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jusques; juss; jussa; jussit; jussu; justa; justabout; juste; justed; justement
  1. Why, when the light that wraps us now shall be changed for the light that is just leaping from that distant star, where in the gray bosom of the past shall we be?

  2. From the first to the last, they think and act precisely as men would think and act in their circumstances;--they are affected just as others of like culture would be affected by such events as those set forth in the record.

  3. And this is one reason why we are impressed at beholding the work just left than in gazing upon one that has been for a long time abandoned.

  4. We sigh for the freedom and glory of the country; but, in due time, just as fresh and beautiful seem to us the brick walls and the busy streets where our lot is cast, and our interests run.

  5. It is just as necessary for the attainment of virtue as prosperity, or any blessing.

  6. But though not with such an impressive tone, yet just as much, in fact, do the productions of those long gone speak to us.

  7. To them, the ancient hills and the morning stars are just created, new phenomena burst upon them every moment, and nature in a thousand channels pours itself into the young soul.

  8. And now, with the fulness of this one experience as a test, just consider our whole mortal experience as filled up with such revelations of truth.

  9. The dead child's cast-off garment, the toy just tossed aside, startles us as though with his renewed presence.

  10. Just because they are old doesn't recommend them to me.

  11. I have just heard of a wonderful cavern in the side of an extinct volcano.

  12. Well, Nan, it is just like you to have had such an experience," said her aunt.

  13. There are Eleanor and Mr. Montell just ahead and we can get along for a while without Nan.

  14. To the invitation to enter she poked her head in the door and said, "I just thought I might as well tell you, mother, that I am going to marry Carter.

  15. Oh, I am just getting it all down so I can use the material in the future.

  16. I am just learning the value of the coins, and only learned to-day that there was such a thing as a mon.

  17. They might just as appropriately have called him Vainy," returned Jack; and Sylly Vainy they dubbed him from that time out.

  18. Now we must settle just where we are going to meet.

  19. Oh, but just think what darling men we have chosen," replied Jack encouragingly.

  20. She was crazy about them, but she just wouldn't give you the satisfaction of knowing it," said Nan comfortingly.

  21. Just ahead they perceived three steps leading to a low edifice.

  22. Here, after a while, they were discovered by Eleanor's brother who was duly presented and who entertained them all by an account of the affair which he had just attended.

  23. I always said I was going to marry him; you know I did, and I mean it now just as much as ever.

  24. Finally a Seneca Indian from the camp just below Buffalo undertook to look for the spot.

  25. My father's kiss is warm upon the lips which my son's has just left cold.

  26. I have hundreds of young men on my books, just your sort, real gentlemen.

  27. It makes me cry to think that some nice girl may be driven into marrying him just for his money.

  28. Little wonder, therefore, that just as a member of the congregation was intoning from the central platform the blessing which closes the reading of the Law, a woman disturbed her neighbours by fainting.

  29. And just imagine if I was sweet on a girl, having to see all her pretty hair cut off!

  30. I knew it, I knew he'd go after that painted widow, just because she has a little money, a black curse on her bones.

  31. Whatever the article is, you just tell lies about it.

  32. He'll just wave his hand, shpake a wurrd, an' whisht!

  33. And a chip out of my best vase, just as I thought!

  34. It is written on the paper," I faltered, "just two words.

  35. No, he called alone--this afternoon, just before you.

  36. It is just because I do that I ask how are you going to live on the journey?

  37. I was just saying, 'Blessed art Thou, O Lord our God, who hath not made me a woman.

  38. Those act by such wise Rules, Who prop Just Princes by a Tyrant's Tools.

  39. The Sanhedrim conven'd, at length debate The sad Condition of their drooping State, And Sinking Church, just ready now to drown; And with one Shout they do the Hero crown.

  40. Tis true Mrs. Margery was now about her grand climacteric; no matter: that is just the age when we expect to grow younger.

  41. He had hardly said grace after dinner, when he told Mrs. Margery that she might soon expect a pair of white gloves, as Sir Harry Benson, he was very well informed, was just going to be married to Miss Walton.

  42. He had by this time clasped my hand, and found it wet by a tear which had just fallen upon it.

  43. Just then a woman passed them on the road, and discovered some signs of wonder at the attitude of Harley, who stood, with his hands folded together, looking with a moistened eye on the fallen pillars of the hut.

  44. By the way, here are a pair of ruffles we have just finished for that gentleman you saw here at tea; a distant relation of mine, and a worthy man he is.

  45. Just at that instant I saw pass between the trees a young lady with a book in her hand.

  46. Harley, who discovered from the dress of the stranger that he was just arrived from a journey, begged that they would both remove to his lodgings, till he could procure others for them.

  47. He had just begun to open it when he saw, on a terrace below, Miss Walton walking with a gentleman in a riding-dress, whom he immediately guessed to be Sir Harry Benson.

  48. For I was just calling," said he, "and am sorry to find that he is gone for some days into the country.

  49. Just at that moment he saw a servant with a knot of ribbons in his hat go into the house.

  50. As to the friendship with which you were pleased to honour me, the prison, which I have just left, has exhibited a scene to cancel it for ever.

  51. The grace of those immaterial white figures, Victorian just so far as Chopin is Victorian, became one with the grace of the music.

  52. You cannot anywhere have great prosperity without great adversity, just as you cannot have day without night, and the more Liverpool evidently flourished the more it plainly languished.

  53. But better than either we realized the perfection of the church interior as a whole, so ample, so simple, such a comfortable and just sufficient eyeful.

  54. As I had noted at Liverpool I now noted at Sheffield that you cannot have great prosperity without having adversity, just as you cannot have heat without cold or day without dark.

  55. II The excitement is caused by the coming of the King; and I wish that I could present that event in just its sincere unimpressiveness.

  56. One can never be certain just how the English take us, or how much, or whether they take us at all.

  57. She just hates everybody, and that's what she's crying about.

  58. Just think of you up in heaven and me down here.

  59. Ria did not say anything either; but I always felt as if she was just going to say something, and dreaded to have her bring in my dinner.

  60. The man patted me on the back, just as if I had a fish-bone in my throat, and called me "Poor sissy.

  61. It's just like a needle; and who's afraid of a needle but you?

  62. This was asking a great deal of the dear little friend I had just called a lie-girl.

  63. The railroad had only just been laid to one corner of Willowbrook, and I had never taken a car in my life; had never seen one; didn't even know how it looked.

  64. I could tell you now just how she was dressed, and which way she bent her head with the wreath of flowers on it.

  65. I almost wished she had to be fastened into the stall a while, just to see if she wouldn't get tired of that speckled bossy.

  66. Not that she ever told me, in so many words, to go away--but just as if I didn't know what she meant!

  67. It has often been observed that he was not Irish, and that he led the Irish people with success just because he did not share their characteristic weaknesses.

  68. There was no doubt about his meaning, and just as little about the strength of his convictions.

  69. Yet some of Lowe's incidental remarks are true, and not least true is his prediction that democracies will be found just as prone to war, just as apt to be swept away by passion, as other kinds of government have been.

  70. The Italian cities of the Middle Ages used to call in a man of character and mark from some other place and make him Podesta just because he stood outside the family ties and the factions of the city.

  71. In the interesting fragment of autobiography which he left, he attributes his unpopularity entirely to this cause, declaring that he was really of a kindly nature, liking his fellow-men just as well as most of them like one another.

  72. The facts just noted prove that he possessed and exerted a capacity for initiative in foreign as well as in domestic affairs.

  73. I'm just a little scared," breathed the child in the foam of the sheet.

  74. I think Sunday will be the best time to ask her, just after she gets home from meeting and has rolled her bonnet strings up, espesialy if the minnister preaches on the Lord lovething a cheerful giver.

  75. You'd better give up crowing, Thomas Jefferson; I feel just as if you'd let it out if you crew.

  76. Upstairs under the pink quilt the rigid little figure relaxed just enough to admit of getting out of bed and fumbling in the little carpetbag.

  77. There was that time that Aunt Olivia said she wished the Lord hadn't ever created roosters--Thomas Jefferson had just scratched up her pansy seeds.

  78. Won't you eat just one more kernel of corn--just this one for Rebecca Mary?

  79. And neither of them knew that just then she was beautiful.

  80. You needn't do anything but just smooth his feathers a little and say the Lord bless you.

  81. On the other side of the station a train was just slowing up, and she stood a moment to scan idly the thin stream of people that trickled from the cars.

  82. Don't try to crow--just nod your head a little if you do.

  83. I guess I better go right down now; Tony Trumbull is liable to be at home just before supper.

  84. All she's got to do is to take just one stitch to show her submission.

  85. Of course he would come at his own odd hours, often just as one was dressing to go out and dine, and I can even remember finding him there when I returned, for I had long since given him a key of the flat.

  86. I've just woke up with the devil of an attack of asthma, and may have to sit up in my chair till morning.

  87. My half-hours of happiness had flown to just such chimes!

  88. There was the wide part of the landing between us; we had just that much start along the narrow part, with the walls and doors upon our left, the banisters on our right, and the baize door at the end.

  89. About the very thing we've just had explained to us," said I, watching my man intently as I spoke.

  90. Yet I thought we might at least have dined together, and in my heart I felt just the least bit hurt, until it occurred to me as I drove to count the notes in my cigarette case.

  91. But the rest's a necessity: not that I love new paint or am pining for electric light, but for reasons which I will just breathe in your private ear, Bunny.

  92. At Mount Street it just went into the lift; that was a stroke of luck; and the lift-man and I between us carried it into my flat.

  93. So I'll take your tip, and go just as I am, before my poor old pipes strike up another tune.

  94. Well, Bunny had just left me, so I hauled him out and we both crept down to play detective.

  95. Did you see that light in Nab's just now?

  96. It was just his natural charm and humor, and a touch of sadness with it all, that appealed to something deeper than one's reason and one's sense of right.

  97. But just as we were leaving he came padding past under our noses, and that's where we took up the chase.

  98. I had gone up to the drawing-room after dinner, and was just putting on the lights, when in walked Mr. Raffles from the balcony.

  99. Then, "I'm not very good at speeches, but I just wanted you to know how much we've enjoyed being your neighbors.

  100. I just wanted to be sure you'd be home," he said.

  101. It's just that we want to see Earth again.

  102. It did feel good to be here in the apartment, just the two of us, away from the crowds and the speeches and the official welcomes and the flashbulbs popping.

  103. It's just that I wish--I wish we could go home, right away.

  104. We'd go through all the hardships of those first few years, and enjoy them just as much.

  105. I was just a rude old man interfering with the operation of the spaceways.

  106. The two men smiled at each other knowingly, and for just a moment I had time to wonder why.

  107. I don't think I had ever realized, until that moment, just how much it meant to her--getting home.

  108. Outside, just beyond the glass, the cold night air of Mars lay thin and alien and smelling of alkali.

  109. We'd be just as thrilled over proving that it's possible to farm a world like this, where it's always freezing and the air is thin and nothing will grow outside the greenhouses.

  110. But my voice sounded casual, just the way I wanted it to sound.

  111. Slowly I crossed over to the desk and opened the top drawer and took out the folder that Duane had given me, that last day at the spaceport, just before our ship to Earth had blasted off.

  112. But you must catch that fellow; I want to string him up just to show the balance of 'em that they can't fool with me.

  113. I have just come out of a deep, deep ditch, and I want to hear the splutter.

  114. There was just the shadow of a smile hovering around her lips, and it nettled me.

  115. I'd like to be a man for a few hours just to see how they feel toward women--just how much more contempt they feel than they show.

  116. Harry, who had been consulting with our comrades who had just arrived, returned in time to overhear a part of this conversation.

  117. You didn't let 'em git you just dry so, did you?

  118. There are some things that men do not understand as well as women, and it is just as well that they do not.

  119. I reckon it's just a duplicate," said the General, smiling.

  120. Just as I was about to continue my railing protest, Jane Ryder came through an inner door, dressed, as she should be, in the garb of her sex.

  121. Just as the movement was about to be completed it was rendered useless by the charge of Forrest's escort, a picked body of men, led by the General in person.

  122. Kate, with just a shade of solicitude in her voice.

  123. I turned just in time to see Whistling Jim fling himself upon the man, who had risen to a sitting position and was making an effort to draw his pistol.

  124. I had just time to shift my carbine to the front under my overcoat and loosen the flap of my holsters when the lady drove up.

  125. It was big luck for us to find so deep a valley just when we did.

  126. It's just a feint in front, but they didn't dream we could reach 'em at such long range.

  127. It's worth while for a man like me, without any ties, just to wander up and down the face of the earth.

  128. He knew that just as well as he knew that he was in the valley, but as for himself, he had no wish to see the buffalo disappear from the plains.

  129. He was just in time to see the breech of the rifle leap to the Little Giant's shoulder.

  130. Just when a little blaze began to show signs of living and growing, Will, in his search for fallen and dead wood, turned into a narrow way that led among lofty rocks.

  131. I can make out a fairly level stretch of ground just ahead, and I'll lead the way to it.

  132. Just beyond was a small, clear stream which obviously had caused the victims to stop there.

  133. In that case, Giant, just let your feelings go and shoot your best.

  134. It's just to improve his language and manners.

  135. He saw that they were in a small open space, surrounded by low bushes and he surmised that there was a pool just beyond the bushes as he heard the ponies drinking and gurgling their satisfaction.

  136. He saw, just as Will had seen, the herd coming forever from under the southeastern rim of the horizon and disappearing forever under the northwestern rim.

  137. To you I'm Steve, just as I am to our friend Thomas.

  138. Just before the winter closed in on them finally, a young warrior, evidently a runner because he bore all the signs of having travelled far and fast, arrived in the valley.

  139. Even a fur hunter can catch pneumonia, if he's just bent on doing it.

  140. Whitman says his poems will do just as much evil as good, and perhaps more.

  141. His want of art, of which we have heard so much, is, it seems to me, just this want of the usual trappings and dress uniform of the poets.

  142. The poet finds the universe just as plastic and ductile, just as obedient to his will, and just as ready to take the impress of his spirit, as did these supreme artists.

  143. The work is the outgrowth of science and modern ideas, just as truly as Dante is the outgrowth of mediƦval ideas and superstitions; and the imagination, the creative spirit, is just as unhampered in Whitman as in Dante or in Shakespeare.

  144. All that just for the name of getting their little banner back again.

  145. No man ever searched more diligently for the right word--for just the right word--than did Whitman.

  146. III Of course the essential elements of all first-class artistic and literary productions are always the same, just as nature, just as man, are essentially the same everywhere.

  147. For if the strata sank anywhere to fill the hollow previously occupied by the water, it would only make the mountains so much higher in comparison: hence it would require just that much extra water to cover them.

  148. To return them was just as necessary as to obtain them, and, though less difficult, was equally impossible.

  149. A flood that enabled the ark to float on to that mountain could not have been far from universal; and, when such a flood is accounted for on scientific principles, it will be just as easy to account for a total flood.

  150. They believed the story just as our modern theologians believe it; because they were taught it when they were children, and had not learned better.

  151. They undertook that Spain should join them in the peace, and finally, after some difficulties, settled more or less rightly, the treaty was signed on the 10th of August, just as the six weeks were about to expire.

  152. I started speaking of a young person, extremely beautiful, who had just appeared at Court, and would eclipse, in my opinion, all who had shone there before her.

  153. I prayed Madame de la Valliere to keep between ourselves the communications that had just taken place in the intimacy of confidence.

  154. But just as the eye accustoms itself, little by little, to the feeble glimmer of a vault, in the same way my body has accustomed itself to the roughness of my new existence, and my heart to all its great privations.

  155. Monsieur, having learnt what his cousin of Montpensier had just done for my Duc du Maine, felt all possible grief and envy at it.

  156. My readers, to whom I have just narrated the facts with entire frankness, can see well that, instead of having merited reproaches, I should only have received praise for my restraint and moderation.

  157. The fishermen of Choisy had just caught a salmon of enormous size, which they had been pursuing for four or five days; they had intended to offer it to Mademoiselle; the presence of the King inspired them with another design.

  158. Notre is the sworn enemy of Nature; that he sees only the pleasures of proprietorship in the future, and promises us cover and shade just at that epoch of our life when we shall only ask for sunshine in which to warm ourselves.

  159. We were going at the pace which I have just told, and my outriders, who rode in advance, were clearing the way, as is customary.

  160. For never comes the ship to port, Howe'er the breeze may be; Just when she nears the waiting shore She drifts again to sea.

  161. Veering and tacking, they backward wore; And just as a breath-from the woods ashore Blew out to whisper of danger past, The wrath of the storm came down at last!

  162. On the occasion to which I have just alluded, I had understood from him some business, connected with our approaching marriage, would detain him in the town to an hour too advanced to admit of his paying me his usual visit.

  163. Too much agitated by the scene which had just passed, Gerald, although following the example of his companion, in stretching himself before the cheerful fire, was in no condition to enjoy repose.

  164. I'm responsible for him to the United States Government, therefore just drop that knife clean and slick upon the floor, and let's have no more of this nonsense for the night.

  165. Again the countenance of Matilda was radiant with the expression just alluded to by her lover.

  166. At this period, the vessel described in the commencement of our story, as having engaged so much of the interest and attention of all parties, had just been launched and rigged.

  167. I feel that I shall write badly, for I have just been reading my old journal.

  168. My beautiful white forehead, thus bared, gave me a royal air, and at the back I let two curls hang, waved just at the end.

  169. Just now I fell on my knees sobbing, beseeching God, with my arms outstretched, my eyes fixed on space before me, exactly as if God was there in my room.

  170. People can't love just on account of the face.

  171. I am sad, I am in a foreign country, I long to return home, just for a single day, for if I stayed longer, I should want to go back.

  172. If I had "Mignon" given in my room I should enjoy it just as much, even more.

  173. Just at that moment some one said that a house on the Rue de France was burning.

  174. Provided that what I have just said doesn't bring me misfortune!

  175. And, just think, the greater part of the time those who would like to do things cannot.

  176. I know that people who say what I have just said are not popular.

  177. Just as the curtain was rising the Prefect's son and A---- entered our box.

  178. A revised and Illustrated Edition of this most valuable Temperance Book for the Young is just ready.

  179. He was from Peru, and had just come to England to get a steam-engine for pumping water from some gold-diggings in the new world.

  180. Taking Robert with him, who had just come from college, and entered as heartily into the enterprise as his father, with two other tried men, they began work in good earnest.

  181. It was just what he and "Billy" most needed--somebody to introduce them into the great world.

  182. Its marshal had just been gathered home through the efforts of a cowboy with a genius for firearms.

  183. There was a Mr. Gato, just then riding for the Turkey Track.

  184. There would be no resistance; it was no more than just riding in and stripping off the scalps.

  185. On second thought it may be just as well to follow their example; the word will sound more convincing to American ears.

  186. Then, just as night was drawing, he would saddle up and hunt the obnoxious Mr. Masterson.

  187. Mr. Masterson's arguments availed nothing; Cimarron Bill was in that temper of diligent virtue, common with folk who have just finished a season of idleness and wicked revelry.

  188. That officer responded, and stepped into the Dance Hall just as the lonesome one fired the third shot.

  189. At last, breath gone and wholly pumped, it had just instinctive sense enough to wabble a yard to one side and escape being run down by the galloping horse.

  190. I just gave one my coat and hat," replied Higginson Peabody.

  191. The two sat at a table just across from Sergeant King.

  192. You will never hear any such phrase as "the honorable member has lied," but rather, "the honorable member has just made a remark which is scarcely in accordance with strict truth.

  193. A country, just like a family, lives by its traditions, its souvenirs, even by its prejudices.

  194. On arriving at home again, he writes to his friends: "I have just returned from France.

  195. I pass over the pious people, who saw in our disasters only the just chastisement of our faults, and will only give the opinion of Thomas Carlyle.

  196. Just as, at Monaco, you never fail to come across a gambler who has his system, you rarely take a sea journey without meeting with the good soul who has an infallible preventive for seasickness.

  197. At the end of the last act, Marcel passes before the church, just at the moment when the Duke of Nevers and his partisans come out of it.

  198. An old City School, dating from the fifteenth century, had just been transplanted into one of the suburbs of London.

  199. It is to her that the young girl turns who has just engaged her heart; it is to her that the young mother prays as she bends over the cradle of her child.

  200. Thiers, a celebrated Bonapartist journalist exclaimed that he could jump for joy over the tomb of him who had just liberated his country.

  201. Nothing is altered, everything is there, just where it always was in the old days; you feel as if you had grown twenty years younger.

  202. Seated quietly on deck, I was just dozing over a book, the author of which I will not name, since his volume had less power over my senses than the rolling of the boat.

  203. When you live that feverish Parisian life, that consumes you by overtaxing your intellectual powers, what a treat it is to go and see the old folks, in the old house that is standing there just as you remember it in your childhood!

  204. Up rises a man and wrests from her all the liberty she had just bought at the price of so much bloodshed.

  205. The primary sense, which exists in all, is touch; and just as the nutritive faculty can exist without touch or sensation of any kind, so can touch exist without the other senses.

  206. For you will see this point thrown into varied commotion and, as it were, irritated, at any touch whatever, even the slightest, just as sensitive bodies in general usually give evidence of sensation by movements proper to themselves.

  207. For just to the degree that the blood is taken away as our art prescribes, is an addition made to life and health.

  208. The two motions aforesaid are inherent in the very substance of the heart, just as in all other muscles.

  209. Just without the heart, moreover, Harvey has established anew the Aristotelian seething; making this the result of what we to-day may style a localized automatism of the conjoined heat and blood.

  210. Out here I'm just a plain, old-fashioned farmer.

  211. It's becoming quite smart, just as in former days one of the sons would go into the Church or the navy.

  212. LUCY [daintily] But couldn't I just desert you--without anything horrid?

  213. This morning I telegraphed: "Are you doing this just for my sake?

  214. We were just discussing the marriage danger--I mean the marriage problem.

  215. Rex is just the sort to give the woman he adores everything in the world.

  216. HELEN [nodding] Oh, I know just how you feel about it.

  217. Just had a letter from the great Metchnikoff--wants me to come over and work in the Pasteur!

  218. JUDGE [raises cap and handkerchief] Now, just give me a chance and I'll tell the whole story.

  219. Just think of it, Lucy, free to utter those things about marriage we all know are true but don't dare say!

  220. Just one thing: they are destroying chivalry!

  221. From this time onward, the word of sophistry is put in the mouth of the advocate of domestic slavery, just as the word of sophistry had been put in the mouth of the advocate of the Contagious Diseases Ordinance.

  222. In order that Americans may have some just conception of their duty toward the large number of these poor, unhappy slaves who have been brought from Hong Kong to their own country.

  223. One of the group has often heard the wretched blind girls singing just under her window, on the river bank, and under conduct of the old brothel-keeper, their owner, thus attracting custom.

  224. Dazed and terrified, but safe, Seen Fah was at last in the hands of friends--and the slave ring had lost just three thousand dollars.

  225. News had reached the Mission Home, a few hours before, of a young Chinese girl just landed in San Francisco and sold for three thousand dollars.

  226. It was just at noon-time, and the missionary pleaded for a little time in which to summon a lawyer.

  227. Just as we would explain the religiousness of early days of America and England associated with the monstrous cruelty of the slave traffic.

  228. But surely those men who make a business of cultivating vice and vicious practices,--who use every sort of device to corrupt the youth and develop the trade in women, can be reached by just and wholesome laws.

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