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Example sentences for "arena"

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  1. This is the dictum of a man who never wished to be anything, who steadfastly refused all offers to enter the arena of public life.

  2. The next important works which he painted were the frescos in the Arena Chapel at Padua, built in 1303, by Enrico Scrovegno, who two years later invited Giotto to decorate the interior with frescos.

  3. To the young man and young woman, just entering the arena of life, Ambition says, “Come and follow me, and I will crown you with glory and honor.

  4. Two further proposals for keeping down the supply of low-skilled labour deserve notice, and the more so because they are forcing their way rapidly toward the arena of practical politics.

  5. In the centre of the arena were a score of active sàises, or grooms on foot, whose duty it was to pick up the jereeds as they fell and hand them to the mounted combatants.

  6. The study of the idiot is calculated to elucidate this overwhelmingly important subject, and I believe the Idiot Asylum is destined to become the arena and battlefield on which this great question will have to be fought out.

  7. Defn: One of the numerous small eyes which make up the compound eyes of insects and crustaceans.

  8. That skilful policy was shown in every arena on which the great Thirty Years' War was being fought out.

  9. Had I been ambitious to enter the arena I should have had but little trouble, since eligibility then might be reduced to guineas and another element not moral.

  10. They were not many, but, compared to those of the arena which he entered, they were noble.

  11. It was quite evident that Kimberley was not sufficiently large to afford an arena for the combat of brains versus military discipline, and that the patience of the besieged was nearing the snapping-point.

  12. The trenches of the Boers and those of the attacking force were now only some three or four hundred yards apart, and between them was spread an arena of carnage heart-breaking as irremediable.

  13. Round this arena of pestilence sentries were posted.

  14. Very complete arrangements were made, by means of small aqueducts, for leading the water into the arena and for carrying it off.

  15. These amphitheatres were occasionally the scene of imitations of marine conflicts, when the arena was flooded with water and mimic vessels of war engaged each other.

  16. And what woman in the world," thought she, "could vie with Angélique des Meloises if she chose to enter the arena to supplant La Pompadour?

  17. Putting aside the day's work he had planned, he flung his mind into the arena of England's social conditions.

  18. On their right was the astonishing farm, with barns and ricks and cornfields complete, seemingly quite unaware of its forlorn oddness in that foul arena of manufacture.

  19. He was an arena where all the sensations of which a human being is capable struggled in blind confusion.

  20. In the first place it recalled the days when the house, which was now a hushed retreat where settled and precise habits sheltered themselves from a changing world, had been an arena for the jolly, exciting combats of outspread individualities.

  21. Jesus Christ, Mahomet, and Luther only lent a different hue to the arena in which youthful nations disport themselves.

  22. This is the Amphitheatre," said the guide, as we assembled around him in the arena of a large structure.

  23. The arena itself was far below the surface.

  24. What need of bars, indeed, to keep those poor victims from rushing into the arena which the edict of the gods had appointed as their death place!

  25. I have seen him battle in the arena at the rites of Issus many times.

  26. As closely as I could figure, there remained a bare thirty days ere Dejah Thoris would be ordered to the arena for the rites of Issus.

  27. A huge black entered the arena with the young women.

  28. The black raised his hands above his head in token of salute, grasped the girl by the wrist, and dragged her from the arena through a small doorway below the throne.

  29. This expedition failed, and with its failure the prestige of the Hojo fell in a region where hitherto it had been untarnished--the arena of arms.

  30. Evidently the aim of the Taira must be to eliminate Noriyori from the battle now pending, and to that end they selected for arena Dan-no-ura, that is to say, the littoral of Nagato province immediately east of the Shimonoseki Strait.

  31. Thus the Kwanto became the arena of warring factions.

  32. In truth, it is not too much to say that, from the tenth century, Japan outside the capital became an arena of excursions and alarms, the preservation of peace being wholly dependent on the ambitions of local magnates.

  33. By a Japanese bushi the battle-field was regarded as an arena for the display of individual prowess, not of combined force.

  34. It was from this moral point of view that he descended into the arena of education.

  35. On the other hand, in the proper arena of disputation, they caution Professors against its abuse.

  36. It happens in Jesuit history, and the nature of secondary education will always have it so, that the largest amount of teaching has been done in the arena of these literary courses.

  37. Confident of his powers, Brougham loved to display them; and the wider the arena the better he was pleased.

  38. If they who fought in the arena were not giants, if the House no longer held a match for Canning and Brougham, the combatants seemed giants to him; for a man's opinion of himself is never far from the opinion which others hold of him.

  39. If the dust of that arena knew no better man!

  40. Still, he walked with his head a little higher than before; he seemed to sniff the battle; and there was a light in his eyes as if he saw a wider arena before him.

  41. Valois-Orleans kings, France enters the arena of European politics, wrestles with the mighty Emperor Charles V.

  42. At the same time, it is the arena for the debating and investigating of subjects growing out of the Mishna, or suggested by a literature developed along with the Talmudic literature.

  43. The prejudice is still deep-rooted which insists that domestic activity is woman's only legitimate career, that to enter the literary arena is unwomanly, that inspired songs may drop only from male lips.

  44. Large sums are spent in the diplomatic arena in Holland to propitiate foreign statesmen, soliciting sympathy, and in coquettings for Transvaal allies.

  45. At last the music struck up, and six tall Auvergnats, nude from the head to the waist, appeared in the arena arranged in the middle of the courtyard.

  46. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "arena" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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