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  1. An instant the foiled assassin stood surprised; then commenced a struggle between the two men.

  2. As it was, I felt that my honor was being stabbed in the dark, without a chance to defend itself--some secret enemy was wounding it, as some base assassin had planted that deadly wound in the heart of Henry Moreland.

  3. The assassin had premeditated the deed; had watched his victim and awaited the hour.

  4. The assassin staggered against the door of a house, and stood there as one paralyzed.

  5. He played with the assassin as a cat with a mouse, now tempting him to approach, now turning suddenly, and sending him helter-skelter into the door of a shop or the shadow of a bridge.

  6. He stood at such an angle that had he been the assassin he could scarcely have been seen except by those sitting immediately next Mr. Parker at the directors' table.

  7. Before the injured man could make it understood who had struck him the assassin was down the street and lost in the maze of old Naples where he well knew the houses of his friends who would hide him.

  8. Though he knew well that an assassin waited for him in the purlieus of the church of San Salvatore, his step was quick and brisk; he walked as a man who goes willingly to a rendezvous, and anticipates its climax with pleasure.

  9. The elaborate precautions which had been taken proved to have been thrown away; the assassin who struck the fatal blow was no adept in the art of secret killing.

  10. They already have me as the accused assassin of our beloved President.

  11. I was there on the floor when the man found shells over in a corner when--where the assassin was hidden at.

  12. You used the same boxes, did you, that the assassin had used?

  13. And that the chances of an assassin escaping with his own life are pretty remote.

  14. And the particular words about Oswald being capable of being an assassin those were told you by Agent Hosty in the elevator?

  15. But through certain falsehoods that have been said about me to other people, the John Birch Society, I am as good as guilty as the accused assassin of President Kennedy.

  16. And I told him, I identified him that "You are the attorney for the assassin Oswald"--this is just what I said to him.

  17. The reformers will draw the sword to avenge their martyrs--no quarter for the assassin priests!

  18. Yes--because you are the worthy son of Catherine De Medici, the worthy brother of Charles IX; because you suborned an assassin to poison Coligny!

  19. The temptation of a vast sum decided the assassin to undertake the deed.

  20. Upon learning of the crime that was committed, they forced their way into the house where the would-be assassin had lain in ambush.

  21. No trace of the assassin could they find.

  22. The butcher with whom Christian had exchanged a few words ran towards and joined the assassin mob.

  23. No principal went gunning for a principal--no hired assassin for another of his kind.

  24. And the assassin was Steve and the boy none other than Jason Hawn.

  25. That night the news flashed that one mountaineer as assassin and a mountain boy as accomplice had been captured and were on the way to jail.

  26. The hand of the assassin clings to the handle of the poignard, as the blade of the poignard clings to the frame of the wounded man.

  27. The assassin came at last--a vain, foolish dreamer who had long breathed the poisoned air of hatred.

  28. The duke was informed that the assassin was arrested.

  29. Dumas, who was very apprehensive lest the bullet of some assassin might pierce him.

  30. The old assassin should have been hanged years ago for guiding the hand that shot Francois de Guise.

  31. But if I do not leave Nantes, my father will come to ask an account of you, and you will end your life on the scaffold like the miserable assassin that you are.

  32. On that morning, as the Admiral was passing, accompanied by a few gentlemen of his household, returning from the Louvre to his house in the Rue Betisy, the assassin did his work.

  33. The assassin escaped from the house, but was soon arrested and hanged with the other conspirators, July 7.

  34. Time flew, and he was about to join his old friends at Willams' College, when an assassin stealthily crept up and shot him from behind, as dastardly assassins and cowardly knaves generally do.

  35. An assassin had already arrived in Cairo from Palestine, and shut up in the great mosque he had confided to the sheiks his project of killing General Kl├ęber.

  36. The assassin made no attempt to flee; he expired under torture.

  37. The assassin came up behind her with his arm raised; he chose his position coolly, and struck her with terrific force.

  38. On the other hand, I found indications that the assassin must have been closely connected with Madame de Tremorel--her lover, or her husband.

  39. The assassin is always seized, after the murder, with a horrible and singular hatred against his victim, and he often mutilates the body.

  40. Assassin of the tyrant Hippias, the son of Pisistratus.

  41. A feasting song in honour of Harmodius, the assassin of Hipparchus the Tyrant, son of Pisistratus.

  42. To the day of his death John Lang was in mortal fear lest Ajoodia Pershad should ever come to hear how his picture had been allowed to figure as that of the arch-assassin of the Indian Mutiny.

  43. In the moment of the highest rage and despair, the assassin drives him to the extreme of endurance, when with a defying and insolent air he demands his reward.

  44. Demetrius urges him to explain, and the assassin of the genuine Demetrius thereupon discloses the real facts of the case.

  45. Someone had recognized the assassin as John Wilkes Booth, an actor, a fanatic in the Southern cause.

  46. I wish to know the assassin of my mother," said he, with a sad earnestness.

  47. Gueyma, there is the assassin of your mother!

  48. Does the assassin of my mother still live?

  49. The assassin was standing close by him, laughing heartily, but the moment he caught sight of Harris's face, as it emerged from the water, he started back and seemed quite concerned.

  50. Detectives were employed, the assassin was arrested, and has confessed that he was paid by local men, interested in the liquor traffic, for his work.

  51. Who, then, was the assassin of one so young and fair?

  52. But poor Sydney, the victim of her own misguided passion lay there dying, with the deadly steel of the assassin sheathed in her jealous breast.

  53. The murder of an Austrian archduke by an insignificant assassin gave no sufficient warrant for the act.

  54. An assassin after his crime passed two days eating and drinking with a comrade; "he was as gay as a lark," said the latter.

  55. The assassin had entered without any riot or any violence.

  56. The assassin enters, through the window already prepared, into an unoccupied apartment.

  57. While conjecture was baffled in ascertaining either the motive or the perpetrator, it was certain that the assassin had acted upon design, and not at random.

  58. Some of the doctrines advanced would acquit the defendant, though he had gone to the bedchamber of the deceased, though he had been standing by when the assassin gave the blow.

  59. What he could do, I know not; but an assassin can penetrate into a camp, and a traitor can creep through closed walls to one's hearth.

  60. In the darkest annals of barbarism, despotic sovereigns dreaded and often found the dagger of the assassin in the hands of some member of their own family.

  61. The assassin was proficient in wielding a stiletto.

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