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clearest; cleargie; clearing; clearings; clearke; clearness; clears; clearstory; cleat; cleats
  1. We see how clearly Novalis understood that free-thought was a consequence of Protestantism.

  2. Schlemihl himself says: "My future suddenly showed itself clearly to the eyes of my soul.

  3. If we compare it with Heine's Ardinghello, a book glowing with genuine Southern joy of life, we see clearly how anæmic and theoretic Lucinde is.

  4. Clearly enough it was the stupidity of the public which turned the great poets from the popular path to glory; but it is equally clear that the new classicism, which they so greatly favoured, was an ever-increasing cause of their unpopularity.

  5. Its germ is contained in Goethe's Wilhelm Meister, and we can clearly trace the mental processes by which Wilhelm Meister is slowly transmuted into Heinrich von Ofterdingen.

  6. Its main idea is to proclaim the unity and harmony of life as revealed to us most clearly and most comprehensibly in the passion of love, which gives a sensual expression to the spiritual emotion, and spiritualises the sensual pleasure.

  7. A common feature of all the works which most clearly reflect the times is that they keep to the subject, to the matter in hand.

  8. No one had realised the inadequacy of Wieland's translation more clearly than Herder.

  9. The connection of these attempts with any definite object is merely accidental, at first often purely imaginary, and always ephemeral--as ephemeral as the feeling itself, which soon gives place to one more clearly defined and intense.

  10. In order to reduce clearly defined poetic art once more to primeval poetry, all definite forms must be dissolved and kneaded together.

  11. We have seen that the Romanticist is instinctively, inevitably, the enemy of clearly defined form in art.

  12. French Romanticism produces clearly defined figures; the ideal of German Romanticism is not a figure, but a melody, not definite form, but infinite aspiration.

  13. Such excitement and activity were, as we have seen, most easily and most naturally called forth by the musical treatment of poetry and by music itself--much less naturally by clearly defined corporeal forms of art.

  14. Then, having made attempts on the nearest places, when he clearly perceived that all the rest of the country was hostile to him, he retreated to Gomphi, and returned with the whole of his army into Athamania.

  15. That it appeared clearly to all, that the charge relating to the preceding night was effectually refuted; but that Demetrius' favour with the Romans had been an object of suspicion, as being too great.

  16. It was clearly proved, that, at Nursia, in the midst of a calm, a tempest suddenly burst forth; and there also two freemen were killed.

  17. The details were frankly and clearly outlined in an interesting letter written by acting-Principal Bethune to the Hon.

  18. The Visitatorial duties and powers of the Royal Institution should be more clearly defined.

  19. That is clearly a foreign name," replied the young gentleman, "and his tongue bespeaks the Englishman.

  20. I never saw the cause of superstitious fears, so universal in the mind of man, clearly and rightly reasoned but once, and that was in the work of an American writer less generally known, at least in England, than he ought to be.

  21. His heart is already melted, and if it is clearly proved to him that Ralph is in truth innocent, he will be the first to apply to the crown himself for a pardon.

  22. Had any just judge been the person to try him, he would have entertained no doubt, no apprehension; for his full consciousness of innocence made him imagine that his innocence must be clearly established.

  23. Unless I am clearly told that a letter is intended for my reading, nothing should induce me to read it.

  24. The case of the slaughter once clearly proved against him, we must overcome the scruples of the jury--and, if not, it does not much matter.

  25. Dora Vernon, after she had waited some five minutes; and Margaret, rather startled by the sharpness of the sounds than clearly understanding their meaning, languidly opened the letter, and fixed her eye upon the page.

  26. The teacher should understand clearly that it is not the intention of the authors to have these rules take the place of the direct teaching of any word.

  27. On the other hand, these studies showed quite clearly that the words found as the result of the analysis of three-quarters of a million running words of correspondence are really basic in any writing vocabulary.

  28. He must see clearly what progress he is making.

  29. When you have made sure that the class has the main points clearly in mind, the actual work of habituating the method may be begun.

  30. If what I have pointed out does not convince anybody that will mean that I did not express clearly what I wanted to say, and do not wish to enter into any disputes with anybody.

  31. I have all the time observed such examples, and they prove more clearly than anything else how useless, strange, and disgraceful, I feel like saying, this object instruction is for Russian children.

  32. As he stopped he could see something flashing up, and he could see clearly some one in a cap squatting down with his back toward him, and setting fire to a bunch of straw in his hands.

  33. Thus, if we admit freedom as the criterion of what is to be taught, the programme of the popular schools is clearly and firmly defined, until the time when the masses shall express some new demands.

  34. As he dodged in and out, crouching always before the possible kick, she could read all too clearly how harassed he was with that fear.

  35. So clearly was that demonstrated that Katie wondered what there would be left for them to be broken in to after they had been thoroughly broken in to that.

  36. It is an elementary principle, adopted and sanctioned by the courts of justice in this country and in Great Britain, whenever such laws have come under consideration, and yet retrospective laws are clearly within this prohibition.

  37. This fact is clearly apparent from the provisions of the charter, for numerous branch or spike roads are included in the charter, and provided for in the land grants and subsidy bonds.

  38. It is not clearly seen how this gain is made.

  39. The effect of this decision is to make railroad companies a component part of the government, to draw more clearly the line between the people and the combination of monopolies that now control the country.

  40. The question at issue between the people and these corporations is clearly marked and defined.

  41. No one will deny the right of the general government to provide for its own support, nor its right to provide means to this end by the levy of import duties; yet the wisdom of these duties does not so clearly appear.

  42. Clearly it could not, unless taking land for such a purpose was taking land for public use.

  43. When the intent of the parties as to the medium of payment is clearly expressed in a contract, the court decide, in Butler v.

  44. No axiom is more clearly established in law or in reason, that whenever the end is required the means are authorized; whenever a general power to do a thing is given, every particular power necessary for doing it is included.

  45. The progress of vegetation is not more certain than the growth of habit; nor is the power of attraction more clearly proved than the force of affection or the influence of example.

  46. Such a provision clearly involves the recognition of certain rights of property; but of what kind?

  47. The sagacity of England was never more clearly shown than in the foresight with which she has provided against such an emergency.

  48. Clearly the Chinese Sea, the artery of Oriental commerce, belongs far more to England than to the races which border it.

  49. The Doctor had entered a small thicket of locust-trees; the moonlight penetrated clearly through their thin trunks, but the dead on the grass lay in shadow.

  50. She revived a little, and suddenly spoke clearly and in almost her normal voice.

  51. Beneath a parasol a lady's face stood out clearly from the moving maze around him--her face again.

  52. The ramparts and fosse are clearly defined.

  53. The manner in which all the ramparts of the Vallum on Tepper Moor are encumbered with blocks of basalt, clearly shews, that here at least there has been no road.

  54. Many of the potteries in which they were fabricated, have been clearly ascertained.

  55. The precise relation which the Pfahl bears to the stone Wall does not very clearly appear from this paper; to all appearance, however, the analogy between the German and English barriers is very close.

  56. Although the position of Housesteads clearly indicates that this fort was erected for the accommodation of a mural garrison, it would seem to have been built independently of the Wall.

  57. The corners of the camp are, as is usually the case, rounded; the four gateways are clearly discernible.

  58. The force of these remarks will more clearly appear after ascertaining what inscriptions bear the name of Severus.

  59. A little beyond this point, the lines, still clearly defined, cross the stream called Poltross-burn, which divides the counties of Northumberland and Cumberland.

  60. Both of the aggers and the intervening fosse may be clearly made out.

  61. With the view of clearly displaying the inscription, which has frequently been inaccurately engraved, the lithograph opposite to page 81, has been drawn to a scale which precludes the possibility of shewing the height of the cliff.

  62. That buffaloes were accustomed to traveling Indian routes is clearly proved by a number of incidents.

  63. Each would be far better understood in every way if its route were clearly defined.

  64. The order of "do" and "will" is peculiar and has not been clearly explained.

  65. It falls of itself into three clearly marked divisions.

  66. What that is, first comes out clearly in ver.

  67. It falls into three parts, which are clearly marked as such in the Revised Version: (1) Chap.

  68. It reveals, more clearly perhaps than any passage in the New Testament, the essential qualification of the Christian minister--a heart pledged to his brethren in the love of Christ.

  69. It is clearly and simply written and has been warmly endorsed by Ella Wheeler Wilcox.

  70. He was clearly convinced, that saving time, by doing in one day as much as would otherwise require three days, was worth more than double the premium, the timely effects on vegetation being critical.

  71. It shows us clearly how Mr. Steele made a part of his profits.

  72. The process is so clearly detailed, that any one may follow it.

  73. Gentlemen," said an old man, "the first question upon which we have to deliberate is found clearly stated in the following passage of a letter.

  74. Staël of her intercourse with Germans may be clearly traced.

  75. The temple is a pretty little house standing in the bright sunshine; there is no abyss, no darkness, no horror; even at night its outlines must have stood clearly defined in the moonlight or the starlight.

  76. He clearly has no comprehension whatever of the profound philosophic instinct which has led the thinkers of the opposite school to resolve the idea of justice into its first elements, and show how it originates and takes shape.

  77. This is Greek beauty--nothing gigantic, nothing that appeals to the vulgar, but absolute harmony within clearly defined bounds.

  78. Here in the South, from the days of Homer to the days of Ariosto, poetry has been able to rest content with mirroring, clearly and simply, the clearness and simplicity of nature.

  79. Had this philosophy been content to develop its principles and ideas as clearly and convincingly as possible, it would have been a philosophy like any other, would have roused opposition, but never enmity and detestation.

  80. In Italy too, in Rome, that house of call for all Europe, the characteristics and limitations of the different nations were first clearly revealed to her.

  81. And looking again through his copper tube, he clearly distinguishes three masts well rigged, decorated with white sails, which are swelling in the east wind, and gilded by the oblique rays of the declining sun.

  82. Captain Headland felt conscious that though Julia was anxious to be with him, her mother took every means in her power to prevent their meeting alone without showing too clearly that she was doing so.

  83. Clearly understand me that if he returns to England I must prohibit his appearance at Texford.

  84. That was not a subject he could just then think very clearly about.

  85. I regret having to say this while you are still my guest, but you have forced me to express myself clearly on the subject.

  86. You have clearly explained your position, and I have as clearly expressed my opinion.

  87. At length dawn began to break, and the wreck rose clearly before them.

  88. The old woman threw some sticks on the fire, which blazing up now for the first time, revealed his features more clearly than before.

  89. I remember him clearly in the cabin, talking to a lady who then took charge of me, my nurse, I conclude, returning on shore, for she disappears from my recollection.

  90. Jacob read the paper, and though he did not very clearly comprehend its meaning, it made him feel a greater fear, if not respect, for the bearer than he had before entertained.

  91. Amidst the exultation of the Court over the decision of the judges, Wentworth saw clearly that Hampden's work had been done.

  92. But there were men who saw the danger to freedom in this levy of ship-money as clearly as Wentworth himself.

  93. The bulk of English statesmen saw too clearly the advantages of a union of the two kingdoms under a single head to doubt for a moment as to the succession of James.

  94. Dissolution was clearly at hand, and the long-suppressed indignation broke out in a scene of strange disorder.

  95. Of the five hundred members who sate round him at St. Stephen's, he was the one man who had clearly foreseen, and as clearly resolved how to meet, the difficulties which lay before them.

  96. Though James was swept along helplessly by the tide, his shrewdness saw clearly the turn that affairs were taking; and it was only by hard pressure that the favourite succeeded in wresting his consent to Cranfield's disgrace.

  97. Every figure, strange as it may be, is seen clearly and distinctly as it passes by.

  98. And your daughter, as I have gathered, was clearly absent from the spot each time--indeed, was in company with the party robbed.

  99. The match had clearly been brought in--because when I asked for matches there were none in the stand--not even an empty box; and the room had not been disturbed.

  100. I speak so confidently because I see my way clearly before me.

  101. Before we can assess the democratic traits of the Fair Play settlers, we must first clearly define what is meant by the Fair Play territory.

  102. The religious conflict is clearly seen in the journal of the Reverend William Colbert.

  103. Although in the territory for only one week in the summer of 1775, Fithian's account of his Sunday sermon on the banks of the Susquehanna clearly describes the nature of wilderness preaching: At eleven I began Service.

  104. But the new frontiers are not so clearly marked or so easily conquered.

  105. The payment of city money to dispensaries should be discontinued, except in special cases where the work done is clearly a proper charge against the public treasury.

  106. Herbert Spencer has clearly shown that instinct and reason differ in degree and not in kind.

  107. This duality of purpose is clearly set forth by Mr. Lester F.

  108. Naturally, this aspect appeared more clearly in some of the sections than in others, but no one who looks over the titles in the daily programmes can fail to note it.

  109. The writer sees clearly that enthusiastic educationists undertake far more than they can perform.

  110. We can never hope to think calmly and clearly while the very symbols of our thoughts thus possess a kind of thaumaturgic power over us, which in turn readily transfers itself to our ideas.

  111. Nothing could more clearly prove that a common law runs through the whole domain of Nature than the fact that in every division of her realm there seems to be a class of parasites.

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