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hilarious; hilariously; hilarity; hild; hilft; hille; hilled; hilles; hilling; hillman
  1. Before half a dozen rounds had been fired an eight-inch gun back of Messines Hill started searching for the trench mortar man and his gun, and twenty-five high explosive shells plunged around us and shook our trench out of existence.

  2. We found the streets full of ambulances, most of them being gas cases from around Hill 60, and, in spite of the respirators, most of them pretty bad cases.

  3. Pumps were issued, but the mud was too thick to pump; our only hope lay in drainage, and by the time proper drains were constructed the mud was too thick to run, even though we were on a hill top.

  4. The Germans continued to discharge gas against our line until May 15th, when they retook Hill 60.

  5. From our trench on the hill top we could see the long line of trenches, hidden here and there by trees, stretching southwards to Armentières, the tall chimneys of which were clearly discernible.

  6. It was not to Hill 60 that the Canadian Division went, but further northward in the Ypres salient to the left of the 27th Division, where the "Princess Pats" were winning immortality at St. Eloi.

  7. Later he wrote that they were moving northward--probably to Hill 60--and we could expect there would be something doing shortly.

  8. Eventually the message is received and the flags on the hill top disappear as the signallers hasten to catch up with their party.

  9. The cavalry have long since disappeared; the vanguard of one company shows up occasionally on a hill top ahead of us and proves that we are at least moving in the same general direction.

  10. The Tapestry does not concern itself with landscape, and shows us neither a hill nor a plain.

  11. The pursuing English had left the most easily accessible portion of the hill open to the approach of the enemy.

  12. The supposition that, while this was going on, the main body of the Normans was riding on to the hill is baseless.

  13. Unlike our forefathers on the hill of battle, I will not be decoyed into breaking 'the line of the shield-wall'.

  14. She followed one of the small paths round the hill and found herself in a place so wonderful, so unexpected, that she caught back her breath and let it out again in low exclamations of delight.

  15. She was now on the other side of the hill and, though she did not know it, she was on the site of an ancient camp.

  16. The hill was flat-topped; there were still signs of the ramparts, but it was not on these she gazed.

  17. They had reached the highest point of the hill and they halted at the railing on the cliff's edge.

  18. She had a momentary desire to stay, to wander round the hill and look with untired eyes at the familiar scene; but she passed on under the tyranny of tea.

  19. This comparatively small space, mounting in the distance to a little hill backed by the sky, was more wonderful to Henrietta than Hyde Park when the flowers were at their best.

  20. They quarreled all the way down-hill as to why Chamu should and should not defray the cook's traveling expenses.

  21. They had a signal station on the hill two miles behind them, to keep them in touch with other parties, north, south, east and west.

  22. Meanwhile, up at the house on the hill Tess and Dick found Yasmini already there ahead of them, lying at her ease, dressed as a woman of women, and smoking a cigarette in the window-seat of the bedroom Tess had surrendered to her.

  23. That night she dressed as a rangar once more, and rode in company with Tess and Dick, with Ismail the Afridi running like a dog in the shadows behind them, to the fort on the hill that the English had promised to evacuate that night.

  24. I was riding after breakfast--up there on the hill where you see that overhanging rock, when I caught sight of you here on the veranda.

  25. Mukhum Dass turned his mule and rode down-hill after her.

  26. Dick gave the horse his head and drove home as fast as the steepness of the hill permitted, Yasmini talking to him nearly all the way.

  27. But when Yasmini's father died and his nephew Gungadhura succeeded him as maharajah he made a clean sweep of the old pension and employment list in order to enrich new friends, so the little nest on the hill became deserted.

  28. It was a sweet little nest of a house with a cool stone roof, set in a rather large garden of its own on the shoulder of the steep hill that overlooks the city.

  29. But when they reached the bottom of the long hill and began twisting in and out among the narrow streets, it was finished.

  30. Men usually seek sunny positions for their gardens, so that even those obliged to be contented with the north side of the hill would scarcely appreciate some of the above–named positions.

  31. Wandering one day in the neighbourhood of “Gruigfoot,” a queer–shaped hill in Linlithgowshire, my eye was attracted by a small burn whose banks were literally jewelled throughout its visible course with an unfamiliar yellow flower.

  32. Both Tecumseh and Hill are covered with scars that they have received in their desperate conflicts.

  33. The river has now changed its course, running far to the eastward, leaving at the foot of the hill a lake in the old bed of the river.

  34. Mr. Hill is a christianized Indian, and is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

  35. He has had a Damon and Pythias friendship with David Hill since his childhood.

  36. The mound which was raised over the chief and his horse is now nearly obliterated, "yet the hill of the Blackbird continues an object of veneration to the wandering savage, and a landmark to the voyager of the Missouri.

  37. To be sure, no foe was visible in the immediate line of their charge; but as they happened to be going down a pretty steep hill at the time, it was quite possible that they might meet some adversaries before they could stop themselves.

  38. Leaving the decimated corps to reorganize, I hastened down the hill again, and arrived at the bottom only to find a group of reporters and Mackerels surrounding a manly prostrate form.

  39. Preferring to defer death itself rather than see his beloved country outwitted by the rebels, Captain Samyule Sa-mith darted swiftly to his feet at the word, and instantaneously led Company 2 down the hill at double-quick.

  40. Where underground streams which are common in limestone regions reach the surface on hill or valley sides, springs result.

  41. A flat-topped hill or mountain left isolated during the general erosion or cutting down of a region.

  42. Under the condition of the diagram a well or spring some distance down the side of the hill may actually be unfit for use, though a serious situation is much less likely to develop there.

  43. In another case, less comprehensible to the layman, the porous water-bearing stratum curves downward under a hill or mountain, water entering it where it is exposed on each side.

  44. In the first place, such springs are rarely at the summit of the hill or mountain.

  45. The boy led us; and we follered him up the gradual hill to the old homestead of Washington, Mount Vernon.

  46. But I felt sort o' uneasy while I was a ridin' on it, same as you feel when you are goin' up-hill with a heavy load and a little horse.

  47. He looked up the road to where he could see, on the hill half a mile distant, the shimmer of John Pontiac's big tin-roofed house.

  48. She went down the hill to the edge of the broad, dark Ottawa, where thin slices of ice were swashing together.

  49. They spoke to him; and he to them; he understood them; they were his companions and friends; who but himself could tell of what this very hill of Clebrig was thinking?

  50. For their hastily-snatched interviews the most convenient and secret rendezvous was Hill Street, Garnet Hill; a quiet little thoroughfare, too steep for cabs or carriages to ascend.

  51. As the night came on, those watchers on Andover Hill who could not join the rescuing parties, saw a strange and fearful light at the north.

  52. Men, women, and children came running down the narrow, steep street which climbed up the hill from the harbor.

  53. I passed her on the long hill when she was blown, and I bruk her heart before she reached the top.

  54. Scarcely, however, had we topped a hill which commanded a view of the French, when a shower of shells flew over and around us.

  55. Now there were in those days colleges, or shcools for training up these prophets; and it seems there was one of these schools at this hill of God; and another at Najoth in Ramatha.

  56. And the men of Ziph came to Saul in Gabaa, saying: Behold David is hid in the hill of Hachila, which is over against the wilderness.

  57. And when David was gone over to the other side, and stood on the top of the hill afar off, and a good space was between them, 26:14.

  58. And the rest of the people went up after Saul, to meet the people who fought against them, going from Galgal to Gabaa, in the hill of Benjamin.

  59. The dowager Duchess of Bedford used to visit the grounds here, and much admired the garden, and when she went to Campden Hill to live she sent Mr. Caie here to see the place, and very probably to take notes of what he saw.

  60. The lord Audeleie was drawne from Newgate to the Tower-hill in a coate of his own armes, painted vpon paper reuersed and all torne, and there was beheaded the foure and twentith of Iune.

  61. But sir Iames Tirrell and Iohn Windham, bicause they were traitors, and so attainted, the sixt daie of Maie after their apprehension, they were on the Tower hill beheaded.

  62. The British army now rested with their left wing on the hill they had just taken, and which they were busy intrenching.

  63. Putnam rode about Bunker's Hill and its skirts, to rally and bring on reinforcements which had been checked or scattered in crossing Charlestown Neck by the raking fire from the ships and batteries.

  64. Tarleton crossed the Rivanna, which washes the hill on which Charlottesville is situated; dispersed a small force collected on the bank, and galloped into the town thinking to capture the whole assembly.

  65. They again ascended the hill to storm the redoubt; their advance was covered as before by discharges of artillery.

  66. Lower down were two rows of abatis, and the shore at the foot of the hill could be swept by vessels of war anchored in the river.

  67. Washington supposed they were preparing to attack him in front, and such indeed was their intention; but the commanding height of Chatterton's Hill had caught Sir William's eye, and he determined first to get possession of it.

  68. Bunker's Hill was but a mile distant to the west; the British standard floating as if in triumph on its summit.

  69. Guns, ammunition and stores, all were carried up the hill in the night; the cannon were hauled up from tree to tree, and before morning the ground was levelled for the battery on which they were to be mounted.

  70. His opinion, probably, settled the question; and it was determined to seize on and fortify Bunker's Hill and Dorchester Heights.

  71. On the booming of that heavy gun, lights sprang up from hill to hill along the different ranges of heights; the country was aroused, and the yeomanry, hastily armed, hurried to their gathering places.

  72. A star fort with pickets crowned the summit of the hill, which was table land; half way down the side of a hill was a battery, and at its foot were strongly intrenched works well mounted with cannon.

  73. When did ever a Boston governor climb to the top of Beacon hill in fulfillment of a vow?

  74. Twas a narrow valley, with a swampy tract below, and rising again sharply to the hill opposite.

  75. Surely," said he, "they will scarce be over the hill by now.

  76. It was a sore temptation as I passed near Richmond to climb the hill and see what was going forward at the Hall.

  77. Listen while I sing you of the wedding of Taise Taobhgheal, which befel there when yonder hill was crowned by a beautiful white city, with houses of glass, and when warriors shone in golden armour.

  78. I went up the hill and looked, and 'tis coming along like a great white bird.

  79. You can come out here to play with me, but every night you are to sleep in my bed; and it may be, Mistress Stoddard will let you rest in the kitchen now and then, and you may go with me over the pasture hill to see Brownie.

  80. Half-way up the hill he saw Anne, coming to meet him.

  81. I can slip over the hill with a bucket and milk her night and morning.

  82. When Captain Enos came up the hill toward home Anne had already put her blue cape and hat carefully away, and was sitting near the fire with the white kitten curled up in her lap.

  83. Anne hurried down the hill and along the shore toward the Cary house, holding the doll carefully under the little shawl of gay plaid which Mrs. Stoddard had pinned about her shoulders.

  84. The battle of Bunker Hill had brought another triumph to the Americans, but the English vessels still cruised about the coast, making the fishermen careful about going far from shore.

  85. As they reached the summit of the hill and turned for a look at the beautiful harbor she gained courage and spoke: "Mistress Stoddard, will you please to tell me what a 'spy' is?

  86. As soon as the few dishes were set away Anne wandered down the hill toward the spring.

  87. Your Uncle Enos drove Brownie over the hill where the sailors from the 'Somerset' will not be like to see her, and we will both stay indoors to-day and knit.

  88. The South Fork comes down the canyon on the south side, skirting the brow of the hill a little less closely than does the North Fork.

  89. Hill asserts that "there is considerable evidence that a land barrier in the tropical region separated the two oceans as far back in geologic history as Jurassic time, and that that barrier continued throughout the Cretaceous period.

  90. The adventurers made their way down the hill and mounted their camels.

  91. A high hill was before them, and Bob suggested that they climb to the top afoot and make out the character of the land ahead of them.

  92. The hill that Bob referred to was at least a mile away, and the ground on the way was of loose sand.

  93. Finally the youths turned and rode back down the hill to tell their elders of the magnificent view.

  94. To their right was another high hill that might afford a view in another direction.

  95. Shortly after the explorers had passed around a large hill they heard camel steps from behind a sharp corner in the river bed.

  96. After breakfast they rode over to the distant hill to get a view of the mirage seen by the boys the day before.

  97. As the boys had expected, they came to the hill in but a few minutes.

  98. Then from behind a hill appeared a long trading caravan of Arabs, who also had their rifles in readiness.

  99. They've stopped behind that sand hill over there.

  100. Finally they rode on up the hill to catch a glimpse of the Ahaggars.

  101. He comforted himself in the thought that there were no rocks or tree trunks to dash against, but if the soil at the bottom of the hill happened to be hard, his doom might be sealed.

  102. After winding in and out among the huge rocks and peaks for well over an hour, Bob turned his camel up a little hill and came in sight of camp.

  103. Soon the flat hill of Gara Krima, dominating the sandy plain, could be seen, its smooth surface tinted with many colors.

  104. What say we take it to the edge of the hill and roll it down?

  105. But the searchers trudged on around the hill without seeing any signs of natives.

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