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Example sentences for "dreaded"

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dray; drayman; draymen; drays; dread; dreadest; dreadeth; dreadful; dreadfull; dreadfully
  1. He had dreaded a scene, but this was so very much worse than he had expected; for by this time Edith had lost all self-control, and was sobbing violently.

  2. The Council he so much dreaded was destined to exalt his office, and to recombine the forces of Catholic Christendom under the absolute supremacy of his successors.

  3. Yet they instinctively hated and dreaded one whom they felt to be opposed, in his strength, fearlessness and freedom of soul, to their exorbitant pretensions and underhand aggressions upon public liberties.

  4. She remained there all Friday, visited once by her dreaded companion, who brought her bread, cheese, and wine.

  5. Still the mere fact that Tasso was allowed to correspond freely with friends and patrons, shows that Alfonso dreaded no disclosures, and confirms the theory that he only kept Tasso locked up out of harm's way.

  6. The Indians, schooled in the treatment of wounds and broken bones, were helpless as babes before the ravages of the dreaded pneumonia which racked the great body of the sick man.

  7. Noting the effect upon the girl, he continued, speaking more rapidly now that the dreaded word had been uttered.

  8. A cool breeze blew up the canyon, laden with a sound that was the same, yet not the same, as those low, dull roars which Shefford dreaded more and more.

  9. But there was no true sound, Joe only imagined what he expected and hated and dreaded to hear.

  10. Like all novices in love-affairs Julien dreaded that his feelings should be divined, at the mere mention of the young girl's name.

  11. Ever since that terrible night in April, he dreaded leaving them out of his sight.

  12. He studied with Sheikh Saadi, a Sufi mystic, and with the Hashishiyya, the dreaded sect known in Europe as the Assassins.

  13. And she dreaded the agony she would feel when she woke again and remembered what had happened this day.

  14. He could imagine what Ugolini was thinking, that the evil he had dreaded since Daoud came to Orvieto had come upon them at last.

  15. She dreaded the opening with Pierre of topics which, all along, she had tried to avoid.

  16. At sound of that dreaded name Gwendolen's courage for the moment fell.

  17. It was the apparition of the latter that she dreaded most.

  18. The occasion which Mrs. Todd dreaded proved to her one of the pleasantest incidents of the whole successful affair.

  19. The Berlin exchange, while war was as yet only a dreaded possibility, rose from 20 m.

  20. Thanks to this assistance, all deposits were paid off, and the dreaded effects of a panic were once more averted.

  21. One of the dreaded stoppages was notched off the list.

  22. This was true enough, for though he was physically fit he dreaded leaving this haven of rest and apparent security for the darkling wood, in which his remorseless foes were probably searching for him.

  23. The dreaded disease had laid its awful finger on her brow, and she knew that she must shortly bid her husband farewell and take her departure for the place of the dead.

  24. The tribe was for ever rid of the dreaded plague, and the people gave to Nekumonta the title of 'Chief of the Healing Waters,' so that all might know that it was he who had brought them the gift of Manitou.

  25. For he dreaded that he might offend the Lord of Cold.

  26. She was indeed glad to feel the stout chains of her anchor restraining her when Lady Romfrey talked of Nevil; they were like the safety of marriage without the dreaded ceremony, and with solitude to let her weep.

  27. The men dreaded it, but they were anxious to get through with the business.

  28. Jack-Johnsons and coal-boxes are two greatly dreaded types of high explosive shells which Tommy would much rather sing about than meet.

  29. Here and there stores were closed, and frequently dwellings full of human beings were marked with the dreaded yellow cross.

  30. It is conceivable that the ancients should have dreaded it as an instrument of celestial justice.

  31. Their impure consciences, laden with crimes, dreaded the chastisement of heaven.

  32. What they dreaded was not a defeat in the Palatinate, but the cutting off of their fleets from the Indies and a war in that new world which they treasured as the fairest flower of their crown.

  33. His aim was to read a lesson to England and the king by showing how completely that dreaded thing, a Parliament, could be made an organ of the royal will; and his success was complete.

  34. The long-dreaded crisis had come for Germany; but, as if with a foresight of the awful sufferings that the struggle was to bring, the Germans strove to look on it as a local revolt.

  35. I dreaded the first glance at objects around me.

  36. I felt nothing; yet dreaded to move a step, lest I should be impeded by the walls of a tomb.

  37. I dreaded that, in some trance of more than customary duration, they might be prevailed upon to regard me as irrecoverable.

  38. I wedded;--nor dreaded the curse I had invoked; and its bitterness was not visited upon me.

  39. He dreaded his hereditary enemies, the Greeks, under any circumstances; but he never dreaded them so much as when they came and offered him presents!

  40. The spirit seemed to have gone out of my life in London, and I dreaded to-morrow as much as ever I had hated to-day.

  41. I dreaded to be alone with Jack, and still more dreaded to be by when the fellows were--now an ordinary pastime--chaffing him at the office.

  42. That was always a sign there was no more to be said; and off I was trotted out of the dreaded presence, not very sure whether to be elated or depressed by the conversation I had overheard.

  43. Miss Henniker had the wonderful art of knowing by instinct who was the culprit in cases like this.

  44. But Philpot, who was on his mettle, prevented this manoeuvre by a sudden and dexterous grip of the arm, and drew him back into the circle.

  45. But he no longer dreaded the answer to the riddle; nor did he fear to meet at some turn or corner a Megæra head that should freeze his soul.

  46. She dreaded one of those scenes in which her young strength was barely sufficient to control and soothe the frail form before her.

  47. He foresaw solitude, and dreaded it; and would have had the other enter and pass the night with him.

  48. He had dreaded nothing so much as to be surprised by Basterga in the young man's company: for his conscience warned him that to find him with Mercier and to read his plan, would be one and the same thing to the scholar's astuteness.

  49. The part of Christophe’s threat most dreaded was the massacre of the inhabitants of the city, but to his credit be it said, he did not put it in execution.

  50. The course of the ship was altered at once, the engines were signaled for full speed ahead, and with her furnaces roaring, she rushed through the night to the aid of her sister vessel, sorely beset by the most dreaded peril of the sea.

  51. With a feeling of agonized despair, the captain realized that that which he so feared had come upon the vessel, and that she was in the grasp of the dreaded typhoon.

  52. He was now not so much to be dreaded by the King.

  53. They knew the power and dreaded the wrath of the great Emperor Montezuma.

  54. Mr. Baron began gloomily, "Well, the dreaded hour which I hoped and prayed never to see has come.

  55. He owed his escape from much dreaded captivity and his very life to her, and, as he had said, these facts, to her generous nature, were even more powerful in their influence than if she herself had received the priceless favors.

  56. Since no soldiers were around, Perkins was not to be dreaded in the night, when once his resting-place was known.

  57. He got through the day as well as he could, but dreaded the coming night all the more as he saw eyes directed toward him, as if he, in some way, were the cause of the supernatural visitation.

  58. You have saved me from what I dreaded far worse than death.

  59. A gratitude quite as strong as his own now possessed her that he had been the means of keeping her from a union dreaded even as an ignorant child, and now known, by the love which made her a woman, to be earthly perdition.

  60. With a fear almost hereditary, as well as one vaguely dreaded from childhood, she recognized the possible horrors of an insurrection, her own action the indirect cause.

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