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Example sentences for "brickbats"

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  1. One Richard McCarty, however, was caught, in the act of throwing rocks and brickbats into the doors, while the goods lay scattered around him in the streets.

  2. Gilbert, was partly pulled down, and the windows of his dwelling broken in with brickbats and rocks, while a gentleman, a stranger, lay sick with fever in his house.

  3. They were knocked down by the stones and brickbats in numbers, and at last, their commander having been struck senseless, the rest drew off, a tremendous cheer greeting their retreat, from the crowd.

  4. Then a ram of stones and brickbats opened upon them, and the watermen struck down men and horses with their heavy oars.

  5. The brickbats was on my own hook, but the pole and the soft soap was parts of the jobs me and Fred put up between us.

  6. Why did you throw the brickbats on your own hook?

  7. Dave always thought that Tip ambushed me with those brickbats at Fred Ripley's order.

  8. Brickbats for Others Dear Editor: Brickbats and plenty of them are coming, but not your way.

  9. They was four goold watches an' anny quantity iv brickbats an' chunks iv coal in th' bag.

  10. It looks as if after all the brickbats might come out; a bit of money in Martie's hands goes so far.

  11. McTerza, with a cattish spring, leaped through a rain of brickbats for Rucker.

  12. Toughs have votes just as they have brickbats and brass-knuckles; when the emergency requires, an assortment to suit of the one as of the other.

  13. We have already told how a number of the brethren caught Richard McCarty on the night of November 1st, in the act of hurling stones and brickbats through the doors and windows of Gilbert, Whitney & Co.

  14. One of their number, bolder than his fellows, remained, however, and continued sending brickbats and stones through the shattered doors and windows, while the goods were scattered around him in the street.

  15. When women were speaking in Pennsylvania Hall, brickbats were hurled at, them through the windows.

  16. In the same way that you swear to the existence of brickbats and stones?

  17. If an offender was put into the pillory, it was well if he escaped with life, from the shower of brickbats and paving-stones.

  18. They were reduced to fire brickbats instead of cannon-balls; and their walls were so battered, that it was not they but their own spirit which kept out the enemy.

  19. A few more brickbats came but not one of us was hurt.

  20. There were so many of us there and there was such an abundance of brickbats still not one of us was hit, and it is well known that brickbats hurled by Ghostly hands do not hit anybody.

  21. The brickbats and the bones must have come from there.

  22. If brickbats had been thrown from those houses some at least would have fallen upon the lawn.

  23. Then as regarded the brickbats that were in the room, they had all dropped from the ceiling; but in the morning we found the tiles of the roof intact.

  24. They found a goodly heap of brickbats and bones in Prayag's room and on the lawn.

  25. These being all rejected, I reflected awhile, and sarcastically suggested brickbats at three-quarters of a mile.

  26. He came back presently and said his principal was charmed with the idea of brickbats at three-quarters of a mile, but must decline on account of the danger to disinterested parties passing between them.

  27. The interior of the cellar, to the extent that inviolate trees and shrubs made it possible to determine, was filled with brickbats and debris, large portions of which were removed.

  28. Initial work on the site was confined to a survey of the area and the recovery of artifacts such as ceramics, glass, and brickbats scattered on the top of the disturbed clay.

  29. Another rectangular pit in the middle of the building was not only topped with a pad of red clay but was partially covered by a cap or pier of laid brickbats that perhaps served as a support for floor joists.

  30. No explanation for the presence of the brickbats was forthcoming, and no further brick deposits were encountered in the vicinity.

  31. Careful probing in the two largest concentrations of brickbats soon located sections of the foundations of both buildings.

  32. It was apparent that the builders knew that the pit was there, for a considerable number of brickbats were laid under the foundation of the chimney's northeast corner in an entirely abortive attempt to prevent it from settling.

  33. Some 70 feet northwest of this pit was located an area of laid brickbats that measured 4 ft.

  34. Set into the clay level was the base of a brick pier made from brickbats and intended to provide added support over the soft filling of a pit measuring approximately 6 ft.

  35. Black humus mixed with plaster and brickbats outside the west wall of the residence's north chimney.

  36. The back wall of the chimney had been deliberately dismantled and only a thin skin of brickbats and mortar on the bottom of the robber trench survived to mark its position.

  37. Ladies and gentlemen, I began my advocacy of the Anti-slavery cause at the North in the midst of brickbats and rotten eggs.

  38. Sir, I always found in America that a shower of brickbats had a remarkably tonic effect, materially strengthening to the back-bone.

  39. Two men living in one street, quarrel and shy brickbats at each other, and make the whole street very uncomfortable.

  40. Not only is no one to interfere with them, but they are to have the privilege of deciding that their brickbats have the right of way, rather than the ordinary intercourse of the neighborhood!

  41. While looking at the storm without, I felt the old shed suddenly jar and tremble, and suddenly become unroofed, and it seemed to me that ten thousand brickbats had fallen in around us.

  42. Berry Morgan and I had ever been close friends, and we threw down our blankets and were lying side by side, when I saw roofs of houses, sign boards, and brickbats flying in every direction.

  43. The only brickbats that you are going to get are: Use a better grade of paper and bind the magazines more securely.

  44. Dear Editor: I aim for this letter to represent the hardest and reddest brickbats imaginably possible, excepting perhaps the first paragraph, not counting this prelude (warping).

  45. Willie steered me down some side streets till we came to a little white cottage in a new lot with a twenty-by-thirty-foot lawn decorated with brickbats and old barrel-staves.

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