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  1. Flight soon became general, and the conduct of the Bohemians and their allies was most unworthy of the ancient glory of the country.

  2. The Praguers, reinforced by allies from the surrounding country, now attacked the Mala Strana.

  3. The citizens and their allies therefore spent the whole night in preparing for battle.

  4. The Praguers and their scanty allies meanwhile fearlessly and confidently prepared to encounter the world in arms against them.

  5. Reaction against the ultra-democratic, or rather anarchist, party soon increased among the citizens, and the influence of their aristocratic allies was also used to the detriment of Zelivo.

  6. After Gustavus Adolphus's great victory at Breitenfeld in 1831, his Saxon allies occupied Prague in November of that year.

  7. The strong attitude assumed by the predominant city appears very clearly in the manifesto[20] which the Praguers, in union with some of their allies among the nobles, issued a few days after the victory of the Vysehrad.

  8. The Allies imagined that they had a right to obtain at least everything which had been demanded for them respectively, and it was visible that nothing less would content them.

  9. But there was no such intention, and the plan of those who meant to prolong the war was established among the Allies as the plan which ought to be followed whenever a peace came to be treated.

  10. The Allies were broken among themselves before they began to treat with the common enemy.

  11. Each of our Allies thought himself entitled to raise his demands to the most extravagant height.

  12. The two kingdoms of Tahaiti were often in a state of mutual warfare, though they sometimes fought as allies against a common enemy.

  13. The Onondagas repulsed the Canadian allies who returned to their settlements, where Champlain remained during the winter of 1616.

  14. From that time Mr. Uniacke became one of Mr. Howe's ablest allies in the struggle for self-government.

  15. If neutral nations were to be allowed freely to carry the produce of the colonies of Powers with whom Great Britain was at war, then they were practically acting as allies of her enemies, and were liable to search and seizure.

  16. Champlain accompanied his Indian allies on an expedition against the Onondagas, one of the five nations who occupied the country immediately to the south of the upper St. Lawrence and Lake Ontario.

  17. Some few of these last two tribes continued friendly, or at least took no active part in the raiding, but nearly all the young men of both were the constant allies of the Cheyennes and Kiowas.

  18. At five o'clock in the afternoon a plan, carefully prepared, was put into execution against our French allies on the left.

  19. Of the infantry brigades the first was in reserve, the second was on the right, and the third established contact with the Allies at the point indicated above.

  20. Assailed by overwhelming numbers on front and flank, the held their own in a conflict which raged for days; they barred the path against the German onrush and saved the day for the Empire, for the Allies and for the world.

  21. Nothing promising or unpromising in the prospects of the Allies was concealed from him, and on his departure from Paris the First Citizen of France conferred upon the First Citizen of Canada the highest order of the Legion of Honour.

  22. The clearance of the seas means as much to the Allies as to ourselves.

  23. Allies sparing nothing, whether it were military, naval, or financial effort, which this country could afford, to see the thing through with them to the end.

  24. In the present war this system has seemingly been of little practical value, and France has had to depend almost entirely upon her Allies for foreign intelligence work.

  25. Sir Edward Grey concluded his speech with this stirring peroration: The whole of our resources were engaged in this war, and our maximum effort was at the disposal of our Allies in carrying on this conflict.

  26. The Allies and the Government should realise the great value of the utmost pressure of the blockade.

  27. Clearly the obvious thing for the Allies to do was to send merchant ships armed with hidden guns along the great highways of commerce.

  28. With a view to frighten him into submission, he sent some of the Danish captives to Stäket, that the archbishop might hear from his own allies the story of their disaster.

  29. Immediately after his election in 1523, the monarch in a moment of enthusiasm had conferred on Lubeck, Dantzic, and their allies a perpetual monopoly of Swedish trade.

  30. It was to wound the Prince of Orange in the tenderest point, and to invite England and Holland to become allies of the Emperor against France.

  31. In consequence the Allies evacuated Scutari, and left the Albanians to their fate.

  32. The Serbs fled over the mountains, where the Albanians, who had suffered much at their hands two years previously, could have destroyed them, but trusting to the honour of England and the Allies they let them pass and even fed them.

  33. For the Balkan Allies had stated they were at war only with the Turks.

  34. All said they had expected the Serbs to be allies and not foes.

  35. Quite curiously, at this time there was a belief on the part of the Germans that Japan would declare war on the Allies and range herself on the side of the Central Powers.

  36. They seemed determined that the export of every article, whether of food or munitions which might prove of use to the Allies in the war, should be stopped.

  37. Bollati, the Italian Ambassador, was a great admirer of Germany; he spoke German well and did everything possible to keep Italy out of war with her former Allies in the Triple Alliance.

  38. This was probably so that no claim could be made that the prisoners from one nation among the Allies were treated better or worse than the prisoners from another nation.

  39. His Majesty, therefore, in complete harmony and in common with our Allies decided to propose to the hostile powers to enter peace negotiations.

  40. A caricature representing our President releasing the dove of peace with one hand while he poured out munitions for the Allies with the other was the least unpleasant.

  41. In agreement with the sovereigns of my Allies and with the consciousness of victory, I have made an offer of peace to the enemy.

  42. There is far greater danger of the starvation of our Allies than of the starvation of the Germans.

  43. In the evening the King kindly answered that he had ordered his Government to use every possible influence with his Allies to refrain from taking any provocative military measures.

  44. Except we be made the friends and allies of the emperor, and are given full store of southern gold and treasure, Ruas the king shall overturn these your palaces, and make you all captives and slaves.

  45. T were not between friends and allies to talk of tribute, nor of slaves, nor yet of hostage.

  46. Ali Bey, a wise man, was indeed working hard to gain as allies the powerful Arnaut tribes.

  47. English even are no longer allies of the Turk.

  48. The Allies who are preferred to the gentle King.

  49. Like the Spaniards in Mexico, the Saxons in England, the English in a hundred Indian territories, the allies that came to help remained to conquer, and Judah fell, as we all know.

  50. Only with the coming of the great Moghul genius Akman was there a Muslim ruler with the wisdom to understand the Rajputs could be more valuable as allies than as foes.

  51. Would you have me believe your king never has allies who share a common cause?

  52. Allies have been known to become enemies.

  53. The superstition of the Indians allowed them to believe the story; and thus those provinces already hostile to the Spaniards, became more bitter in their hatred, while their allies began to desert.

  54. A Spanish guard went before them, and a guard of allies was placed on each side.

  55. The Spaniards had lost in that siege more than one hundred of their men; their allies had lost thousands; while no less than one hundred and fifty thousand Mexicans had perished.

  56. In this general assault, which had thus ended, sixty Spaniards and a great number of allies were slain, while almost every survivor was suffering from his wounds.

  57. He feared that if the whole array of his fleet were visible from the look-out stations of the port the allies would remain safe at anchor.

  58. They saw the ships of the allies crowding out of the channel between Svold and the mainland, and turned back to give the alarm.

  59. The allies had about 7500 men killed or drowned, two-thirds of these fighting-men, the rest rowers.

  60. Not only "we of Europe," but our kindred in America and our allies in Far Eastern Asia have now their proudly cherished memories of decisive naval victory.

  61. Of the losses of the Allies it is difficult to give an estimate.

  62. In the councils of war held at Cadiz there were fierce disputes between the French and Spanish officers, the latter accusing their allies of having abandoned to their fate the two ships lost in Calder's action.

  63. They knew not where they were themselves; and for the fifteen thousand Indian allies who were to have joined them, they found two hundred squalid savages, more like enemies than friends.

  64. And he warned them not to molest the Indian allies of the French, telling them, sharply, that he would chastise them for the least infraction of the peace.

  65. Tonty warned his allies that the pretended peace was but a snare for their destruction.

  66. There were Indian lodges too; for some of the red allies of the French made their abode with them.

  67. They had come to blows with the Hurons, allies of the French; and Nicollet was charged to negotiate a peace.

  68. These treasures, as well as their numerous horses, were obtained by the Cenis from their neighbors and allies the Camanches, that fierce prairie banditti who then, as now, scourged the Mexican border with their bloody forays.

  69. The chief's household was numerous; and his allies and relatives formed a considerable clan, of which the missionary found himself an involuntary member.

  70. The Allies have declared that they do not expect to destroy or dismember Germany but the little people of Germany have not said what they will or will not do.

  71. If the Allies conquer, it will be proved that that time is already here.

  72. The Allies are confident that it will receive further recognition before long.

  73. The peace of Utrecht, concluded amidst a thousand difficulties, from our allies abroad, and our parties, that were never so much exasperated against each other at home; must ever remain the monument of his glory.

  74. A law, to which, if succeeding administrations had universally adhered, we had been at this moment, the exclusive allies and patrons of the whole continent of North America.

  75. Megabyzus marched upon Memphis, defeated the Egyptians and their allies in a great battle, relieved the citadel of Memphis from its siege, and recovered the rest of the town.

  76. These allies were zealous in his cause, and are said to have given him a horrible proof of their attachment.

  77. It was assumed in all the "expert" military writing of that date that the possession by the Allies of these two hills would force the evacuation of the Lens coalfields by the Germans.

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