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  1. Thereupon it was a sight to see the gymnasiums thronged with warriors going through their exercises, the racecourses crowded with troopers on prancing steeds, the archers and the javelin men shooting at the butts.

  2. Gymnasiums had not been evolved from the college wood-pile; intercollegiate sports were unknown.

  3. Gymnasiums in the winter attract others of the older class, but the most useful experiments are equipped and supervised playgrounds.

  4. In vain I sought in all the baths and gymnasiums of Neapolis.

  5. So what they whisper in the gymnasiums and baths of Byzantium is true!

  6. The only important exceptions to the usual type of Yucatan buildings are the circular structures with conical roofs, at Chichen and Mayapan, and the gigantic walls composing the so-called gymnasiums at Chichen and Uxmal.

  7. The gymnasiums at Chichen and Uxmal, agreeing with those traditionally described in connection with certain aboriginal games of ball.

  8. Shall we, then, in our gymnasiums fill out the hours of study which stand at our disposal, or are still to be wrested from the classicists, with as great and as varied a quantity of mathematical and scientific matter as possible?

  9. And to revert to the question above asked, there is not the slightest doubt that the German gymnasiums in their present form would have ceased to exist long ago if the State had not supported them.

  10. First, by their unremitting care of the human body they produced splendid models; and secondly, in their gymnasiums and in their athletic games they had these models constantly before their eyes.

  11. One inclined to be uncharitable might say that our gymnasiums and classical academies turn out men who can speak and write, but, unfortunately, have little to write or speak about.

  12. But how does it come, we must ask, that institutions so antiquated as the German gymnasiums could subsist so long in opposition to public opinion?

  13. There are to-day plenty of educated persons who have acquired through good translations vivider, clearer, and more just views of classical antiquity than the graduates of our gymnasiums and colleges.

  14. It would have done a man's heart good to see those long lines of soldiers with Agesilaus at their head, as they stepped gaily be-garlanded from the gymnasiums to dedicate their wreaths to the goddess Artemis.

  15. Few of our gymnasiums are so kept that their records will aid much in this inquiry, simply because the instructor either has no conception of the field before him, or, if he has, for some reason fails to improve the opportunity.

  16. Nor are the gymnasiums of our cities and towns much better off.

  17. Yet in that day gymnasiums at the colleges were almost unknown, while now they are general.

  18. Or, better yet, put these gymnasiums in charge of the department, if equally rigid economy could be insured.

  19. Gymnasiums and athletic grounds in connection with all colleges, preparatory schools, seminaries and high schools are essential, and they should be added to grammar schools whenever possible.

  20. Twenty-five now have fully equipped gymnasiums in which children have two or three periods of exercise each week.

  21. In towns and cities there is no more imperative duty resting on the school than the furnishing of playgrounds and gymnasiums for children.

  22. The practice of building school houses without gymnasiums and without play spaces cannot be too strongly condemned.

  23. Experience is already showing that the advantages of school-gymnasiums go deeper than was at first supposed.

  24. Most gymnasiums have two: one adjustable bar for various exercises and a high bar for gymnastic work.

  25. Gymnasiums are not always available for the average boy who likes exercise and who would like to learn the tricks on horizontal and parallel bars, horse and rings, which all young athletes are taught in regular gymnastic courses.

  26. Why, you propose to pass by the question of the soul, which is the noblest and the most attractive to me, and discuss the less essential matters of gymnasiums and physical exercise.

  27. There were no gymnasiums or bicycles to plead for the appropriateness of the costume and it was worn chiefly by women who preached doctrines for which the public was no better prepared than for dress reform.

  28. They have worked hard for twelve years in the gymnasiums of Germany, they have no idle habits, no interests so keen as their interest in this business of preparing for the future.

  29. Until 1870 the Gymnasiums were the only schools that could send their scholars to the universities; a system that had serious disadvantages.

  30. Although there were several gymnasiums near my place of business, I felt that I could not take the time for practice.

  31. To me, indeed, it seems that this custom was generated in the gymnasiums of the Greeks, for there those loves are freely indulged and sanctioned.

  32. They worked, they fed, they drank, they played exuberantly in their gymnasiums and swimming pools, they played long and eagerly at games of chance.

  33. But what are your labour gymnasiums for, if not to develop all muscles?

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