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Example sentences for "dunes"

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  1. The fisherfolk living about him on the dunes were not from his country, nor were their interests his interests.

  2. I never knew that one could have so many different kinds of emotions at the same time," Muriel was thinking as she started down the snowy road that led to the sand dunes where stood the scattered homes of her fisherfolk friends.

  3. As Muriel neared the shanty on the sand dunes in which lived her dearly beloved friend, Captain Barney, she was conscious of unusual noises issuing therefrom.

  4. The transition from the smooth hard plain to the broken dunes of the Nefûd is very startling.

  5. This we placed on a strip of sand dunes fronting the sea, and dividing it from the level plain which runs inland ten miles to the foot of the hills.

  6. It is as little like the ordinary sand dunes of the desert, as a glacier is like an ordinary snow field in the Alps.

  7. From Marsport you can see low-slung mountains in the distance, dunes of soft, red sand stretching out to them.

  8. Why, from Mars City you can see low-slung mountains in the distance and dunes of soft, red sand stretching out to them.

  9. The funny thing was the towers looked a little--but not much--like minarets and the sand dunes were colored a beautiful pink.

  10. And everywhere were the dunes of pink sand.

  11. The German right rested on the dunes fronting the sea, and their big guns amongst the sandhills had Nieuport at their mercy.

  12. Then comes another long, straight channel, with high sand dunes on the left bank.

  13. One column moved towards the sand dunes opposite to Ismailia, while the second and much stronger column pushed on towards Toussûm.

  14. When night fell, the Turks pushed their main force through the scrub and dunes towards a gap which gave them an easy road to the canal opposite Toussûm.

  15. The beach consists of deep, powdery sand, and is 350 yards long, with steep ground on the flank and sand dunes in the centre.

  16. The cluster spread out, took the nearest dunes at a run, disappeared--and a crackling undercurrent in the din of big guns was all that told of a fierce charge and the first trenches won.

  17. Gradually, however, the day grew very hot and uncomfortable, a stifling west wind scattering the sand of the dunes into our faces and totally obscuring the way.

  18. The islands were flat sand banks just above the surface, blown and washed up by the sea, with here and there sand dunes and shrubs, and again vast stretches of sand inhabited only by crabs.

  19. Only no boulders in that country are flat-topped like the houses built in lands of the sun, and no dunes are wall-sided.

  20. Often in very early light there are strange suggestions of----dunes and boulders perhaps?

  21. The beach is narrow, and all along its inner curve blown up into dunes contested every season by the wind and by the quick, bright growth of sand verbena, lupins, and mesembryanthemums.

  22. Even out of dunes which bury its hundred old trunks to the new season's twigs, the mesquite will bear its sweet foodful pods.

  23. They climb up the landward slope of the high dunes and set the shore a little seaward against the diminished surf.

  24. The peat extends to the coast, and is there seen passing under the sand-dunes and below the sea-level.

  25. Dunes on the shores of the Caspian, composed of moving sands, 35 to 80 ft.

  26. The North Sea coast (western) and Skagerrack coast (north-western) consist mainly of a sweeping line of dunes with wide lagoons behind them.

  27. Large areas of moving sands exist near Enotayevsk, where high dunes or barkhans have been formed.

  28. The sand-dunes fringing the enclosing sheet of water are yellow, the salt-marshes of the shallow pools stretch in surfaces of dull umber, brightened in parts by vivid splashes of green.

  29. Here the sand-dunes rise in circular ridges, resembling craters, many reaching a height of fifty or sixty feet.

  30. I hid it in a box in the dunes of Heyst; there are also the clothes stolen by me to sell later at a fit opportunity.

  31. The bailiff of Damme, bethinking himself that the weer-wolf is a beast that lives on blood and does not strip the dead, said that this one was doubtless followed by robbers wandering about the dunes seeking their evil gain.

  32. They climbed up the road, strewn with broken shells, and found among the dunes a young girl stripped quite naked, even of her chemise, and blood around her.

  33. By day I used to wander about the dunes and the highways, carrying my waffle iron, keeping in hiding, and especially on Saturday, the day of the great Bruges market.

  34. And thou, wind that wailest plaintively in the bents on the dunes and in the cordage of the ships, thou art the voice of the victims crying out for vengeance to God; may He be my helper in this enterprise.

  35. These slopes were probably once the lee sides of sand dunes deposited by winds in an area bordering the sea.

  36. During some periods ocean bodies covered the country; at others desert winds piled up dunes on the surface.

  37. Here the winds and the rains are constantly at work tearing down and sculpturing the great land masses, while in places the wind is piling up the sand and debris to form dunes and new lands.

  38. On their left the Turks were violently opposing the New Zealanders who were working along the sand-dunes with the port and town of Jaffa as their ultimate objective.

  39. Very abundant on sand dunes and among bracken in July (Buxton, 1914).

  40. Common on sand dunes especially under stems of dead marram grass.

  41. Cobb’s Point, that lonely strip of sand dunes the other side of Shelbourne?

  42. Amongst the sand dunes to the eastward were a few fishermen’s huts.

  43. Heap up freight and baggage on the shore, erect thousands of tents on the sand dunes around the edges of a town of shanties and adobes climbing over the hills and you have our miner's metropolis," I sketched for him.

  44. Two little houses in the midst of a sea of sand-dunes and no settlement nearer than the Mission.

  45. Ten minutes later he was racing over the sand-dunes to the Presidio, his face radiant and his hand tightly clasping an official document.

  46. This place was a waste of sand-dunes and chaparral but the Englishmen were refreshed by the cool waters of the arroyo and spent a pleasant morning shooting quail and grouse.

  47. A brown-robed friar carrying an image of St. Francis led the little company of men, women and children over the shifting sand-dunes to this very spot where a rude church had been erected.

  48. The woman outside still crying under her breath turns abruptly and starts toward the line where dunes and woods meet.

  49. At one point the line where woods and dunes meet stands out clearly and there are indicated the rude things, vines, bushes, which form the outer uneven rim of the woods--the only things that grow in the sand.

  50. She is a 'city woman', a sophisticated person who has been caught into something as unlike the old life as the dunes are unlike a meadow.

  51. ALLIE MAYO: Dunes meet woods and woods hold dunes from a town that's shore to a harbor.

  52. This is the outside--these dunes where only beach grass grows, this outer shore where men can't live.

  53. The dunes are hills and strange forms of sand on which, in places, grows the stiff beach grass--struggle; dogged growing against odds.

  54. These sands, which are the accumulations of winds, are cast on the arable land, much in the manner that has been noticed at the Grand Sable on Lake Superior, and reach the character of striking dunes at the coast denominated the Sleeping Bear.

  55. The view of this scene was impressive from its bleakness, the dunes of sand being more at the mercy of the winds.

  56. Such is its position beneath the sand-dunes of the Grandes Sables, and in the elder plains and uplands, stretching with interruptions on the coast from the head of the Mary's valley to that of the St. Louis.

  57. It is manifest, from a survey of the eastern shore of this lake, that the prevalent winds are from the west and northwest, for they have cast up vast sand dunes along the coast, which give it an arid appearance.

  58. These dunes are, however, but a hem on the fertile prairie lands, not extending more than half a mile or more, and thus masking the fertile lands.

  59. These ancient dunes and ridges were covered sparsely with pitch pines and aspen, and having their surfaces covered with the uva ursi, pyrola, and smaller shrub-growth common to arenaceous soils.

  60. Such are the great sand dunes of the Grande Sables.

  61. In the sand dunes were many old fireplaces, mostly buried by the sand which has drifted over them.

  62. In the southern portions of the valley large areas are covered with drifting sand, which is fashioned by the winds into ever-changing dunes of a creamy whiteness.

  63. The sands winnowed by the winds from the bare plains and steep bluffs are in certain places on the Great plateaus gathered into dunes which cover great areas with a succession of low dome-shaped hills.

  64. There's a--a windbreaking buffer zone where the dunes keep the sand from piling up.

  65. Something about the dunes and the ship and footprints.

  66. Inglis joined the Battalion and took over command at Bray Dunes Plage.

  67. Petite Synthe was left on the 19th for Dunkirk where they entrained and proceeded east along the sand dunes to Coxyde and, on the following day, into the coastal camp of Kuhn.

  68. A lighthouse appeared among the sand-dunes on the island shore, and before darkness fell we dimly saw the spires and roofs of a town, and two long black piers stretching out southwards.

  69. We were soon outside and heading west, our boom squared away and the island sand-dunes just apparent under our lee.

  70. They coasted down the air from the tops of sand dunes and tested with satisfaction their devices for guiding their air craft.

  71. This treeless waste of sand dunes along the solitary shore near the village afforded the privacy where they might carry on their work unmolested.

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