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  1. The over-arching trees were less closely packed, and they came across occasional rock clearings which were bare of vegetation except for a dense carpet of brown, lichenlike vegetation that secreted an astonishing amount of juice.

  2. He did see twice in the jungles great clearings where were fair-sized cities of bright-green buildings, a metal tower rising from each.

  3. The people are distributed in small groups of a dozen to twenty each in scattered villages along the river banks or in concealed clearings reached by trails known only to the Indians.

  4. To meet these special conditions the Indian makes new clearings by girdling and burning the trees.

  5. The clearings are occupied by Machigangas whose chief crops are yuca and corn; in the extreme upper left-hand corner are grassy slopes occupied by Quechua herdsmen and farmers who grow potatoes and corn.

  6. Not three miles away, on the opposite forested slope of the valley, is the first of the Indian clearings where several families of Machigangas spend the wet season when the lower river is in flood (Fig.

  7. The Belaunde brothers at Cantas have illustrated this in their new cotton plantation, where clearings and new canals have turned into cultivated fields tracts long covered with brush.

  8. The shore line, however, was far less picturesque and wild: it was regular and flat, with few indentations, except some little nooks where those settlers whose clearings abutted on the shore hauled up their log canoes.

  9. Clearings now became more frequent; framed and log houses alternated with each other, as the means of the settlers were more or less limited.

  10. The country appeared very pleasant, with clearings here and there, and smoke arising above the trees.

  11. Bank clearings in the same year were respectively 4 billions and 8-1/2 billions.

  12. He is no spaniel to follow our steps; but rather flits about the clearings like the dusky spirit of the Indian, reminding me oftener of Philip and Powhatan than of Winthrop and Smith.

  13. Accordingly, about 1664, the king was obliged to order that "they should make no more clearings except one next to another, and that they should reduce their parishes to the form of the parishes in France as much as possible.

  14. There were five other huts with small clearings on the opposite side of the lake, all at this end and visible from this point.

  15. Pleasantly lay the clearings in the mellow summer-morn, And the newly-planted orchards dropping their fruits first-born, And the homesteads like brown islands amidst a sea of corn.

  16. The majority of the hill Reddis and the Koyas in the Agency carry on shifting cultivation, called podu, by burning clearings in the forests.

  17. The Neolithic immigrants probably made small clearings with the aid of fire, especially where the trees were low and not too thick, as on many light-soiled areas.

  18. They probably did not need to make wide clearings of dense forest.

  19. A life so hard, was yet so attractive that many pioneers, when a few neighbors gathered around them, preferred to sell their clearings and push further into the wilderness.

  20. Towards one of these clearings I directed my steps, intending to follow the wood-cutters' track, which I thought would probably lead me to the hut of some charcoal burner, where I might find fire and shelter.

  21. It must be so strange to watch the great furnaces, where they fuse the copper and smelt the precious silver, gleaming through the pine woods, for they burn all through the night in the clearings of the forest.

  22. Then, before eleven o'clock, the church bell began to ring, and the peasants came trooping from the different clearings of the forest.

  23. There he went from Eisenach on his way back to Wittemberg, to visit his aged grandmother and some of his father's relations, peasant farmers who live on the clearings of the forest.

  24. We have been too cautious for that kind of work to happen often, though we have seldom been able to leave one of these awful clearings without having some man's foot skewered, or some one lamed.

  25. We had passed so many abandoned clearings that our expedition might have been supported for weeks by the manioc which no owner claimed.

  26. Were the faith continued in them they would have persisted in guiding us round about their clearings until they had dropped dead on their native earth.

  27. We were now in the territory of the Bakuba, near the clearing of Kande-kore, which was one of the richest clearings in the forest of the Upper Congo basin.

  28. Nubian trumpets blew the signal of "move on," and shortly the head of the column disappeared into the thick bush beyond the utmost bounds of the clearings of Yambuya.

  29. This was one of the richest and finest clearings we had seen since leaving Yambuya, though had the Expedition been despatched eight months earlier, we should have found scores in the same prosperous condition.

  30. Never were such a series of clearings as those around Mambungu, and the neighbouring settlement of Njalis.

  31. They appear to be continually planting bananas and preparing ground for corn, which accounted for the immense clearings we had passed, and for the thousands of trees that littered the ground in one great ruin.

  32. From the clearings weeping is heard, Wailing of Israel’s sons, That they have perverted their way, Forgotten the Lord their God.

  33. Lift to the clearings thine eyes, 2 Where not wast thou tumbled?

  34. All along the Ohio frontier, from Pennsylvania to Kentucky, the settlers were harried; and in some places they abandoned their clearings and hamlets, so that the frontier shrank back.

  35. The Southwest was settled by the true backwoodsmen, the men who lived on their small clearings among the mountains of western Pennsylvania, Virginia, and North Carolina.

  36. Let Conanchet quit the woods, and go into the clearings with the mother of his boy.

  37. They shall be welcome; and may it be long ere any of them send invitation to me or mine, to enter their clearings on the like melancholy duty.

  38. Forest lined the banks on both sides, its continuity only occasionally broken by clearings showing signs of burnt villages.

  39. Most of them would probably die of disease before they became acclimatised, and there was great risk of starving while clearings were being made and brought under cultivation.

  40. The size of trees and accumulation of earth are known to be very uncertain tests of age in this region; indeed the clearings and excavations of the earlier explorers seem to have left few signs visible to those who came a few years later.

  41. The vegetation, although dense and of the usual rapid growth, has been a lesser hindrance here than in many other localities, by reason of the ruins' proximity to a hacienda and the frequent clearings made.

  42. A long halt in the forest clearings soon reminds us that we are not yet so acclimated as to utterly escape the effects of malaria.

  43. The clearings which had been abandoned within a year exhibited veritable wonders of vegetable life, of unsurpassed fecundity, and bewildering variety of species.

  44. Both banks presented numberless old clearings and abandoned sites; and as the stream was the only means of communication employed by the tribes, the only way of effecting any progress was by laborious cutting.

  45. They are thus like voluntary picquets guarding the clearings and settlements.

  46. The principal communication with the Eastern settlement was by a path marked by trees a portion of the distance, and by slight clearings of brush and thicket for the remainder.

  47. Other towns were soon built and clearings were made in every direction.

  48. This method is pursued by most settlers while they are clearing bush-land; always chopping and burning enough to keep a regular succession of wheat and spring crops, while the former clearings are allowed to remain in grass.

  49. Our woods and clearings are now full of beautiful flowers.

  50. A rich black vegetable mould at the edges of the clearings seems the favourite soil for this plant.

  51. Through this dell there is a road-track leading to a fine cleared farm, the green pastures of which were rendered more pleasing by the absence of the odious stumps that disfigure the clearings in this part of the country.

  52. In spite of his efforts to think only of the harsh and foreign task before him, he dreamed of clearings here and crops there.

  53. Here and there they passed drifted clearings and little houses sending blue feathers of smoke into the bright air.

  54. The trees are being hewn down for clearings and in those clearings homes are springing up.

  55. In 1862 the greater part of the country was covered with forest with intervening clearings and houses.

  56. There were some small clearings between Belmont and the point where we landed, but most of the country was covered with the native forests.

  57. Where there are no clearings the sides of the hills are covered with a very heavy growth of timber and with undergrowth, and the ravines are filled with vines and canebrakes, almost impenetrable.

  58. At sunset he pointed out some clearings on a hill side over the tree tops, a mile or two ahead, as our destination.

  59. There were but few clearings along the road, and miles frequently intervened without a sign of human habitation.

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