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Example sentences for "cherish"

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cherche; chercher; chere; cherefull; cheres; cherished; cherisher; cherishers; cherishes; cherisheth
  1. Comfort him and cherish him, that he may forget his glory in your kindness, and when he returns to his own place may take with him grateful memories and a good report of your people.

  2. To the QUEEN] Whenever Buckingham doth turn his hate Upon your Grace, but with all duteous love Doth cherish you and yours, God punish me With hate in those where I expect most love!

  3. One was about forty: a period of mental vigour at which men seldom cherish the delusion of being married for love by girls: that dream is reserved for the solace of our declining years.

  4. That celestial Spirit had created and continued to cherish not only Palestine, but the whole world.

  5. What hopes may we not cherish now that we have so excellent an emperor!

  6. The region where the sun sets, that is to say, the western part of the world, was assigned by the ancients to the Zephyrs, or west winds, so called by a Greek derivation because they cherish and enliven nature.

  7. If you have any affection and cherish not vain hopes, perform your duty to your father, and drive away old age with your weapons, and, thrusting in the steel, let out his corrupted blood.

  8. We pray God—exalted be His glory—and cherish the hope that He may.

  9. I will ever cherish thee, and ever, will I nill I, thou wilt be the mistress of my house.

  10. She shall remain where present duty calls her, with those who love and will cherish her.

  11. You are my own, sweet bride; and I will ever cherish you as the better part of my own life.

  12. Blessed be the delusion of the dream that recalled to my heart the remembrance of thee, which, at least, I can cherish without a sin.

  13. Their children, growing up, never cherish them in age.

  14. Prahlada said, 'I do not, O regenerate one, feel any pride in consequence of my being a king, nor do I cherish any hostile feelings towards the Brahmanas.

  15. O thou that art acquainted with the truths of morality, it behoveth thee not to cherish any suspicion in respect of me.

  16. Protecting others from thy own, and thy own from others, as also others from others, and thy own from thy own, do thou always cherish thy people.

  17. I cherish a great friendship for thee in consequence of thy having granted me my life.

  18. The king should cherish all good men with agreeable speeches and gifts of wealth.

  19. What is meant by this is that in ordinary men, the notions during wakefulness are not the notions they cherish during dreams: nor are their notions during dreams identifiable with those they entertain while wakeful.

  20. Pujani said, 'If Time, according to thee, be the cause of all acts, then of course nobody can cherish feelings of animosity towards anybody on earth.

  21. The king should similarly, by punishing the wicked, cherish the good.

  22. The gods and the Rishis do not withhold their favours from such persons as strive to cherish even their sinful fathers with reverence.

  23. When he fails to obtain what he wants, he should not suffer himself to cherish discontent.

  24. Though both parents cherish such wishes, yet their fruition depends more on the mother than the father.

  25. You will cherish her, therefore, in that way which none but the American gentleman quite understands.

  26. But think not--cherish not the fond mistake--that I will ever forget your ungenerousness in the hour of my distress and forlornness, or receive that serpent to my heart again.

  27. Then, mortals, love, support, and cherish each other.

  28. I believe that such worship is chiefly founded on illusion, for it is as easy to cherish illusions about a steam mill as about a mediaeval saint.

  29. The preface alone to the book should make everyone obtain and cherish it.

  30. From his epistolary style I cherish a shrewd suspicion that Aubrey is nearly related to my old friend Howard Glennie ("Searchlight" Rogues' Catalogue, No.

  31. Your father allowed himself to cherish such beliefs, and he died of a broken heart before he was thirty.

  32. Miss Jennings was much too matter-of-fact a young person to cherish any romantic yearnings after her employer.

  33. You men are ridiculously pitiful in your aptitude to cherish childish illusions down to the very grave.

  34. There is no tribe Of all the blighting locust swarms of war, Which sweep our wasted fields, I would not rather Take to my heart and cherish than these vipers.

  35. He could never forget her lovingkindness, and would cherish her memory to his dying day.

  36. The prince swore to love and cherish her no less than his own lost mother, Creusa, and wishing him Godspeed he girt on his shoulder the sword of that famous Cretan swordsman, Lycaon, with hilt of wrought gold and scabbard of ivory.

  37. I've tried to quiet mother and Caddy by suggesting various reasons for his delay, but, at the same time, I cannot but cherish the most dismal forebodings.

  38. But we, who are led to believe by thy recent good will that thou dost not cherish Rome's ancient prejudice against our race, come unto thee and hopefully beseech thee to forbid the Flora to lead her rioters upon our peaceful community.

  39. Good friends," the Herod protested, "all wise men cherish a folly.

  40. I smile as I picture the little bare waiting-room and the scarcely-lighted fire, by which I sat and shivered and tried to cherish bright thoughts amidst dull surroundings.

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