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Example sentences for "brick"

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  1. Reger's on Black Rock, in a fine brick house.

  2. It was in a handsome three-story brick building and had a massive marble entrance.

  3. While he gazed the spark glowered brighter and illumined a pale, haggard boy's face, surmounted by tousled locks of brick colored hair.

  4. Five minutes later they paused before a block of ancient brick dwellings and found Fogerty's number.

  5. The slight noise in that quiet room sounded to Barney's ears like the fall of a brick wall.

  6. For the first time since he had faced the military court he awakened to a full realization of what it all meant to him--he was going to be lined up against that ominous brick wall with these other men--they were going to shoot them.

  7. At best he might kill one or two, but in the end he would be killed as surely as though he took his place before the brick wall with the others.

  8. At last, after what seemed a long time, his guard turned in at a large gateway in a brick wall surrounding a factory.

  9. They were standing before the wall of a low brick building.

  10. Beside most of the works there are now comfortable villas and brick towns for the workers.

  11. Near the raw-brick houses there are large earthenware vessels, as tall as a man, in which the corn is kept.

  12. Some, on the other hand, are large enterprizes which could produce enough to supply a city: vast constructions of brick or adobe, with light roofs as a precaution against earthquakes.

  13. The open gateway admits you to the court, beyond which the melancholy mansion erects itself, decorated also with turrets, with fine old windows, and with a beautiful tone of faded red brick and rusty stone.

  14. For the rest, the picturesque at Toulouse consists principally of the walk beside the Garonne, which is spanned, to the faubourg of Saint-Cyprien, by a stout brick bridge.

  15. The red brick building, which looks like a small factory, rises on the ruins of the favorite residence of the dreadful Louis.

  16. The front consists only of a portal, beside which a tall brick tower, of a later period, has been erected.

  17. The red-faced houses - all of brick - along the quay have a mixture of brightness and shabbiness, as well as the fashion of the open loggia in the top- story.

  18. In the large, handsome brick house still standing opposite the minster in Bonn, on the east side of the public square, where now stands the statue of Beethoven, dwelt the widow and children of Hofrath von Breuning.

  19. On the left stands a low farm-house, with its outlying buildings, and at a distance on each side the eye falls on low square brick towers of the Middle Ages, and on the ruinous heaps of more ancient tombs.

  20. A fine grand stand is flanked by a block of red‐brick buildings, the lower stories of which are used during race meetings as stables for the horses and ponies running.

  21. Before us stood the Chien Mên Gate, the brick tower above it roofless and shattered by shells, the heavy iron‐studded door swung back.

  22. It was constructed of brick and wood, the latter for the most part curiously carved.

  23. Near this are the fine stone and brick barracks built for the Hong Kong Regiment—a corps raised and recruited in Northern India about ten years ago for permanent service in this Colony.

  24. At the corners of the walls and over each gateway are lofty brick towers several stories high, the intervals between them being divided by buttresses.

  25. The coals and ashes were removed, and when the brick had cooled somewhat cakes and pies were put in to bake.

  26. A dish known in old days in New England, baked to perfection in the old brick oven.

  27. This oven was lined with brick or stone, and the fire of wood was built in it, and allowed to remain until it had burned out.

  28. Again a confusion of journeyings, and afterwards quiet settlement in a red brick box of a house in a mill town on the Merrimac.

  29. They drove in silence over the Rothel, past the brick house where Emlie's trap was still standing, but now hitched.

  30. Behind him, on a rise of ground a few rods from the highway, was a large double house of brick with deep granite foundations and white granite window caps.

  31. Passepartout caught glimpses of its brick houses and clay huts, giving an aspect of desolation to the place, as the train entered it.

  32. Happily the temple walls were built of brick and wood, which could be penetrated with little difficulty; after one brick had been taken out, the rest would yield easily.

  33. All the hours you have left me lonely, I have been thinking like this, with my heart full of bitterness against you, until that little girl, that Little Brick came along.

  34. Little Brick says we mustn't come down like sledge-hammers on each other; and that is what I have been doing this afternoon.

  35. Meanwhile Salisbury did not take the hint, and the brick wall Waad wished built up was not begun.

  36. The yard itself was only a vacant corner in the building inclosed by high brick walls, on the top of which guards walked.

  37. We halted before a little brick building surrounded by a high board fence,--the negro prison of Chattanooga, known as "the hole.

  38. Two pieces of ragged carpet were all the protection we had, in addition to our well-worn summer clothing, and we spread these over our heads as we huddled together in a solid mass in the angle of a brick wall.

  39. This village is so little altered that the traveller may still see the sign-board of the "Donnithorne Arms," and the red brick hall, only with windows no longer unpatched.

  40. Hotel Calkins" was a brick building which looked pleasantly like a private dwelling, as, in fact, a good half of it was.

  41. No, there was a continuous wall, a high brick wall.

  42. The hansom stopped before his brick and marble palace.

  43. We knew well the enchanted house where she lived--stately, retreated far into large grounds in Jefferson Street; a high brick wall all round, and on top of the wall broken glass set in cement.

  44. Kusavans are generally the pujaris in his temples, and they make the earthenware (and brick and mortar) horses and images, which are placed before these buildings.

  45. One side takes shots with a ball made of cloth at a brick propped up against a wall, near which the other side stands.

  46. Nor did its sides not sometimes deviate from strictly right lines, as they were obliged to yield to the undulations of the soil; but it was at least classical,--brick and windows.

  47. The wharves were capacious, and the blocks of brick warehouses along the lower street were utterly unlike anything we had yet seen in that region, as were the neatness and thrift everywhere visible.

  48. He admired the new and handsome business blocks of fine brick and stone.

  49. Mention may also be made of the white bricks made by the Aston Hall Coal and Brick Company, which are in great favour with builders on account of their powers of resisting the weather and of retaining their colour.

  50. Who is furnishing the brick and stone for the new Fairchild court-house and the big normal-school buildings at Angus Falls?

  51. Steel pillars, girders, and trusses towered skyward,--skeletons to be clothed in flesh of brick and stone.

  52. From rescued brick an attractive house was built on the west bank of the Susquehanna for his daughters Susan Augusta and Anne Charlotte, both now resting near father and mother in Christ's Church yard.

  53. The founder of American romance was born in a quaint, two-storied house of stuccoed brick which now numbers 457 Main St., Burlington, New Jersey.

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