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  1. The experience of centuries shows that gymnastics exist for the soul as well as for the body.

  2. But what the soul's gymnastics are is our secret.

  3. By gymnastics the Greeks meant the physical training in the palestra, an open stretch of ground on the outskirts of the city.

  4. Mental gymnastics of this sort furnished a good training in logic, but added nothing to the sum of human knowledge.

  5. Those who believe in the gymnastics of man's ears and of his sphincter ani and the therapeutic merits of this and of that could readily assent to the same glorious conclusion.

  6. The literary gymnastics of writers of these flippant pseudo-criticisms are hardly more intellectual than the supple evolutions of the ballet girl, and it is to be doubted if the dance is not the more moral and less debasing of the two.

  7. He who wishes to exercise his wits with pretty mental gymnastics may learn from books on logic that there are a great many varieties of syllogisms.

  8. They will start building a loose nest on the brittlest branch forthwith, and while the lady sits on her three eggs he will screech defiances to the high heavens and perform aerial gymnastics with delirious delight.

  9. After the gymnastics the soldiers had ten minutes' rest.

  10. Do you recollect the Schreiberovsky gymnastics in Slesarev's time?

  11. Ling invented the Swedish system of gymnastics and founded the Institute of Gymnastics in Stockholm, where his Swedish massage or movement cure was further developed.

  12. There should be no such thing as instruction, in the sense which implies the cramming of the brain with information, or such mental gymnastics as conjugating irregular verbs and hunting for the least common multiple.

  13. If fact-cramming and mental gymnastics are the best developers of the human mind, these men ought to be perfect models of intelligence.

  14. On board the Hercules they were doing gymnastics and the new Swedish drill, on the fo'c'stle, the whole day long.

  15. The rhymed introduction of the several little child-songs that follow are suggestions to her of the meaning of her instincts, and of the bearing on the development of the child's heart and mind of the little gymnastics described.

  16. Practice gymnastics, but let them be gymnastics in the service of the soul, in the service of noble thoughts and generous sentiments--divine gymnastics for the service of God.

  17. Anybody who had ever been through the Delsarte gymnastics and afterward followed the course of lessons that Mme.

  18. Together with outdoor sports, gymnastics adapted to the age of the child should be begun early and continued throughout life.

  19. In these cases proper gymnastics are indicated, but they should be prescribed and carried out with much care.

  20. As heavy gymnastics as the strength of the individual will admit, and plenty of exercise out-of-doors must be taken.

  21. By means of the sensory gymnastics the child carries out just this primordial and fundamental exercise of the intelligence, which awakens and sets in motion the central nervous mechanisms.

  22. It is, in fact, merely a means to an end: and the end is that the child should act together with other children, and practise the gymnastics of the will in the daily habits of life.

  23. Is doing well in gymnastics and in singing.

  24. In fact, gymnastics based upon marching and exercising in an erect position, together with a prolonged sitting posture, are likely to produce weaknesses of the skeleton and deformities, even where there are no symptoms of rickets!

  25. In an exercise of this sort, all the difficulties of respiratory gymnastics are successively surmounted--inspiration, respiratory pause, expiration.

  26. Gymnastics in the sun, while the body is still only half dry, is what the younger generations should practise on a large scale, if they would bring about the triumph of physiological life.

  27. Respiratory gymnastics ought to constitute one of the principal courses of instruction in schools for children.

  28. Free movement and gymnastics have for this reason, in the case of women, an importance that extends from the individual to the species.

  29. Every officer of the army is required to undergo a course of instruction, not only to develop his physical constitution, but to qualify him to teach gymnastics to his soldiers.

  30. No medical practitioner can hang out a sign without a diploma from one of the universities, and no person can teach gymnastics in that country without a similar certificate of competency from the Royal Institute.

  31. The monkeys do gymnastics on the wires, and the natives steal sections of it to tie their roofs on with, on the theory that the thing is plain foolishness, and the enterprise of fools is the profit of the wise.

  32. Why improperly submit important business to the gymnastics of creatures without intelligence?

  33. If we but knew how gladly our neighbors would emulate our gymnastics if they knew the value of them the laugh would be on us for dreading their opinion.

  34. Instead of immediately jumping to the floor in the morning it is very inviting to go through some simple form of gymnastics in which the physical structure is brought into play.

  35. In Sparta as we have already noticed, girls, instead of being confined to the house, were brought up in the open air among the boys, trained in gymnastics and accustomed to run and wrestle naked.

  36. The thing called =phoulliklon=, which appears to have been a kind of small ball, was invented by Atticus the Neapolitan, the tutor in gymnastics of the great Pompey.

  37. I do really believe that you would be cured if you would go with me, and take lessons in gymnastics at the house of Colonel Amoros.

  38. In 1815 Colonel Amoros made the first effort to introduce gymnastics into France.

  39. Passe-partout, in a restless sleep, appeared to be practising the gymnastics he had executed on the elephant's back.

  40. No; all these gymnastics will end at Bombay, I trust.

  41. The result of gymnastics in our colleges and other institutions of learning?

  42. Of the importance of gymnastics in our schools and colleges?

  43. He has preached gymnastics to senators and deputies, to the syndic and municipal councillors, and even to the crown princess, now queen.

  44. It said: "The study and practice of gymnastics are to be made compulsory in all the State schools in Italy.

  45. She understood what had happened so far as that the gymnastics had been the cause of it.

  46. Miss Hall, who superintended the gymnastics and introduced special exercises for some of the girls, led her towards the window and looked at her.

  47. She would not do gymnastics on any consideration--at last she said she had no dress.

  48. Tora had continued her gymnastics by herself, for she had become an enthusiastic gymnast, and pursued a special system.

  49. She has been doing her gymnastics too violently," whispered Miss Hall.

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