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Example sentences for "clears"

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clearing; clearings; clearke; clearly; clearness; clearstory; cleat; cleats; cleaue; cleauing
  1. I lay stress on this point as it clears up the confusion of the different names applied to St. Christoval.

  2. If the fog clears off, I shall let up some rockets, which will prevent the Yankees from firing at us.

  3. Certainly; come to anchor, until the fog clears off, or we can get a little daylight.

  4. The poacher now clears his arm and, with a sudden jerk, lifts the fish right out of the stream and lands him on the sward.

  5. The crow among birds is like the local professional among human poachers: he haunts the place and clears everything--it would be hard to say what comes amiss to him.

  6. Ah--this clears the atmosphere; we can talk.

  7. There are minutes, rare in the longest lives, when life becomes so intensified that vision clears almost preternaturally, sees through telescopic lenses, so to speak.

  8. I don't mind paying you the money, provided it clears the bullocks for the future--not otherwise.

  9. When at last the screen clears away the cap is found to be reduced to its least dimensions.

  10. But this letter completely clears him," cried Martin eagerly.

  11. Did you know there was a letter from a man named Potts, that completely clears your friend of all crime?

  12. Our dropping Autumn morning clears apace, And poor Ferrara puts a softened face On her misfortunes.

  13. Poetry, it may be, more than any other form of literature, clears the way for friendship.

  14. See the noble fellow's face As the big ship, with a bound, Clears the entry like a hound, Keeps the passage as its inch of way were the wide sea's profound!

  15. Our sky was overcast, And something fell; but day clears up: if there chanced rain, The landscape glistens more.

  16. So foul a sky clears not without a storm.

  17. That which clears up and removes difficulties, and makes the mind certain or determined.

  18. The tribes of the Orinoco form the last section of Indians, which are neither Guarani nor Caribs; and this brief notice of their existence clears the ground for the somewhat fuller account of the next two families.

  19. But how we are to get to the mainland it is difficult to see, unless God mercifully clears away the ice.

  20. Pulling his guitar further up on his lap, he takes out his pocket-knife, fits it between his fingers in imitation of the Hawaiians, clears his throat and strikes another chord.

  21. In his embarrassment he strums his guitar, clears his throat, props his foot up on a chair rung, and begins singing in a low voice.

  22. The Boy takes the horse back, and eventually clears the gate amidst immense and well-deserved applause.

  23. Competitor dashes out and clears hedge and ditch by a foot or two.

  24. Another Competitor clears a fence, but exhibits a considerable amount of daylight.

  25. A Competitor clears the gate easily, holding the reins casually in his right hand.

  26. So, gentlemen, up with the festive cup, where Mocha and Java unite; It clears the head when things are said too brilliant to be bright!

  27. On the other hand it may, if judiciously used, prove a marvelous benefit; "being daily drunk it wonderfully clears and enlightens each part of the Soul and disperses all the clouds of every Function.

  28. Is accused of aiming at sovereignty, clears himself, compliments the people, and is surnamed Publicola; is also made consul, 8.

  29. Look, you can't go till the fog clears a bit.

  30. Later, when it clears a bit, I'll send out for one.

  31. The care-worn face relaxes its tension and the saddened brow clears for a time as some well-remembered scene rushes through the mind, bringing back the childhood home and the loved faces which met around the daily board.

  32. Suppose they wait till it clears off before they start to-morrow?

  33. If it clears off before morning, we’re beaten,” said Dan, with confidence.

  34. And, indeed, the sequel of the parable clears it.

  35. Only the egoistic fight, the fight of egoists on both sides, clears up everything.

  36. The critic clears away everything human; and, starting from the presupposition that the human is the true, he works against himself, denying it wherever it had been hitherto found.

  37. The poverty which surrounds him in every alley does not disturb the true commoner further than that at most he clears his account with it by throwing an alms, or finds work and food for an "honest and serviceable" fellow.

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