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Example sentences for "bribing"

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  1. He was detained against his will for two whole days by a man whom he had never seen before, and at last effected his escape by bribing the servants of his tyrannical host.

  2. The rich peasants, for example, have gained their fortune and influence by demoralising and exploiting their weaker brethren, by committing all manner of illegalities, and by bribing the local authorities.

  3. To many of them, if I may trust to conversations which I have casually overheard in and around the courts, "buying an advocate" seems to be very much the same kind of operation as bribing a judge.

  4. Thessalian Eupolos was convicted of bribing the three boxers opposed to him, one of whom had won at the previous meeting.

  5. Because we haven't a decent city charter, and a healthy public spirit, you fellows are buying it from a corrupt city boss, and bribing a corrupt board of aldermen.

  6. When it came to the point, and any bribing was to be done, I had hit upon a course.

  7. What would you do if a scoundrel named Hamilton far away at Detroit was bribing all the redskins he could find north of the Ohio to come down and scalp your men?

  8. Here is an attempt to extend French influence by bribing a select class of our merchants; granting favors to favorites.

  9. Now they steal the food of the poor by bribing the peasants to sell their produce at any price.

  10. It was done by bribing the German sentries with tobacco and meat-pies.

  11. By bribing the land officials the capitalists were able to cause the choicest lands to be fraudulently withheld, and entered by dummies.

  12. Footnote: "Did you ever receive any money from either Fisk or Gould to be used in bribing the Legislature?

  13. Judging from the records of the times, one of his most effective means for harassing and driving out competitors was in bribing the New York Common Council to give him, and refuse them, dock privileges.

  14. Vested wealth could succeed in bribing a labor leader here and there; but the movement had bounded far beyond the elemental stage, and had become a glowing agitation which no traitor or set of traitors could have stopped.

  15. Conventional writers have descanted with a show of great indignation upon Gould's bribing of legislative bodies and upon his cheatings and swindlings.

  16. It was in the very heyday of the bribing and swindling, as numerous investigating committees showed; there could be no glamour or illusion then.

  17. To draw the labor leaders away from a hostile stand to the established political parties, and to prevent the massing of workers in a party of their own, the politicians began an insidious system of bribing these leaders to turn traitors.

  18. Acting through the old political parties they further insured the disintegration of the Labor party by bribing a sufficient number of its influential men.

  19. The bribing of Patent office officials was a common occurrence.

  20. But it was essentially during the Civil War that Gould received his completest tuition in the great art of seizing property and privileges by bribing legislative bodies.

  21. By bribing the Yamen messenger, copies of the Peking Gazette have been obtained, and from these it is evident that something has happened.

  22. The Tories are bribing right and left, so they might as well be given a chance to spend their money honestly for once.

  23. For alas, Marilla had stooped to the evil habit of bribing people to be good!

  24. He got possession of the city of Pidir by bribing the principal officers, a mode of warfare that he often found successful and seldom neglected to attempt.

  25. Many of them were planning to accomplish this theft by the bribery of the custom-house inspectors, thus not merely making thieves of themselves, but bribing other men to do wrong.

  26. Peter had always smiled inwardly at bribing a girl's love with flowers and bon-bons, but he had now discovered that flowers are just the thing to send a girl, if you love her, and that there is no bribing about it.

  27. Of course they'd deny it and swear you down, for bribing witnesses is as easy as bribing members.

  28. The influence of Cyril prevailed chiefly by intimidating the bishops and bribing the imperial household.

  29. He had undertaken to bring six men and was bribing them beforehand with dinner.

  30. Instead of bribing government officials to relax the law of compulsory education for boys, these people pushed in numbers at every open door of culture and enlightenment.

  31. If I could succeed in bribing the Irish hack-driver, I might be far on my way before the bank vault would be opened and the alarm given.

  32. This was accomplished by Moesa, sister of Julia Domna, bribing a portion of the army to espouse the cause of her grandson Elagabalus.

  33. Eutropius would not have resorted to the troublesome method of bribing or threatening the whole senate even if he had been able to do so.

  34. That a subscription be entered into in order to raise funds for the further propitiation of the said Magistrates in our favour, by bribing them additionally to persist in refusing licenses to any other individuals than ourselves.

  35. Member swore that he had expended certain moneys, or used other means, in bribing and corrupting members of the legislature to favour railway schemes in which he was interested.

  36. As Shung was a wealthy man and had the means of bribing the under-officials in the yamen, his case was remanded in order to see how much money could be squeezed out of him before the final sentence was given.

  37. In order to make it easy for Shung whilst he was in prison, his mother had to spend large sums in bribing every one connected with the yamen.

  38. I cannot consent to abandon the plan of bribing the clerk to destroy the leaf in the register," answered Vernon.

  39. Adeline, by bribing the driver, had provided against that contingency also!

  40. Such was the expedition of Agesilaus, the Spartan king, whose brilliant successes were, however, checked by the Persian government resorting to its time-proved policy of bribing the neighbors of Sparta to attack her.

  41. The enormous charges entailed on this country, by bribing the parties in possession of these secrets, have been made fully manifest in our preceding pages.

  42. The mass of Negroes are poor, some of them very poor, and we have men among us who would not scruple at perpetually bribing these poor by little acts of kindness.

  43. Had not he, Mahommed, ever had plenty to eat and drink, and money to send to Manfaloot to his father there, and to bribe when bribing was needed?

  44. Familiar with the Palace, and bribing when it was necessary to bribe, Foorgat Bey had evidently brought her to see the function, there where all women were forbidden.

  45. Effendina, my money has been busy in the army paying and bribing officers, and my spies were costly.

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