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Example sentences for "clearing"

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cleared; clearely; clearer; clearest; cleargie; clearings; clearke; clearly; clearness; clears
  1. Davy says that he 'was told by the Lieutenant-Governor that as many as thirty rat-tailed snakes were killed in clearing a piece of land, of no great extent, near Government House.

  2. But the soil along this line is originally poor and sandy; and it is far more profitable to break up the rich vegas, or low alluvial lands, even at the trouble of clearing them of forest.

  3. A trace must be made to it through the wood, clearing away vegetation for which an European millionaire, could he keep it in his park, would gladly pay a hundred pounds a yard.

  4. Knights, commoners, and serfs all worked with a will, clearing the moat and piling up the dislodged masonry so as to form an efficient breastwork should daylight bring with it another desperate onslaught.

  5. At length the party reached a fairly extensive clearing in the oasis, where quite a hundred black tents were erected, and camels sheep, and goats were browsing on the short grass.

  6. Thus we were spared the labour of digging and clearing away the snow, to which, in our enfeebled condition, we were quite unequal.

  7. Kalil, seeing only politics in the scene, marched before the Princess clearing the way, and directly she was out of the Church.

  8. She never entirely recovered from the shock, but built a house near the site of the castle, and clearing a room in the ruins, turned it into a chapel.

  9. His Majesty replied, buying cannon and powder, stocking the magazines with provisions for a siege, increasing the navy, repairing the walls, clearing out the moat.

  10. Clearing out the shelter under which the mountain gun, photographed opposite, used to fire, after its destruction by a 210.

  11. First of all there is the "clearing up" of the actual battlefield.

  12. The clearing them of worms or sordes, and the exhibition of tonics is sometimes also useful.

  13. The circumstance may perhaps be accounted for by the pressure of the thumb overbalancing that of the fingers in the habitual practice of clearing the emunctory.

  14. He will lie at the edge of a clearing for hours, with the patience of a cat, waiting for turkey or sheep or pig to come within range of his swift rush.

  15. The moon looked down into the little clearing with its waving ferns and soft gray shadows, and saw nothing there to suggest that it was the rabbits' nursery.

  16. As a first result of the breach, he missed--or so he believed--clearing four hundred pounds.

  17. It was Polly who, in clearing away, was struck dumb by the thought: "But now whatever is to become of Miss Amelia?

  18. They're clearing up a little better, I think.

  19. Mr. Greatorex was blown by the time they came to the clearing in which the airship had descended, and Tom begged him to remain hidden in the plantation while the rest went on to the village.

  20. But although the hurricane had spent itself, there was still a heavy sea running which impeded the work of clearing up the decks and repairing the damage wrought by the storm.

  21. The first duty accomplished after the clearing up of the decks was the disposal of the dead, which were placed in canvas bags weighted with firebars to ensure their sinking.

  22. In the early morning of the 18th there was another of Jabe's clearing up showers and at its close the boys were lying on the wet ground, a hundred yards in rear of the breastworks, awaiting orders.

  23. Every day or two Jabe Poyner, the weather prophet of the company, had said, "Well boys, this is the clearing up shower.

  24. It ran in almost a direct line from northwest to southwest, with hardly a waver, straight over the barrens and through the forests of scrub, with a five-foot clearing upon either side.

  25. I wrote to Alice from London, telling her that I could not believe the evil things said of her; and begged her, as she valued my love and friendship, to lose no time in clearing up the aspersions cast upon her character.

  26. I can smile at my superstitious fears, now that the dark cloud is clearing from my mind.

  27. We fell into cheerful conversation, and whilst watching the clearing up of the weather, we saw Robert Moncton mount his horse and ride out of the inn-yard.

  28. Mrs. Lem would not hear to Sylvia's assisting in clearing away, but sent her upstairs to unpack her trunk.

  29. As soon as they had reached the clearing from which the farmhouse was visible Sylvia gave an exclamation of satisfaction.

  30. When we reached London I had no difficulty in clearing myself from suspicion without a formal trial, and the King was pleased to admit me to his levee immediately after my release.

  31. The James cast off from her foe, it being believed that Van Tromp with his crew were about to founder, but the smoke clearing away, we saw them rushing up from below, with the admiral at their head.

  32. Gregory turned away so as to ask the second-mate a question just then, and they both looked very red in the face as the major coughed, blew out his cheeks, and ended by clearing his throat and speaking as a drill-sergeant does.

  33. Yes: he would be a treasure at clearing the deck of unwelcome visitors--Chinamen or Malays.

  34. Still they progressed, and if once they could get over a few hundred yards there was a prospect of their clearing the rocks off the south point and getting well along the lagoon.

  35. There was a bustle of cleaning and clearing away all marks of this last term of imprisonment.

  36. It's high time as it did a bit of clearing up, I'll be damned if it isn't.

  37. He was responsible for the salving of the Doncaster--bought in at auction for a hundred pounds, and clearing three thousand after every expense was paid.

  38. After many days on the schooner, and after beholding more land and islands than he had ever dreamed of, he was landed on New Georgia, and put to work in the field clearing jungle and cutting cane grass.

  39. Serena Hart answered, her brow clearing after a frown of concentration.

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