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buildeth; building; buildings; builds; buildup; buits; buka; buke; bukes; bukis
  1. The building of the past is built and is in decay.

  2. It is sometimes built up to a great height.

  3. Near the window was a cupboard built out.

  4. Beneath him and a little to the right was a shed built against the wall, the door of which was closed.

  5. Amidst the unhealthy marshes of the Baltic Sea the Tsar built this new city.

  6. The people must be taught the Greek language--they must live in cities built after a Greek model.

  7. From the region of the Great Lakes they had worked their way southward, had descended the Mississippi and had built several fortifications along the Gulf of Mexico.

  8. Then came the emperor Justinian (who built the church of Saint Sophia in Constantinople), who discontinued the school of philosophy at Athens which had been founded by Plato.

  9. Then Themistocles had his chance and he built all the ships he could and turned the Piraeus into a strong naval base.

  10. At the same time he kept a watchful eye on Sparta and built high walls which connected Athens with the sea and made her the strongest fortress of that day.

  11. Early man had no tools and he built himself no houses.

  12. They built a new city on the shores of the Euphrates, near the ruins of Babylon and called it Bagdad, and organising the Arab horsemen into regiments of cavalry, they set forth to bring the happiness of their Moslem faith to all unbelievers.

  13. The kitchen, the living rooms and the sleeping quarters were built around an open courtyard in which there was a small fountain, or a statue and a few plants to make it look bright.

  14. He then built a "telegraph" between Baltimore and Washington.

  15. They conquered the world and built roads and bridges but they borrowed their art wholesale from the Greeks.

  16. After they had entered the plain they constructed artificial little hills on top of which they built their altars.

  17. He was a small-built man and evidently of a vicious temper.

  18. It was built before the fire of London, and although so near, escaped its ravages; but the house was pulled down a short time since, and another of more commodious construction erected on its site.

  19. The castle is said to have been built by Earl Waltheof, who, in 1069 married Judith, niece to William the Conqueror, who gave him the earldom of Northampton and Huntingdon for her portion.

  20. A pier thirty to fifty feet can be built so that steamers can have eight fathoms of water.

  21. The Las Tunas Railway extends from Zaza to Valle, twenty-four miles, and was built to connect Sancti Spiritus with the seaboard, though it is not yet completed.

  22. These lines are in the main well built and ballasted, having steel rails, stone culverts, and iron bridges, and they pass through rich sections of agricultural and grazing country.

  23. The city is especially noticeable in that its houses, built of the absorbent, porous stone of the Island, are painted in yellows and pinks and greens and blues and whites, with a prevailing red in the tiled roofs.

  24. With such a system of railways, the tributary waggon roads could be built at comparatively small cost, because at no point would long stretches of highway be necessary.

  25. The Jicotea aqueduct is simply a large open cistern, built of rock and cement, attached to a brick building in which the Spanish quartermaster has his stores.

  26. Indeed the passenger cars are built for summer travel, with wicker seats and plenty of ventilation.

  27. Much of the lower part of the city is built on swamp and "made-land," and what this means for the health of those who live upon it needs no elucidation.

  28. The Sigua Iron Company built a standard-gauge road nine miles long from its mines to Sigua Bay, and there constructed a breakwater and a wooden ore-dock.

  29. The palace, built on a terrace near the water's edge, was burned by the insurgent forces.

  30. Many cabins were built around the boarding house and it became quite a settlement.

  31. The company built its own mill down Bear Creek where adequate water could be piped from Mill Creek.

  32. A boarding and rooming house managed by Mr. and Mrs. Charles Fox, was built on the flat below the mines to accommodate the workers on the railroad as well as many miners who daily walked or rode over the mountain to their work.

  33. Some did not stake out claims but built on open ground, holding it by "Squatters' Rights".

  34. They sent to former homes for seeds and trees and planted orchards, vineyards and gardens on their claims where they had built homes.

  35. The Hill Brothers built this bath house to accommodate the grime-coated early day miners.

  36. The Comanche continued work at the mines and built the long-talked-of narrow gauge.

  37. The Church of the Holy Cross was built on land donated by Mr. Frank C.

  38. In 1959 the Forest Service built a road to the tower.

  39. Until the Methodist Church was built in 1898 all Protestant denominations held services there.

  40. A smelter was built below Silver City to treat the ores, hauled there in mule drawn wagons.

  41. Hulburt, more daring and persistent than other miners, built a cabin and took his Mexican wife there to live during the growing season.

  42. They built their homes up the hill to the southwest of town--seven or eight houses clustered about a large rooming and boarding house run by Mr. and Mrs. Noah Climo.

  43. Henry Young and his brother, John, about 1900, sold their ranch above Fort Bayard and came to Pinos Altos where they built a livery stable.

  44. Transportation companies, almost all built by the money of the people, though not owned by them, move the crops--and there is a golden stream of dividends.

  45. After the Deluge men built the Tower of Babel so that they might not be destroyed.

  46. He built himself cities as places of refuge from the savage creatures and enemies of the country.

  47. It was by educating the loyalty of a submissive people to one selfish end that the rulers of Germany built an empire that became a menace to the world.

  48. A house had been built upon it, and a steeple took the place of a mast.

  49. This dock was built like the others, mostly upon the bed of the river, the earth and rock having been laboriously scooped out, and solidified again as materials for the quays and piers.

  50. It was built by Governor Tompkins in the time of the last war with England, but was never used, I believe, and so they left it to decay.

  51. The space designated by that spot is now, doubtless, completely built up in Liverpool.

  52. At the further end of this brilliant apartment, was a rich mahogany turret-like structure, partly built into the wall, and communicating with rooms in the rear.

  53. To my surprise, he informed me that the Irrawaddy was wholly built by the native shipwrights of India, who, he modestly asserted, surpassed the European artisans.

  54. They are built of the celebrated teak wood, the oak of the East, or in Eastern phrase, "the King of the Oaks.

  55. The first dock built by the town was the "Old Dock," alluded to in my Sunday stroll with my guide-book.

  56. And more enduring monuments are built in the closet with the letters of the alphabet, than even Cheops himself could have founded, with all Egypt and Nubia for his quarry.

  57. Turning out of the broad swift river, up the noisy creek you came on the river-side cafés, built on piles and filled with splenetic-eyed Arabs sipping coffee and various coloured sweet drinks.

  58. Since the ground was undermined by marsh, the sheds had to be built on piles driven six feet into the spongy soil.

  59. These quarters were built of wood and low roofed, with a layer of mud on the top.

  60. The laws of trade cannot be changed, and the same causes which have built up their agriculture, commerce, and manufactures will not cease to be operative.

  61. The house had been built by a West India merchant, in the latter end of the seventeenth or beginning of the eighteenth century.

  62. It was built by a young farmer named James Blount, who went into it with his young wife when he brought her home from the distant State where he had married her.

  63. In such a view, an American Indian or a Kaffir warrior may be a wholesome object, good for something already, and for much more when he gets a brain built on.

  64. A little box of a cabin it was, perhaps twelve by fifteen feet, built solidly of logs and backed up against a low bank for the shelter it afforded.

  65. The houses, which their inhabitants called shacks, were built on the north side of the street facing the south, in obedience to the natural law of cold climates, so Bismarck boasted really of but half a street, and that a short one.

  66. As its name showed, it was merely a hole or tunnel in the slope of the hill, with a small log house built out from it.

  67. Mr. Worth had built for himself a plank house with shingled roof--the first real house the boys had entered since they left Bismarck.

  68. A collection of rude houses, more or less strongly built of logs and dried mud, straggled along the single street.

  69. A fire was built on one side of the enclosure, and the watcher lay on the other.

  70. Indeed, the Worths' new home was an unprepossessing abode even after the familiar furniture was in position, the bunks made ready for use, and a fire built in the fireplace.

  71. For instance, a snow house had been dug in a big drift which extended out over the ice-covered creek, and a fire was built inside which speedily melted a hole through to the water.

  72. A kind of shed, open in front and built of round, chinked logs, entirely lacking in comforts of every kind, was to be their home.

  73. Thou art not, Penshurst, built to envious show Of touch or marble .

  74. For fortune fond had built her nest on high.

  75. It was built on the plans, as is supposed, of J.

  76. It is in fact a disputation between old England and new England; the England that built the strong houses praised by Harrison, and the England that adorned itself with the Burghley House paper work; traditional England and italianate England.

  77. In a safe and well sheltered harbor, formed by the long point that ran out into the river, the sailing vessels belonging to the company were built and repaired.

  78. But he built a big floating island and made it rich with copper and there he took his family and all the kinds of birds and beasts there are.

  79. Rapidly and with many an apprehensive glance upward, the two replaced the bales on the platform of poles, covered the heap with the cedar boughs and built up the stones around and over the whole.

  80. In the bay west of the long, high point, they found the spot the crew of the Otter had cleared, and built their wigwams there.

  81. Eight days the two camped in a hastily built wigwam on Wauswaugoning Bay, fishing when they could, and snaring one lean hare and a few squirrels.

  82. Near the mouth of the Kaministikwia River on Thunder Bay was built the New Fort, later to be known as Fort William after William McGillivray, head of the company.

  83. So they built a canoe and crossed to this shore.

  84. Under close-reefed sails, the sturdily built little Otter battled wind, waves, sleet and snow.

  85. The boat was pointed at both ends, flat bottomed and built of thick, hand-hewn boards.

  86. All reforms wrung from rulers must first be baptized in blood, and it is possible that the end of the present century may see a new nation, built on the ruins of the old, which will be a credit to civilization, instead of a disgrace.

  87. In the seventy years prior to that time a great navy yard grew up on the Bay of Havana, and 114 war vessels were built there to convoy the Spanish treasure ships.

  88. The great iron piers on the right belong to the American mining companies, built for loading ore upon their ships.

  89. Every island has its special eruption, which, beginning at the unfathomable bottom of the sea, has slowly built up a foundation and then a superstructure of lava.

  90. The city is built principally of masonry and in a most substantial manner, though little effort has been made to secure architectural beauty.

  91. It is a rather fine city, with a pretty plaza and a grand cathedral, and its houses, like those of San Juan, are all built of stone.

  92. The most notable examples were the two American built ships, St. Patil and St. Louis of the American line.

  93. Tangiers, in Africa, is built upon a similar sloping hillside, and that capital of Morocco does not look a bit more Moorish than Santiago de Cuba.

  94. The three fortresses of El Morro, La Punta and La Cabana were built before the end of the sixteenth century and still were standing as the most effective defenses of Havana when our war with Spain began.

  95. The Virginius was originally an English-built sidewheel steamer called the Virgin, and during the war between the States was one of the most famous of blockade runners until captured by a vessel of the United States.

  96. The houses are built out even with the streets, no front yards and no spaces between the houses.

  97. Three Yankee corporations have developed rich tracts of mining territory hereabouts, built railways from the coast to their works on the hills and exported, ore to the United States.

  98. The schoolhouses are built like cigar factories, and each has mounted upon the roof the bell of an old locomotive.

  99. The shipyard of John Roach did the first work on the new navy, and during Secretary Chandler's term of office built the Chicago, the Boston, the Atlanta and the Dolphin.

  100. This board reported that the United States should have twenty-one battleships, seventy unarmored cruisers of various sizes and types, twenty torpedo boats, five rams and five torpedo gunboats, all to be built of steel.

  101. She had been built on Puget Sound back in the eighties, and was one hundred and six feet over all, twenty-six feet beam and seven feet draft.

  102. I couldn't have gotten a better island if I'd had one built to order.

  103. When the Realm has taken over the railways serving public communication within a particular district, new railways serving public communication may not be built within such district except by the Realm or with the consent of the Realm.

  104. The monstrous military machine they built up for their own protection, and used for the oppression of Europe, is smashed.

  105. For this much gerrymandered and very jerry-built Congress showed itself capable of adapting itself to pressures in a way that the National Assembly could not.

  106. Reedy put one over on 'em when he built this gin.

  107. But the Tartars were of a different species, remarkable for their ravenous disposition, and for this reason, the central kingdom with the eastern provinces, in order to prevent their invasion, built the great wall.

  108. I was happy to find that his hopes were built upon the Rock of Ages; that his sure trust was in the Redeemer of sinners.

  109. Here was placed an elevated sea mark: it was in the form of a triangular pyramid, and built of stone.

  110. It is built of sticks and grasses and straw and string and anything else I can pick up.

  111. Very recently a thrifty and intelligent Crow built for itself a summer residence in an airy tree near Bombay, the material used being gold, silver, and steel spectacle frames, which the bird had stolen from an optician of that city.

  112. The whole was built up of bits of rushes, carried to the spot, these being quite uniform in length--about four inches.

  113. They usually have a simple nest in a hollow tree, but which seems seldom to be built by the bird itself, as it prefers to take the deserted nest of some other bird, and to fit up the premises for its own use.

  114. His nest, small and a plain one, too, is built on the ground by his industrious little wife.

  115. Mr. Knight’s residence was built of brick and was very much better looking than the houses that surrounded it.

  116. The houses, mostly built of wood, were small and not very clean.

  117. He built up incoherent plans for comforting her, for helping her.

  118. Then he took down the shelter that he and the young lady had built up over Dred’s head the day before, carrying the oars and the young lady’s clothes down to the boat.

  119. The cellar was a vault-like dungeon of a place, built solidly of brick, with only a narrow, barred window and the door from the kitchen opening into it.

  120. They were built of logs and unpainted boards beaten gray with the weather.

  121. Before the dam was built a boat had to be hauled up the rapids of the first cataract by hundreds of natives.

  122. The great king of Egypt, Amenophis III, built the temple of Amun about which Luxor has grown up.

  123. It is built of over two million blocks of limestone, and they are fitted together with the nicety of mosaics.

  124. Inside of each pyramid, always low down, and usually below the ground level, was built a sepulchral chamber.

  125. The other ruin, the temple of Khuns, was built by Rameses II and his successors.

  126. A temple of the god Mut, built by Amenophis III, and restored by Rameses II and the Ptolemys, has almost disappeared, except for a well preserved gateway and the plan of the foundations.

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