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Example sentences for "assaulted"

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assassinating; assassination; assassinations; assassins; assault; assaulters; assaulting; assaults; assay; assaye
  1. Needless to say, the handful that remained joined at once with Dilkes' column, and assaulted the enemy's heights.

  2. Mr. Catherwood was assaulted in his room last night and was found gagged and tied in his bed not an hour ago.

  3. Accordingly, he and Revocatus, after having been attacked by a leopard, were also assaulted by a bear.

  4. The earl assaulted the royal castle of Tichhill; but failing in his attempts, he hurried southwards to stop the advance of Edward at Burton-on-Trent.

  5. The Republicans assaulted them and were repulsed.

  6. Assaulted by four armies at once, in the rushing ruin of Italian misfortunes, the Roman Republic raised her sacred standard on the towers of the Capitol, and guards the sacred fire of liberty.

  7. If she found herself assaulted by any temptation, she immediately discovered it to the abbess, to drive away the devil by that humiliation, and to seek a remedy.

  8. Accordingly he and Revocatus, after having been attacked by a leopard, were also assaulted by a bear.

  9. She was assaulted by violent temptations of various kinds, but courageously overcame them, and after a trial of three years, was admitted to her profession among the penitents of the third Order of St. Francis, in Cortona.

  10. He told them in what manner the fiend in his rage had assaulted him by visible phantoms, but that these disappeared while he persevered in prayer.

  11. In the month of August he assaulted the captain of the night guard in a street brawl; and it was also proved against him that he had despatched two of his men to inflict a wound of infamy upon a gentleman at Treviso.

  12. Here are a number of houses assaulted by a mob.

  13. Is it possible your place was assaulted also?

  14. He had on several occasions assaulted her for her infidelities, but he admitted that it was not jealousy that had caused him to do so; and he owned that he was just as bad himself.

  15. It is no uncommon thing to see a woman who has been assaulted by her husband plead with the court to let him go, and make all sorts of excuses or tell the most incredible story to account for her injuries.

  16. He has no objection to rob the assaulted or the threatened and terrorised parties, however, provided he can conceal himself.

  17. It transpired that the assailant had heard that the woman she assaulted was living with "her man.

  18. Four assassins, actuated by no other motive than mistaken zeal, had assaulted him in the streets; and after giving him many wounds, had left him for dead.

  19. They passed a law which made it capital to maim any person; and they enacted, that those criminals, who had assaulted Coventry, should be incapable of receiving a pardon from the crown.

  20. He then swung down toward Memphis, assaulted and carried Fort Pillow, massacring a part of its garrison, composed wholly of negro troops.

  21. To-day General Schofield got round the line which was assaulted yesterday by General Reilly's brigade, turned it and gained the ground where the assault had been made, and got possession of all our dead and wounded.

  22. Later in the evening my lines were several times assaulted vigorously, but each time with like result.

  23. Terry, who, on the 15th day of January, successfully assaulted and captured Fort Fisher, with its entire garrison.

  24. Wood's division took a hill, which the enemy assaulted three times at night without success, leaving more than a hundred dead on the ground.

  25. General Hood closed upon him the same day, and assaulted his position with vehemence, at one time breaking the line and wounding General Stanley seriously; but our men were veterans, cool and determined, and fought magnificently.

  26. He reverenced his father because he assaulted the wicked Earl and struck him to the ground.

  27. She was now residing in the house of a low radical tailor, who had assaulted the man she called her husband; and she was living under her maiden name.

  28. The men of Dublin on some occasions assaulted Unionist Members of Parliament.

  29. City men, forgetting that the present proposals were due to the shameless evasions of the Assessed Taxes, raised a threatening din, some of them declaring that Pitt would be assaulted if he came into the City.

  30. Alibagh fort, unsuccessfully assaulted by the English and Portuguese; taken by Sumbhajee Angria.

  31. Matthews, always violent, flew at the General of the North and assaulted him,[1] and treated the Viceroy not much better.

  32. He went to bed, and the same woman again assaulted him.

  33. Assaulted by the Corsicans with great vigour, the Genoese had the inhumanity to suspend the boy from an embrasure where the enemy's fire was the hottest.

  34. Meanwhile Wellington had pushed on the siege works with astounding rapidity, had effected practicable breaches several days earlier than he expected, and on the evening of the 19th January assaulted and carried Ciudad Rodrigo.

  35. Next morning Colville ordered the assault of the works, detailing the light companies of Johnstone's brigade to storm the Valencienne gate, while the 23rd and 51st simultaneously assaulted the Paris gate.

  36. He, in his turn, employed ruffians whom he set upon the track of those who had assaulted him.

  37. Later his legions assaulted Alexandria, and there Antony was twice defeated.

  38. Led the Forlorn Hope on two successive occasions during the siege of Badajoz, in 1811, when Fort San Christoval was assaulted by the British.

  39. D’Aguilar, who assaulted and took the forts of the Bocca Tigris in the Canton River.

  40. It appears that the indignant people assaulted the nigger postmaster.

  41. In the evening of the same day the troops assaulted and carried the intrenchments above the town, and captured the French commandant and several other officers; and no further resistance was made.

  42. The hero hastened towards the place of appointment, and was encountered by us in the very place where he had assaulted me.

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