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  1. Well, I ran across and reached up into--well, the curb area on the west side of Elm Street.

  2. The right-hand side of the block for the first two letters of the selective service number shows a thickened area which corresponds to the numeral "1" on the original card of Oswald.

  3. I was taking some pictures of the area to show to them.

  4. He said he was the man; he identified him as the man he saw running from the direction where the shots came from over in the Oak Cliff area near his carlot.

  5. Elm Street, still on the grassy area described by Elm and Main Street; is that correct?

  6. There has been a highlight added parallel to that, along the bottom of or just below that area in the reproduction on Exhibit No.

  7. Was there any echo in the area from where you were standing?

  8. They weren't directly under the window that was later described as being the area of the assassin's nest, but I think they were in a pair of windows that was maybe the next set of windows over, which was a floor below.

  9. Parking area behind Texaco station," and on which the witness has marked "old house.

  10. Her Majesty's American dominions extended over an area equal to one-eighth of the habitable globe.

  11. The vigorous action of the united interests soon told upon the trade and discipline of the vast area hunted and traded over.

  12. Their object was the extension of the area and purposes of the treaty: in no sense its termination.

  13. Hence a party in the States was formed for an extension of the area of the treaty.

  14. They will cover an area of some forty acres, and comprise warehouses for the stowage of corn and other produce, a fine passenger shed, and large engine-houses and sheds for cars.

  15. Canada as more than a section of that northern continent over which the Queen of Great Britain ruled, and which comprised an area larger than that of the Federal and Confederate States put together.

  16. This territory stretches from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean, and (including Newfoundland) is estimated to contain a total area of some four million square miles.

  17. With Potatoes, nearly the same mistake is made, but the area planted with these is not one-tenth that of Corn and the blunder far less vital.

  18. I judge that Italy altogether, with an enormous area planted, will realize less than half the yield she would have from the same acres with judicious cultivation.

  19. Back from the arena extended the staging, rising gradually seat above seat, platform above platform, until the whole area of the tianguez was occupied.

  20. In the area below, encompassed by the Coatapantli, or Wall of Serpents, ten thousand warriors were closely ranked, ready to march at beat of the great drum hanging in the tower.

  21. At the rear and under the same roof were two ranges of apartments of the same dimensions with those just described, and having a rectangular area in front.

  22. The doorways of the ranges on the north side of this mound opened upon the area of Casa No 2.

  23. At one corner was a rude natural opening in a great mass of limestone rock, low and narrow, through which rushed constantly a powerful current of wind, agitating the branches and leaves in the area without.

  24. On the left of this mound is a staircase leading down to the area of Casa No.

  25. The platform of this area is one hundred and seventy feet long, one hundred and ten broad, and is elevated ten feet from the ground.

  26. The area consisted entirely of loose rough stones, and there are no remains or other indications of any building.

  27. This building was shaped like a Roman amphitheatre, but, with the exception of the space immediately below him, its area was filled with stone seats, and round its wide circumference stone seats rose tier on tier.

  28. It stood upon an island having an area of ten or twelve acres.

  29. That place being closer to the compound than the area where the other laborers were gathered, Si'Wren hoped that this would make her safer from attack by any of the countless roaming, rogue men of the land.

  30. Sara crossed the square to Miss Minchin's area steps, feeling faint and shaky.

  31. She was cleaner than she had been when she peeped through the area railings, but she looked just as frightened.

  32. She was sent out for parsley to the greengrocer's later in the day, and when she came up the area steps her heart gave quite a quick beat of recognition.

  33. One of the housemaids had seen her steal out of the area with something hidden under her cloak, and had also seen her go up the steps of the next door and enter the house.

  34. Indian tribes occupying a half, or a quarter of the area of southern States, and unsettled questions of wrong and insult, with half the powers of Europe.

  35. Provinces, which now form sovereign States, were sold from hand to hand, for a less sum than the federal government now demands for an area of two miles square.

  36. These rights are in effect to select certain portions of the proclaimed area as mining "claims" belonging to the owner, and to mark off these portions.

  37. Only a third of the cultivable area is put under cultivation, though the grasses are good and one acre can support a sheep.

  38. The Government is authorised by law to proclaim a specified area to be public "diggings.

  39. The remainder of the area is then open to appropriation by the public, the first comer having the first right.

  40. Thereupon, certain rights are reserved to the owner of the farm wherein the area is situated.

  41. According to Mr. Maundrell, the height is such as to require the labour of an hour to reach the summit; where is seen a level area of an oval figure, extending about two furlongs in length and one in breadth.

  42. The area too is overspread with the ruins of private dwellings, built of stone with great solidity.

  43. His accurate eye drew an imaginary line of circumference around the area of danger from bird-shot, and upon this line lie rode.

  44. This can be readily done, as the operator should always have a spare roll of eighteen-inch wire netting on hand with which he can enclose a given area in a few moments.

  45. If it has already attained headway, before the novice detects it, he must change them to new quarters; a grassy area is best, where they usually forget all about it.

  46. A valuable and successful means has been employed recently of making sure that an area is free from shoals or rocks having less than a certain depth.

  47. The topographic survey of the shore and as much of the adjacent area as is required is usually made with a plane table, on which the map is actually drawn in the field as the work progresses.

  48. To locate on the surface of the earth the area to be charted, astronomical observations are required for the latitude and longitude of one or more points.

  49. A British ship in 1858 searched for fourteen days over this area without finding anything.

  50. Through international understanding a thorough exploration of all the water area of the globe and the coasts may in time be effected, and the many doubtful spots which still disfigure the charts may be either eliminated or definitely located.

  51. The land area on most charts is distinguished from the water area by a stipple or tint; on some charts the topographic features have, however, been depended upon to bring out the land from the water.

  52. The solid shore line is the high-water line, and should be clear on the chart; the area between high and low water is sanded or otherwise shaded on all charts.

  53. The land area is usually clearly distinguished from the water area by a tint or stipple.

  54. A system of sounding lines is then run over the entire area to be surveyed, locating the position of the sounding boat at intervals by sextant angles on survey signals or by angles from the shore.

  55. In plotting the original surveys it is essential that a projection be used which will for the area included on a survey sheet show the points in their correct relation both as to direction and distance.

  56. In such a region, unless the whole area is dragged, it is impossible to make it entirely certain that all obstructions are charted.

  57. There are a few important symbols shown in the water area of charts.

  58. A great proportion of the inhabitants of this enormous area are Toungouses and Yakouts, wandering semi-savage tribes who live by hunting and fishing, and of which the Toungouses are the most numerous.

  59. There was nothing to tell one that on the other side of these there lay a place almost as large as Paris in area and population.

  60. The basin of the river contains more than a million and a quarter of square miles, an area nearly two thousand miles in length, and, at the widest part, twelve hundred in breadth.

  61. Seventy or eighty human beings live on this eminence, though the path up is dangerous to any but experienced mountaineers, and the area of the summit but three hundred yards square.

  62. At that time the British and French allies held but a small corner of the area to be conquered.

  63. The remains of the settlement were distributed over an area about one hundred feet long and broad.

  64. They could have been built only in an area which had a fairly large and settled population who could unite in a large and difficult work, and had the means of carrying it out.

  65. The Caspian and Aral Seas occupied a much larger area than at present, and were very likely connected.

  66. The area of distribution of the race takes the form of a Y, the arms following the north and south shores of the Mediterranean while the stem or lower portion extends through Asia Minor.

  67. Even in the same village one area is richer in one product, a second in another.

  68. There was now a lesser area of tropic seas to give moisture to the atmosphere.

  69. The ancient steppe area which generally covers, and probably extends considerably beyond, the loess district, is the region occupied by most of the primitive settlements.

  70. A similar education, on a vastly larger scale both of area and time, was going on all over Europe.

  71. He had probably taken possession of a much wider area than the home of the ape-man, perhaps of the whole of the parkland zone curving around the western buttresses of the plateau of Thibet.

  72. To account for the facts in Syria we seem to require, not long previous to this time, a fresh accession of population from some area of higher culture.

  73. We may pause, then, just before Sargon's death in 705, to see what the area of that territory actually was.

  74. This area is marked off by seas on three sides and by desert on the fourth side.

  75. None of the political units has a much larger area than another, and it would not have been easy at the moment to prophesy which, or if any one, would grow at the expense of the rest.

  76. It is, indeed, a considerably larger area than was independent of the Farther East at the date of our last survey.

  77. About much of this area we have far more trustworthy information now than when we looked at it last, because it had happened to fall under the eyes of the Greeks of the western coastal cities, and to form relations with them of trade and war.

  78. But I don't want to increase the absorption area in order to get more power.

  79. Increase your absorption area and let it go at that.

  80. Finally, the target area would provide a site for a long-range radar installation and an advanced naval base for PT (patrol torpedo) boats.

  81. The Shigure was one of the six destroyers in the van of the assigned element of the Southeast Area Fleet, which included the heavy cruisers Myoko and Haguro, together with the light cruisers Agano and Sendai.

  82. When Colonel Fry’s advancing companies reached the area where the Japanese had been, there was stillness, desolation, ploughed earth, and uprooted trees.

  83. Uncertainty about the American threat of invasion somewhere was enough to make the Japanese, especially Vice Admiral Jinichi Kusaka, Commander, Southeast Area Fleet, at Rabaul jittery.

  84. The third man handled the dogs all the time in the platoon area prior to our going on patrol--petting the dogs, talking to them, and being nice to them.

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