  54. Discovering that the Arabic took no effect on me, the alligator person changed to French.

  55. If ever a man got ten piastres' worth of unexpected side-show it was that old Syrian with the alligator eyes.

  56. Old alligator rolled off his perch and started for me.

  57. It was obvious at once that the alligator person had been lying when he boasted of knowing Staff-Captain Ali Mirza, for he made no effort to claim acquaintance or to denounce him as an impostor.

  58. Yussuf went to tidying up the place, while Noureddin Ali and the alligator person talked excitedly in low tones in the corner near the scullery door.

  59. When I got to the Carter house, and got to bed--I had sprained my ankle in the jump--I went through the alligator bag I had taken from lower nine.

  60. My alligator bag lay at my feet, still locked.

  61. I have a hunch that you are going to have trouble," he said, as I locked the alligator bag.

  62. In an excess of caution I had refused to relinquish my alligator bag, and had turned over my other traps to the porter.

  63. Then, perhaps she remembers the alligator bag, and on the possibility that the notes are there, instead of in the pocket-book, she gropes around for it.

  64. And you remember the alligator bag that I told you was exchanged for the one you cut off my arm?

  65. An alligator slipped with a little splash into the water and disappeared from sight.

  66. W'en he wan' go ketch de bird he fa' down nah de wattah so, en alligator ketch um, he yeat um.

  67. Between the eyes of the alligator are two claw-like horns, 1 inch in length, each terminating in three curved prongs, which point forward.

  68. On digging into this, near its center, an alligator made of rough pottery, 15 inches long, was discovered.

  69. Close to the alligator lay a basin-shaped vessel, 28 cm.

  70. Within this layer, toward the center of the mound, was found the alligator effigy shown in figure 18.

  71. Janet and Trouble put him close to the edge on purpose, so he would go down, knowing that it did not hurt the alligator in the least.

  72. So his sister let him pick up Slider and give the alligator another coast down the board hill.

  73. The alligator just naturally crawled around and, reaching the edge, he fell over, and coasted down.

  74. For a little while, after he had been placed in the warm sun on top of the box, the alligator remained quiet, slowly blinking his eyes.

  75. If you love Ruth you mustn't put Slider in her carriage any more," cautioned Janet, as she lifted the pet alligator out from among the blankets.

  76. All I know is that the alligator tried to crawl up my neck.

  77. I'm trying to think what an alligator can do best.

  78. The only thing that happened was that the alligator tried to crawl out, but I put him back.

  79. Down went the alligator as nicely as you please!

  80. The alligator doesn't make much noise," Ted said.

  81. Teddy, putting the alligator back again on the box on which stood the tank of water.

  82. Two dogs, a cat, a monkey, a parrot, an alligator and some white rats and mice, to say nothing of the pigeons!

  83. The cage of the little pet alligator was a sort of tank, in the bottom of which was some water, and in this were little pebbles, like those in some goldfish bowls.

  84. His idea was that this white alligator would scare out all the other alligators, and then we'd capture mebbe twenty or thirty on the banks, and make our fortune.

  85. We painted that alligator white, and put him back in the lagoon, and you can shoot me if those other alligators didn't eat him.

  86. He was a Dutchman, and got me to help him catch an alligator one day.

  87. Down in the hole an alligator had seized him by the leg, biting it off at the knee.

  88. But the alligator is more than a glutton; he is a cannibal, and does not, unfortunately, even respect the family circle.

  89. The average alligator in Yucatan measures between seven and nine feet, though the one typical of the genus, the Alligator lucius or mississippiensis of the United States, attains a length of seventeen or eighteen feet.

  90. In Guatemala and the Rio Hondu a special species is found known as the Alligator punctulatus.

  91. The alligator is a savage beast, more savage it is said than his congener the crocodile, and will take the offensive often without provocation.

  92. The female alligator lays a great quantity of large eggs, dropping them in the sand, where they are left to be hatched by the sun's heat.

  93. We had a shot or two at an alligator and bagged a few birds as we sailed out of this creek into a wide stretch of water, its thickly wooded shores making it look like an English lake.

  94. Zeb Stump not only quailed; but, trembling in his tall boots of alligator leather, sought concealment.

  95. It might have been likened to a cross between the grunt of an alligator and the croaking of a bull-frog; but proceeding, as it did, from the nostrils of Zeb Stump, it could only be the snore of the slumbering hunter.

  96. Another peculiarity of the alligator is its ability to sleep.

  97. DEAR JACK: The alligator is not in any way an attractive animal.

  98. It needs water, too, and as the dry season and the cool season come on together in Florida, there is a double reason why the Florida alligator should go into winter quarters.

  99. Little Alligator river, where we arrived and anchored at 9-1/4 a.

  100. Valley City got under weigh, and proceeded down Alligator river, and anchored at 3 p.

  101. Alligator river, where we arrived at 9 o'clock a.

  102. Valley City got under weigh and steamed up the Alligator river to Chincapin Ridge, where Captain J.

  103. The flesh of the alligator while young, and not more than 6ft.

  104. We have frequently seen the cooking holes of the Australians--generally beside some rivulet, where fish and fresh-water mussels were easily to be obtained, and even an alligator might occasionally be killed.

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