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Example sentences for "assailing"

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assailable; assailant; assailants; assaile; assailed; assails; assain; assalt; assan; assassin
  1. Her head was erect, her carriage proud, her step dignified, and she looked around her upon applauding friends and assailing foes with a majesty of courage which touched every heart.

  2. Some of the gunners even left their places and thrust their fists in his face, assailing him with the most brutal abuse.

  3. When General Grant carried out his predecessor's plan of assailing the city from the direction of Petersburg, he succeeded in putting an end to the war.

  4. The Confederate artillery, however, opened promptly upon the assailing force, drove it back toward Chancellorsville, and Jackson proceeded on his march without further interruption.

  5. Intelligence soon reached him, however, of the magnitude of the blow aimed by Lee, and, hastily breaking up his camps on the Rappahannock, he hurried to attack the force assailing his communications.

  6. Contrary to the ordinary course of things the assailing force had lost a less number of men than that assailed.

  7. Without openly assailing the authority of Aristotle, he endeavoured to frame a new discipline of the faculties for the discovery of truth.

  8. The destruction of Holland, far from being the means of assailing England, will serve only to increase her strength, by all the industry and wealth which will fly to her for refuge.

  9. The divine Man assailing the monsters of divine creation represents human recognition of the fact that moral order in nature is co-extensive with the control of mankind.

  10. The menacing powers depicted as assailing Sakya Muni appear only around the infancy of Zoroaster.

  11. But it was Christianity which, in the gradual effort to substitute patron-saints and guardian-angels of its own for the pagan genii, turned the latter from friends to enemies, and their protecting into assailing weapons.

  12. Colonel Forgeot, moreover, placed four batteries of horse artillery in position, which gave him on this front a total of seven batteries to be brought to bear upon the assailing masses.

  13. A party of Olaf's bowmen stood by the nearer end of the bridge, assailing the three dauntless defenders with their arrows.

  14. This it is that Philip purchases by all his expenditure--the privilege of assailing you without being assailed in turn.

  15. The ex Governor-General is not absent, but here to defend himself; and every one sees how much room there is for assailing his measures.

  16. We should always aim, in assailing the system of slavery, to awaken the consciences of those involved in it; for among slaveholders there are all kinds of moral development, as among every other class of people in the world.

  17. As soon as the subject of slavery comes up, they are of one heart, of one voice, and of one mind, while their opponents unhappily differ, and assail each other when they ought to be assailing the great enemy alone.

  18. In this position Grant's army received at sunset and repelled the last Confederate assault, hurling back, for the last time on that memorable Sunday, the assailing hosts.

  19. South Carolina was the first to secede, and it is more than probable that President Lincoln clearly discerned that the overt act of assailing the Union by war would take place at Charleston.

  20. It was drawn up in battle array and seemingly about to envelop and destroy Crook's cavalry, that was furiously assailing it to delay it.

  21. This is a very effectual way of assailing the THING, and peculiarly well suited for the practice of the female sex.

  22. In attacking a small band of buffalo, or in separating a single animal from the herd and assailing it apart from the rest, there is less excitement and less danger.

  23. Less wonderful the bays which Nature forms, And less secure against assailing storms: 110 Here rides the wave-worn bark, devoid of fear; For Baian skiffs might ply with safety here.

  24. Hartop saw that Timothy Trollope was being hard pressed by three of the enemy, who were assailing him with their heavy sticks.

  25. The strong December wind, blowing from over the Channel, caught his ample cloak, and the garment was forever escaping from his careless hold and flapping outward behind him, assailing his ears or getting twisted about his long sword.

  26. Ruffians assailing men because they dared to change their servants, and beating old women solely because their sons were on good terms with their landlords.

  27. Early that afternoon they came in view of the rushing waters of the Gull Island Rapids, with their big foam crested waves angrily assailing the rocks that here and there raised their ominous heads above the torrent.

  28. In front of us, partly obscured in smoke, the enemy's assailing infantry, while to our left and rear his multitudes were pouring through the camp of the 41st Illinois, and hurrying to cut off our retreat.

  29. He crowded furiously on, assailing us in front and flank, his soldiers howling with mingled exultation and rage, their voices rising even above the din of battle.

  30. His troops had suffered terribly, as the assailing party always does when the assailed fight bravely.

  31. A fierce yell of the enemy mingled with the increasing din of musketry announced the approach of his assailing columns.

  32. Superior to the power Of all the warring winds of heaven they rise, And from the stormy promontory tower, And toss their giant arms amid the skies, While each assailing blast increase of strength supplies.

  33. If the creature should come that way, and resolve upon assailing them, one or other, or both of them, would surely be destroyed.

  34. For he could see at a glance that the bird so assailing him was a hornbill; and a moment's reflection told him it was the cock.

  35. The modern Sparta may be vanquished by the imperial democrats assailing her from East and West.

  36. What has been the crime of Germany against the powers now assailing her?

  37. Famine and disease were assailing them with more cruel attacks than sabre or pistol can inflict.

  38. Montbar, with his crashing shot, succeeded at length in sinking one of the ships assailing him, and then he boarded the other.

  39. With threatening gestures he approached the captain, assailing him in the most vituperative terms, saying: “You are ruining us all.

  40. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "assailing" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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