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  1. Scaurus had been impeached for taking bribes in Asia, and it is said that in his disgust he egged on Drusus to restore the judicia to the Senate.

  2. Sidenote: Jugurtha comes to Rome, and bribes the tribune Baebius.

  3. For when once a man is inured to bribes in the service of faction,[276] he will expect to be paid as well for acting for, as for acting against the dictates of his conscience.

  4. On one occasion the French minister had his money-bags publicly opened at Berne, and the royal pensions or bribes distributed in the town with the sound of the trumpet.

  5. Both bribes and threats were treated by him with equal contempt.

  6. Now thou art gone, he courts my wants with more, His decoy gold, and bribes me to restore.

  7. They were so much pleased with him that they resolved to give him Nabis’ palace and treasure, but he was known to hate bribes so much that nobody could at first be found to make him the offer.

  8. They had been restless all this time, and had only been kept down by the threats and the bribes of Antipater, the governor of Macedon.

  9. As much as thirty-six shillings a day could be earned by a headborough by appearing in a prosecution at the Old Baily, and bribes from those employed in the liquor traffic were a still more profitable source of income.

  10. He was, however, immediately made a hostage for the tranquillity of Smyrna, and was again, by his acquaintance with and large bribes to the executioner, the only one who escaped death.

  11. He took the bribes and rapidly accumulated wealth, but he did not fail to secure and forward the money demanded by the Sultan.

  12. Already his mansion was nicknamed Dunkirk House, and the quidnuncs told how it was built out of the bribes which had made him contrive the sale of that port to France.

  13. That he had received bribes from the Vintners, to free them from penalties due.

  14. Amusing appeals are made by other souls for leave to return to life, and even bribes are offered to the presiding goddess of destiny, but Clotho is inexorable.

  15. He that is greedy of gain troubleth his own house: but he that hateth bribes shall live.

  16. He that hath not put out his money to usury, nortaken bribes against the innocent: He that doth these things, chall not be moved for ever.

  17. Cracow accepts bribes from Jews and their opponents, I 76 V.

  18. The emperor yielded, but when he received Petronius’ letter he flew into a violent rage, accused the governor of having taken bribes from the Jews, and threatened him with the imperial vengeance.

  19. He held the office of Lord Chancellor, and yielding to the temptations of the corrupt times upon which he had fallen, accepted bribes from the suitors who brought cases before him.

  20. He secured the favor of the rabble with the shows of the amphitheatre, and purchased the support of the prætorians with bribes and flatteries.

  21. In vain had Philip sent against him the ablest and most distinguished commanders of the age; in vain had he endeavored to detach him from the cause of his country by magnificent bribes of titles, offices, and fortune.

  22. He accepted bribes and sold his influence, thereby acquiring an enormous property.

  23. For to govern by bribes or by force is not really to govern at all; and no obedience based on fear can be lasting--"no force of power can bear up long against a current of public hate".

  24. He was liberal to the tenants of the State, courteous and accessible to all, upright in his administration, and, above all, he kept his hands clean from bribes and peculation.

  25. Indeed, Vito Ricci lived upon the bribes he received--and lived well.

  26. Such men have no opportunity of accepting bribes or of pilfering.

  27. More than once this adventurer had cleverly turned the tide of popular thought, for certain journals were always open to write what the popular deputy for Asti dictated, and of course received substantial bribes for so doing.

  28. I offered a dozen bribes in various quarters, knowing that you would willingly pay to secure safety--but all were rejected because of Borselli's promise to them of fat emoluments in the future.

  29. The conduct of the Corinthians here contributes again to refute the assertion of Xenophon about the effect of the bribes of Timokrates.

  30. There would be nothing therefore surprising, if Ismenias and the rest had received bribes under the circumstances here mentioned.

  31. Pharnabazus bribes Anaxibius to carry the army across the Bosphorus into Europe—false promises of Anaxibius to the army.

  32. With that Laconian bias which pervades his Hellenica, Xenophon represents the coming war against Sparta, as if it had been brought about mainly by these bribes from Persia to the leading men in these various cities.

  33. It was they who now began the Bœotian war; not the Thebans, nor the bribes brought by Timokrates.

  34. Accordingly, he bribes the waiting-maid of Hero to dress in her mistress’s clothes, and to talk with his man by night from the chamber balcony.

  35. She bribes her lawyer to destroy a will, but is thwarted in her dishonesty.

  36. With this view, choosing the lesser of the two evils, he bribes Antony with the government of Macedonia.

  37. We can fancy how Verres suffered--Verres whom no shame could have touched--when all his bribes were becoming inefficient under the hands of the orator.

  38. Consuls consulted the heavens falsely; Tribunes used their veto violently; judges accepted bribes openly; the votes of the people were manipulated fraudulently.

  39. No writer has been heavy on Hortensius for defending Verres, but only because he took bribes from Verres.

  40. He first offered large bribes to Clive, and vowed that if his proposals were not accepted he would instantly storm the fort and put every man to the sword.

  41. Holwell offered large bribes to the jailers; but the answer was that nothing could be done without the Nabob's orders, and that the Nabob was asleep and would be angry if anybody waked him.

  42. Gunga Govind Sing of which we gave you specimens at the time we proved his known bribes to you.

  43. My Lords, before I take leave of this affair of bribes and of the great bribe-broker, let me just offer a remark to your Lordships upon one curious transaction.

  44. But when a Governor-General descends into the muck and filth of peculation and corruption, when he receives bribes and extorts money, he does acts that are imitable by everybody.

  45. Our unflinching exposures have been made with no sinister motives; for we have dared to brave prosecutions and persecutions, despising the bribes and defying the hate of the minions of power!

  46. It was not obtained without persevering effort—and many gifts, besides frequent bribes to an Arab consul, who had contrived to make himself indispensable to the feeble prince.

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