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  1. If they had asked the people what they were about they would have heard that these things had been stored in the gymnasium during the War and that the place was now to be devoted to its original purpose.

  2. Syria, and began carrying out their orders, by burning the ships and killing the elephants, the popular fury could not be restrained; and Gnaeus Octavius was assassinated in the gymnasium at Laodicea by a man named Leptines.

  3. During the first five of these everybody in the gymnasium anointed himself with oil scented with saffron in gold vessels, of which there were fifteen, and the same number scented with cinnamon and nard.

  4. It was the chant by which the lads in the Gymnasium of Timagetes were wont to call on each other for help when they had a fray with those of the Gymnasium of the Dioscuri, with whom they had a chronic feud.

  5. In the gymnasium and the race-course, or in the practice of the mysteries, the good seed which he sowed in the lad's heart was trodden down.

  6. They undertake to bring forward servants of the gymnasium who should say that the statues were never properly erected.

  7. He had by this time taken some Sicilian dogs into his service, men of Syracuse, and had learned from them that there was a clause in the will of the elder Heraclius that certain statues should be put up in the gymnasium of the city.

  8. Sand was at Hof at that time, and was a student of the gymnasium of which his good tutor Salfranck was the head.

  9. Since those days a humane direction has built a gymnasium to lighten the condition of servitude, preserve the health and prolong the lives of the Faculty.

  10. There was a gymnasium in the vicinity, where those who intended to enter the lists as competitors were accustomed to put themselves in training.

  11. This training occupied nearly a year, and for thirty days previous to the public exhibition the exercises were conducted at this gymnasium in the same manner and form as at the games themselves.

  12. The Greek Gymnasium and Olympian Games were the sure foundations of that education from which arose that subtle philosophy, poetry, and military skill which have won the admiration of nineteen centuries.

  13. The regulation of the gymnasium at Athens is attributed by Pausanias (i.

  14. He was educated at the gymnasium of Hamburg, and later (1726) became a student of law at Jena.

  15. The first public gymnasium at Rome was built by Nero and another by Commodus.

  16. The gymnasium accordingly became connected with education on the one hand and with medicine on the other.

  17. The gymnasium of the Greeks did not long remain an institution exclusively devoted to athletic exercises.

  18. In 1844 he entered the gymnasium of Koenigsberg.

  19. First of all, in the various schools where he resided during his stay in that town, there was no common practice of religion: the religious exercises of the gymnasium were limited to the singing of a few stereotyped chants.

  20. Laemmer passed from the gymnasium to the university of Koenigsberg at Easter, 1852.

  21. Whether the authorities at the gymnasium shared these views or not, we are not in a position to state.

  22. At the gymnasium of his native town he acquired that taste for and skill in mathematics to which he attributed much of his after success.

  23. Ring Hockey may be played on the floor of any gymnasium or large room by teams of six, comprising a goal-keeper, a quarter, three forwards and a centre.

  24. In 1833 he received an appointment to teach Hebrew and history in the gymnasium of Erlangen.

  25. Disappointed at his failure to obtain a post in the gymnasium of his native town, he left Germany for good.

  26. That ancient and battered dummy is stowed away, a forgotten relic of the old days, in the gymnasium at Cornell.

  27. It is a duplicate of the one that hangs in the trophy room of the gymnasium there.

  28. One morning Lionel was just about to go out (he had already been round to the gymnasium and got his fencing over) when the house-porter came up and said that a young lady wished to see him.

  29. It said: "Battling Ole Swenson will meet all comers in this gymnasium at three this afternoon and eight to-night.

  30. Several of the men in the gymnasium stopped work to watch the trial of what was evidently a new candidate.

  31. He had been gymnasium steward on the Vauban, and not liking the British ship's officers, took French leave at Buenos Aires, and decided to try his luck in Argentina.

  32. It is therefore more like a German gymnasium than a North American high school, although it differs from both in the election of courses.

  33. After attending the gymnasium at Strassburg and the polytechnic at Karlsruhe, he was sent to the school of commerce at Leipzig, where he studied chemistry under Otto Erdmann.

  34. The reputation he acquired by his Lectiones Apollonianae (1816) led soon afterwards to his being appointed professor at the gymnasium of Posen.

  35. Three years later he was called to occupy the mastership of German language and literature at the Zuerich gymnasium; and in 1863 he left the gymnasium for the university, with which he had been partially connected twenty years before.

  36. The two cronies took themselves to the gymnasium and there declared their hatred of Dick Rover.

  37. They were soon in the building, and Larry slipped off to the dressing room to don his gymnasium suit.

  38. He received his early education at the gymnasium in Magdeburg, and on leaving school and showing disinclination for the ministry, entered an architect's office.

  39. Heyne's recommendation procured for him an assistant mastership in the Gottingen gymnasium in 1797.

  40. On the way out of the gymnasium he caught sight of Russell and hailed him.

  41. Harley McLeod and Jimmy Austen plodded back to the gymnasium together, Harley wiping his streaked face with one gray-clad arm.

  42. He had requisitioned a football from Jake and kept it in his room, since more often than not he went from dormitory to field without stopping at the gymnasium for a change of raiment.

  43. To-day, however, Stanley Hassell pushed it aside with the opening door when he and Jimmy returned from the gymnasium and, picking it up, tossed it to the table.

  44. Long before it was time for him to accompany Jimmy to the gymnasium the fellows were flocking to the Assembly Hall for the final cheer meeting.

  45. At a quarter to four they went back to the gymnasium and took possession of the floor, driving out a few thin-limbed young gentlemen who had been performing aerial feats on the rings.

  46. The gymnasium was not quite ready for use; so I went down to see the girls rowing on the pretty lake.

  47. And Mary, true to her word, gave up all her time to gymnasium work.

  48. I know, but I have been to the gymnasium every night after my experiments.

  49. After setting up your gymnasium apparatus, oil the bars of the horizontal bar and parallel bars with boiled linseed-oil, and paint all the rest of the wood to keep it in good condition.

  50. He made the mats in the Kingston gymnasium almost his home.

  51. X So they all left the gymnasium with its prisoners, and Sawed-Off locked the door firmly behind him.

  52. The Kingston visitors found that the Troy Latin School was in possession of a finer and much larger gymnasium than their own.

  53. Each of the Twins resolved that he would not only outdo all the rest of the players upon the gymnasium floor, but also his bitter rival, his brother.

  54. The Dozen gathered in full force at the gymnasium as soon after supper as they could without attracting attention.

  55. Indoor work in the gymnasium was also too slow for Quiz, and he was asking every one what pastime there was to interest a young man who required speed in anything that was to hold his attention.

  56. At a quarter of seven the six who had been requested to serve on the "cummitty" came in a body, and finding the door of the gymnasium fastened, knocked gently.

  57. He had an excellent chance, therefore, for tucking under the plates of all the Crows a note which read: The Crows will meet at the Gymnasium after dark and go to Moore's resteront in a body.

  58. To half a dozen of the notes these words were added: You are wanted at the Gymnasium at a 1/4 to 7 to serve on a cummitty.

  59. But, much as they envied their luckier neighbors, they determined that they would prove that fine feathers do not make fine birds, nor a fine gymnasium fine athletes.

  60. The gymnasium on the ground floor was not lighted up after dark, and so the building was completely deserted every evening.

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