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Example sentences for "drays"

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draws; drawstring; dray; drayman; draymen; dread; dreaded; dreadest; dreadeth; dreadful
  1. I had a couple of draught-horses, that I worked in the tip-drays when I was tank-sinking, and one or two others running in the Bush.

  2. As I crossed the street I sent a look both ways--not a taxi in sight, not a cop, only the whole thoroughfare tangled up with drays and delivery wagons.

  3. I gave a glance up the street--still only drays and wagons, not a taxi in sight.

  4. The great event of the year, after all, was the arrival of the drays with the heavy luggage and the furniture reserved from sale.

  5. Our drays must come by sea; but sledges are all right for drawing split stuff.

  6. He had arranged with the captain that Andrew and his family should remain on board, as also Daisy the cow, until everything was ready to load the drays with the heavy baggage.

  7. At three and one-eighth of a mile struck what I take to be the Burdekin, but no tracks of drays or stock of any kind up this length.

  8. This will be a most difficult part of the country for drays travelling on account of the many steep-sided creeks.

  9. Waggons and drays were put in requisition to convey the party and their goods through the forest, while the leader and his staff, with other gentlemen, rode on ahead to prepare for their reception.

  10. Drays were conveying sawn timber from the banks of the broad stream which flowed by on one side--a saw-mill, turned by its water, being already busily at work.

  11. It was with great difficulty that the drays carrying the provisions had been brought over the rugged country, and it had sometimes been necessary to lower them into the ravines by means of ropes.

  12. As it became necessary to point out the drays that were to go with the home returning party, I was obliged to break my intentions to Mr. Poole, who I also proposed sending in charge of them.

  13. We overtook the drays far upon the plains, and continued our journey for twenty miles, when I halted on a bare piece of sandy ground on which there were a few tussocks of grass, and a small puddle of water.

  14. The wheels of the drays sank deep into the ground, and in straining to get them clear we broke seven yokes.

  15. The drays started early in the forenoon, but I remained until two, to take some lunars with Mr. Browne.

  16. About the middle of June I had the drays put into serviceable condition, the wheels wedged up, and every thing prepared for moving away.

  17. The drays came up a little after noon; the cattle almost frantic from the want of water.

  18. In the afternoon we went down to the river, and on crossing the flat came upon the dray tracks of some overland party, the leader of which had taken his drays down the hills, notwithstanding the apparent difficulty of the attempt.

  19. Two long heavy drays each drawn by a pair of the handsomest big bay horses with creamy manes that I have ever seen, pulled up in the courtyard.

  20. I noticed that he studied it very carefully, noting all the little sidetracks where he thought his drays could pass, and thus avoid following in line behind the thousands of other vehicles that encumbered the main roads.

  21. On some straw in a couple of drays lay five or six individuals, their arms in slings, their heads bandaged.

  22. From the water front, where the boatloads of provisions docked, there was an endless procession of carts and drays carrying food to the scores of substations established throughout the city and the parks.

  23. We have lately been deprived of the amusement of going to see our house during the process of cutting it out, as it has passed that stage, and has been packed on drays and sent to the station, with two or three men to put it up.

  24. In the meantime, John had got all his buildings so far completed, as to have them ready for the settlement of the station as soon as the flocks and the drays with the supplies should have arrived.

  25. By this time the drays were seen making their approach; and great was instantly the bustle in preparation for the reception of the "loading.

  26. Many married labourers could find no work in Sydney, and in November, 1843, the Government requested persons sending wool-drays to the city to take families to inland districts gratis.

  27. Three or four drays filled with pigs were drawn up near the wharf; these animals were to form part of the steamer's return cargo, one half of her deck space being allotted to pigs, and the other half to passengers.

  28. Their bullock-drays were often bogged in Elizabeth Street, and they made a corduroy crossing over it with red gum logs.

  29. The town drunkard stirs, the clerks wake up, a furious clatter of drays follows, every house and store pours out a human contribution, and all in a twinkling the dead town is alive and moving.

  30. The other was a drayman who has a couple of drays and he said he'd never pay under the going wage to anybody and gave me sixpence.

  31. The contents of the other twelve drays had been disposed of on the way up, and the teams sent down the country again with chance loads.

  32. The oxen were all specially selected, and the waggons and drays reliable as well as strong; so that when they mounted their horses and inspanned, they were a very smart and prosperous-looking caravan.

  33. Instantly the clothes flew off, masks fell, pumpkins came crashing to the ground, the stilts of the marshals dropped, and thirty men stood upon the drays in crude military order, with muskets in their hands and cockades in their caps.

  34. Then he rode down in front of Lajeunesse's men, the others sprang from the drays and fell into place, and soon the little army was marching, four deep, through the village.

  35. The shearers continue to work at the same express-train pace; fifty bales of wool roll every day from the wool-presses; as fast as they reach that number they are loaded upon the numerous drays and wagons which have been waiting for weeks.

  36. The long train of drays and wagons, with loads varying from twenty to forty-five bales, has been moving off in detachments since the commencement.

  37. S, is a practicable pass for drays through Campbell's range, to the grassy country to the eastward.

  38. Our stage had been fourteen miles to-day, running at first over low barren ridges, and then crossing rich plains of a loose brown soil, but very heavy for the drays to travel over.

  39. In the evening the drays were loaded and all got ready for our departure to-morrow.

  40. Hitherto we had enjoyed the assistance of the cutter in passing up the coast--by putting all our heavy baggage on board of her, the drays were comparatively empty, and we had got on tolerably well.

  41. Many drays might easily be loaded, one after the other, from these oyster beds.

  42. They were on their return made small lions of, although they had not had to fight the natives, and had had bullock-drays with them, while their horses were in rather better condition than when they went out.

  43. The brutal voices of drivers of cabs and drays assaulted her.

  44. The noise, the leaping motion of the cars and the perilous passage of drays made it as pleasant to her as a ride behind a running team on a corduroy road.

  45. We next yoked the bullocks to the empty drays and cart on the opposite side, and all were soon brought safely through the river.

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