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Example sentences for "cherished"

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chercher; chere; cherefull; cheres; cherish; cherisher; cherishers; cherishes; cherisheth; cherishing
  1. Had not a reconciliation with the father of his loved Aslog long been the most cherished wish of his heart as well as of hers, though he had been silent on the subject for Aslog's sake?

  2. He loves you dearly, and my most cherished wish is that you should become his wife, and that you should live under my roof, brightening my old age with the sight of your happiness.

  3. But Hrungnir's most cherished possession was Guru, his only daughter.

  4. Her cherished dream of being instrumental in leading others into a higher and better life was now, she began to realize, leading her into the lines of duty in her own home, and among her own people.

  5. The girls she left behind always cherished the memory of their young teacher, and strove to imitate her gentle, earnest ways, and noble traits.

  6. With regard to night attacks the Macedonians appear to have cherished similar feelings, since we find Alexander refusing to attack Darius by night on the ground that he did not wish to gain a stolen victory.

  7. Kant, who lived later, and had the same problem to face, cherished no such delusion as to the possibility of humanising warfare, but went straight to the point of trying to stop it altogether; and Kant was in every point the better reasoner.

  8. How shall it be free to attack evil rich men whose advertisements it must have, or oppose a party or a movement cherished by them?

  9. At last he obtained the cherished desire in the most desired way--in a lovely home amid the loveliest scenery.

  10. Zorilda's soul was incapable of harbouring any but pure and exalted sentiments, which when driven from the cherished object on whom they rested, came back with oppressive weight upon her widowed breast.

  11. What a difference between the beloved, the cherished heir of a noble house, and the forlorn captive, whose ignominious end was perhaps destined to pay the forfeit of a murderous deed.

  12. Though dreading pursuit, Zorilda had cherished a secret hope, that on reaching Scotland she might hear of Henbury; and learn what effects had been produced there by her sudden disappearance.

  13. It long has been my cherished hope Upon my dying day To lie down on some sunny slope And dream my life away.

  14. At that age I could not have cherished the hope so very long, and the old tree must have chuckled to its last twig at my absurdity.

  15. The publication of the baneful domination letter had convinced him that rebellion and separation were among the cherished schemes of the Radicals.

  16. Their cherished principles were held up to public scorn, and their chosen candidates for Parliament were beaten by fraudulent means.

  17. His moral courage was great, and he could stand up for a cherished principle with much firmness and vigour.

  18. Everybody has heard how he made grants of public lands from himself to himself,[24] thereby violating one of the most cherished maxims of English jurisprudence.

  19. It may seem a thankless task to write in strong depreciation of a man who, in his day and generation, was looked up to with reverence by a large and influential portion of the community, and whose memory is still warmly cherished by not a few.

  20. She cherished her love for Alec, but was quite peaceful as to the future.

  21. Now he was a great way off; and she dared not speak to him whom she had cherished in her heart.

  22. She had long cherished a deeper love, which kept it very calm.

  23. He felt nothing of the elation which commonly springs from success in a cherished project.

  24. A number of his most cherished friends had recently passed away into that "undiscovered country, from whose bourne no traveller returns.

  25. But I cherished his great and good words in my heart.

  26. One man cherishes and tolerates another, because he is by him cherished and tolerated in return.

  27. It had been a cherished hope of his boyhood that he might secure the benefit of a classical education at Hamilton College, from which his eldest brother, William (now a Presbyterian clergyman at Forestport, N.

  28. His proposed destination was Cleveland, Ohio; his cherished ambition the study and practice of the law.

  29. Notwithstanding the desperate state of affairs, Josephine still cherished the hope that his commanding genius would yet enable him to retrieve his fortunes.

  30. In short, I confide to you the care of rendering this cherished spot an agreeable retreat, where I may meditate, sleep it may be, but oftenest read, which last is sufficient to remind you of three hundred volumes of my small edition.

  31. Allusion has already been made to the strong attachment with which Napoleon cherished his little grandchild, the son of Hortense and of his brother Louis.

  32. A charitable neighbor cherished and fed her.

  33. He was even troubled by the tender regard with which she cherished her mother and her brother, considering all the love she gave to them as so much withheld from him.

  34. She even cherished the sanguine hope that they would soon be liberated, for she could not think it possible that they could be doomed to death without even the accusation of crime.

  35. Josephine cherished emotions of the deepest gratitude toward all those who had proved friendly to her in the days of her adversity.

  36. All her long-cherished affection for the companion of her childhood was revived, and still she knew not but that William was faithless.

  37. He consulted her respecting all his plans, and most assiduously cherished her friendship.

  38. Could I remain constant to the cherished design, so well-laid, so painfully carried out, and still keep my back to the past, surrendering the happiness I might otherwise lay claim to?

  39. Cherished scenes and bits of dialogue had to be cast overboard and lost.

  40. His choice fell upon the Old South, whose pastor, Mr. Sewall, was a cherished friend and classmate.

  41. They are all forgotten now; most of those who cherished bitterness are dead.

  42. Borrow, on the other hand, cherished a sincere regard for the man who had shown such enthusiasm for his work.

  43. I had left cherished friends and warm affections.

  44. About the result, he seems to have cherished no illusions; still, he wrote a hymn in their dialect which he taught his guests to sing.

  45. In St Petersburg Borrow was taken for a German, a nation for which he cherished a cordial dislike.

  46. Newcastle may well be proud of its connection with George Stephenson, and the proceedings of this day testify how much his memory is cherished in this his native district.

  47. He was then the locomotive chief, and renowned above all other things for maintaining discipline among his staff, while they cherished a feeling for him very much akin to what we hear of the clannish enthusiasm of the ancient Scotch.

  48. You have dwelt so long in this dull retirement, and you have cherished so blindly the prejudices of your youth, that the promise of those noble sentiments I once thought I could see budding in Alice Dunscombe has not been fulfilled.

  49. I could have loved and cherished thee, if the skill and knowledge obtained in the service of thy prince were now devoted to the maintenance of his unalienable rights!

  50. Well, actually I almost cherished the deceitful plot of getting up so early that I should be already dressed before Celia would appear, and then I could tell her that I had been so hungry that I had eaten my breakfast alone.

  51. She has cherished her selfishness instead of fighting it.

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