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Example sentences for "assassination"

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assassin; assassinate; assassinated; assassinates; assassinating; assassinations; assassins; assault; assaulted; assaulters
  1. Extreme vigor will have to be observed while assassination remains the order of the day with the Rebels.

  2. The Arragonese thereupon, in self-defence, formed a conspiracy for the assassination of Arbues, and subscribed a large sum to defray the expenses.

  3. Against all this his howl is justified; but his rioting and assassination are not--not even when directed against the property and persons of his employers.

  4. Nihilism may be described as a policy of assassination tempered by reflections upon Siberia.

  5. As to falsehood, treachery and the other military virtues with which you threaten me, I shall go, in them, as far as you; but from arson and assassination I recoil with horror.

  6. Our own generation has witnessed the culminating triumphs of this revolution, and of its three mightiest leaders the assassination of two, the death in exile of the third.

  7. The death of Philip III was followed by a revolution of the palace almost as sweeping as that which had succeeded the assassination of Concini in France.

  8. Vitry had been created a marshal of France the day after the assassination of Concini.

  9. In 344 party struggles between oligarchs and democrats led to a usurpation by the tyrant Timophanes, whose speedy assassination was compassed by his brother Timoleon (q.

  10. For over two years a war was waged in which quarter was given on neither side; but after the assassination of Sampiero in 1567 the spirit of the insurgents was broken.

  11. The relation soon grew into a mutual friendship, and Mrs. Underwood from that time till the assassination of the unfortunate queen was her frequent visitor, and in many respects her personal admirer.

  12. The foreign representatives felt and showed much indignation over the cruel assassination of her majesty and sympathy for the king.

  13. Is the combat not in every sense most unjust and unequal, being less a combat indeed than an assassination by a bravo?

  14. Spinoza was not only atheist, but he taught atheism; it was not he assuredly who took part in the judicial assassination of Barneveldt; it was not he who tore the brothers De Witt in pieces, and who ate them grilled.

  15. It was a horrible thing to betray with a kiss; it was that that made Cæsar's assassination still more hateful.

  16. It took place one month after the assassination of the Czar, Alexander II.

  17. It was neither more nor less than this: that she became suspect to the police in connexion with the assassination of the Emperor Alexander.

  18. Each man taking direct part in the assassination would receive at least 300 guilders, besides being advanced to offices of honour and profit according to his capacity.

  19. But the fear of secret assassination has often unnerved the bravest men, and I will not say that it may not disturb me.

  20. But," I asked, "if a charge of assassination is once made and proved, how can the Courts refuse to do justice?

  21. Assassination is the weapon of the oppressed and helpless; and it is not for me so to be judge in my own cause as to pronounce that Eivé has had no provocation.

  22. Peada, however, fell at the holy time of Easter, which seems to have been a favourite season for assassination amongst the pagan Saxons, in proof of which numerous instances might be quoted.

  23. According to the document he had ordered the assassination of some associate suspected of treason.

  24. At the same time he energetically denies the allegation that he has ever encouraged or approved any project for the assassination of the First Consul.

  25. Where will this revolution lead us, which was begun by the murder of two Generals and is being carried on by the assassination of passers-by?

  26. His first notable exploit was the assassination of a fireman at La Villette.

  27. For it was probable enough, that the assassination just committed almost under her eyes was the first outbreak of one of those plans for restoring the old dynasty that were so constantly occurring.

  28. It has been seen, also, how well and zealously he acquitted himself of his trust in the difficult circumstances following upon the assassination of the Count.

  29. From the assassination of Abner, the real source of the opposition that had been raised to David, the narrative proceeds to the assassination of Ishbosheth, the titular king.

  30. If assassination be mean among civilians, it is eminently mean among soldiers.

  31. It has it in the murder of its beloved chief magistrate and the attempted assassination of its honored prime minister, the two men of all others prepared to go farthest to smooth the way of defeated rebellion back to allegiance.

  32. IN the assassination of Abraham Lincoln and the unspeakably brutal assault upon Secretary Seward slavery has made another revelation of itself.

  33. Mille, Laurent de, and the assassination of a banker in the Rue de Venise, I.

  34. The learned assembly did not go so far as to recommend the assassination of Henry III.

  35. The body of the Duc de Berry was laid in the vault of the Bourbons a few days after his assassination in 1820; and that of Louis XVIII.

  36. Temple, Rue du, and the Assassination of the Duke of Burgundy, I.

  37. John the Fearless, and the assassination of the Duke of Orleans, II.

  38. The assassination of Marat by Charlotte Corday (q.

  39. Cardinal Rangone, lost all his property, he returned in poverty once more to Mirandola, whence again he was driven by the troubles consequent on the assassination of the reigning prince in 1533.

  40. The money intended to procure my death, by a singular accident, caused the assassination of the guilty wretch who had been the hired agent to effect it.

  41. It was idle attempting to steal a march upon an enemy already on the alert; and a dreadful conviction shot across my mind, that escape from assassination was hopeless.

  42. Assassination second was of Wenzel, the poor young Bohemian King, Ottocar's Grandson and last heir.

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