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Example sentences for "come from"

  • Everybody makes his own licker where I come from.

  • Ever'body calls gurls gals whar I come from.

  • Young lady, do you happen to come from Warrenega?

  • It was a spacious church; the pew was in a side aisle; one could see neither reading-desk nor pulpit; and the words of the sermon seemed to come from a great way off.

  • The money's gone I don't know where, and this is come from I don't know where.

  • But I can't see anything but difficulties that 'ud come from telling it now.

  • You may be naturalised, and you may speak fairly well the language of the country in which you are a sojourner, but there ought to be something in your accent which tells where you come from, and betrays the foreigner.

  • The question rises in His mind of how He was to provide for them; they were not hungry yet; they had not thought where their bread was to come from.

  • It is worth His while to come from Heaven to agonise and to die, in order that He may sprinkle some drops of incorruptible and everlasting joy over the weary and sorrowful hearts of earth.

  • Grove; "nowhere else indeed does it come from, and it has some years' age too.

  • The chief step taken, it seemed as if no further initiative were left in her; she let herself be loved, waited for everything to come from him, was without will or wish.

  • You're my wife, now--" His voice seemed to come from a great distance.

  • A voice, which appeared to come from nowhere in particular, brought the gentleman up standing.

  • The Tribune remembered a time when a signed statement, purporting to come from a certain Mrs. Amanda P.

  • She has an instinct we can give it to her, because we come from an institution of learning.

  • I come from Lyons; I am a widow, and my name is Dubois.

  • Magnan got me, and which the lady thought had come from Genoa.

  • I come from Rome, and I am going to Constantinople, bearing a letter from Cardinal Acquaviva.

  • He introduced himself thus: "Madam, my name is Lambert, I come from Lorraine, and I wish to lodge here.

  • And as to your other point, for reasons of my own, I prefer for the present not to say where I come from.

  • There IS a mystery about who I am, and where I come from; I won't deny it: but it isn't by any means so strange or so marvellous a mystery as you seem to imagine.

  • If you want to call in the aid of an unjust law to back up an unjust and irrational taboo, you must find out for yourself who I am, and where I come from.

  • Nay, I told you your sonne was well beloued in Padua: doe you heare sir, to leaue friuolous circumstances, I pray you tell signior Lucentio that his Father is come from Pisa, and is here at the doore to speake with him Ped.

  • Caes Let him appeare that's come from Anthony.

  • Thou liest his Father is come from Padua, and here looking out at the window Vin.

  • Come, come from behinde, I know thee well, though neuer seene before.

  • He had been moved to come from a whisper in his soul; and he had the sure conviction of the predestinarian that he was not to be the victim of "The Scytheman" before his appointed time.

  • I come from Hamley, in England, and my name is Soolsby, your grace.

  • The voice seemed to come from a room at his right; not that from which he had entered, but one still beyond this where he was.

  • I come from Geneva," answered the Jesuit with an evil smile.

  • I come from Antioch, where the Crusaders are besieged by Kerboga, the Emir of Mosul.

  • My name is Odowalsky; I come from Vienna; and I shall go to hell, if I don't get help.

  • It was an unusual note to come from her, and indicated that her strength was waning.

  • He may have been a clergyman, and may have thought that his religious counsels would have less weight when known to come from a man whose profession was Theology.

  • I come from a hot country a long way off, called Africa; I am quite grown up now and shall not get any bigger.

  • And the Thistle looked at the Burdock and asked, "Where in the world have you come from?

  • So I set at work to find the nest, but my search was in vain, while the sharp squeaking seemed to multiply and to come from a dozen different quarters.

  • This is the way it's done where we come from, and we are perhaps as good as you are.

  • No," answered the Tiger, "I come from India.

  • The above list will hopefully provide you with a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "come from" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this group of words.

    Some common collocations, pairs and triplets of words:
    assistant treasurer; come after; come alongside; come and; come around; come ashore; come between; come bride; come fill; come into; come next; come now; come over; come quickly; come right; come together; come under; come upstairs; come where; comes about; comes back; comes forward; cometh forth; perceive them; until death; yellow spots