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Example sentences for "dune"

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dumps; dumpy; dun; dunce; dunces; dunes; dung; dungaree; dungarees; dunged
  1. When the boys saw them pull up behind the dune they came trotting over to help unload.

  2. When the station wagon turned a sharp bend in the beach the girls saw a curl of smoke rising beyond a large sand dune that shielded the light of the campfire from possible watchers at sea.

  3. She wanted to take a walk on the jetty, to visit the lighthouse, to fish, to walk to the dune and sit down on the spot where I had cried so much.

  4. As in the past, on the dune of Ploch, I could not dismiss from my mind the loathsome vision which grew, intensified and assumed even more cruel forms.

  5. The Doctor hes dune his pairt, and it wes kind o' him tae come up himsel ane's errand tae tell us.

  6. Gin ye hae dune onything wrang, an' ye want tae relieve yir mind, ye may lippen tae me, Drumsheugh, though it titch yir life.

  7. Nae wumman in the pairish hes dune her duty better than Mary," said Drumsheugh, with authority.

  8. It wud hae dune ye gude tae hae seen the licht in the laddie's een.

  9. Ma Lord, there's naething a' wudna hae dune to stay in Burnbrae but this ae thing.

  10. It's little a' did for ye, but ye 've dune a'thing for me.

  11. It's a lang schulin', but it hes dune its wark weel in Drumtochty.

  12. Some visitors negotiate the jeep trails with dune buggies or motorcycles, but four-wheel-drive vehicles are considered safer and generally more reliable.

  13. Some people conquer the hill in dune buggies or on motorcycles, but this is considered quite dangerous.

  14. XVIII "The sun was dipping into the sea as we trudged across the meadows towards a high, dome-shaped dune covered with cedars and thickets of sweet bay.

  15. We went to the door and watched him across the salt meadows until the distant sand-dune hid him.

  16. The sun was dipping into the sea as we trudged across the meadows toward a high dome-shaped dune covered with cedars and thickets of sweet bay.

  17. Her eyes were dark with fear, but she rested a hand on my shoulder, and we crept up among the dune grasses and sank down by the point of sand where the rough shelter stood, surrounded by the iron-ringed piles.

  18. We went to the door and watched him across the salt meadows until a distant sand dune hid him.

  19. It wad ill become me, efter a' he's dune for us, to steek the door in's face.

  20. What may be dune at ony time will be dune at= 5 =nae time.

  21. A fule wad light his pipe wi' it, and then wonder whether he wadna ha' dune better to read it first.

  22. Here it is, clean forgotten and dune with!

  23. We followed the trail up a high dune where the sand was closely packed and the marks were more distinct.

  24. At the evening camp everything not absolutely indispensable was sorted out to be left behind, and a stick was set up on the nearest dune with a newspaper wrapped round it so that we might find the place again if we obtained water soon.

  25. I wriggled naked into the cool dune and lay there ten hours without closing an eye.

  26. He is always in search of the highest height in contrasts, all this joined by what his sense of fierceness of light could bring to the fantastic dune stretches of Cape Cod in fiery autumn.

  27. There is exceptional mysticity hovering over his hills and stretches of dune and sky.

  28. He had turned and walked back towards the beach, arriving near the friendly dune just as his daughter's cry for help rang out.

  29. Why should Charlie and Mabel come and be 'boiled' near their dune of refuge?

  30. The mileeshie wudna hae you at ony rate, an' we're no' juist dune wi' ye at hame yet.

  31. The nesty footer that he was, I cudda dune I kenna what till him.

  32. He michta carried the key in his pooch; but onybody cudda dune that!

  33. A familiar voice from the circle of bushes at the top of the dune called down cheerily: "Ship ahoy, mates.

  34. He came plunging down the side of the dune before they could recover from their confusion.

  35. A southwest wind and current may deposit upon a dune a stratum of a given color and mineral composition, and this may be succeeded by a northwest wind and current, bringing with them particles of a different hue, constitution, and origin.

  36. He who is lucky enough to own a molehill of dune pets it affectionately, and spends his substance in cherishing and fattening it.

  37. A great pine forest bound with its roots the dune sand and the heath uninterruptedly from Danzig to Pillau.

  38. In the sand-hill ponds mentioned in the text, there is a vigorous growth of bog plants accompanied with the formation of peat, which goes on regularly as long as the dune sand does not drift.

  39. The one is that of dune or shifting hillock upon the coast, the other that of barren plain in the interior.

  40. Ponds of water are often found in the depressions between the sand hills of the dune chains in the North American desert.

  41. At New Quay [in England] the dune sands are converted to stone by an oxyde of iron held in solution by the water which pervades them.

  42. It's but a kin' o' a some mean pride 'at wadna be obleeged to yer ain fowk, efter ye hae dune yer best.

  43. Gien you three cud hae dune for yersel's, we wad hae been sen 'in' ye hame something.

  44. Ye hae dune yer best for him 'at she left!

  45. I cudna hae dune better mysef' gien I had been a gran' lady wi' a' the wits o' a puir wife!

  46. But jist ae thing I maun say:--gien I hadna dune as I did du, I do not see hoo we cud hae won throu' the winter.

  47. I hae dune a heap to gie me a claim on consideration.

  48. The Dune of Dornadella in Scotland is identically the same kind of structure, built by our Tuath-de-danaans, and for the solemn purpose of religion alone.

  49. Ten minutes after his last cartridge had been fruitlessly discharged, he set out for the ocean beach, pausing at the first dune he came upon to scrape a shallow trench in the sand and cache therein both guns and his game-bag.

  50. We've an hour before the outlaws come up, and if they don't go round the sand-dune we'll have longer.

  51. Oh, my Leddy, then it isna what we hae dune for oursells, but what we hae dune for others, that we think on maist pleasantly.

  52. They would never think of looking for us in the heart of a big snow-dune out in this God-forsaken barren, would they?

  53. A sudden wild thought seized upon his soul and thrilled him into forgetfulness of the light and the snow-dune and his own safety.

  54. At last he slept, with his back leaning against a sand-dune the children had made.

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