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Example sentences for "assails"

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assailant; assailants; assaile; assailed; assailing; assain; assalt; assan; assassin; assassinate
  1. He fearlessly assails victims who cannot effectually defend themselves, such as the horse, the mule, and the ass, and he tears large pieces of flesh from their ribs; but he does not venture to meddle with oxen.

  2. Finally, our own guilty conscience assails us with our past sins, with the fear of death, and with the pains of hell.

  3. Acts 9:19] In the second place, the evil spirit assails us unceasingly with many sins and afflictions.

  4. Now, adversity assails us in more than one form.

  5. No doubt assails him, doing still his best, And trusting kindly Nature for the rest; No mocking conscience tears the thin disguise That wraps his breast, and tells him that he lies.

  6. No want that kindness may relieve Assails her heart in vain, The lifting of a ragged sleeve Will check her palfrey's rein.

  7. Khan assails khan, each supported by his retainers.

  8. Contact with civilisation assails the ignorance, and credulity, on which the wealth and influence of the Mullah depend.

  9. The Sun, which daily assails with an iron club and slays the monsters of darkness and the storms, when personified as Herakles does his deeds in a small place in Hellas, Nemea or Lerna.

  10. The majority has settled that, and assails whoever escapes it, no matter by which extreme.

  11. Under the name Mauri the author assails not the Koran nor Mahomet, but Arabic philosophy.

  12. Then from his palace runs A greyhound fair which on the verdant grass Assails the fiercer of the other beasts Before them all.

  13. The scent of blood assails her nostrils, and, like a steer that shivers at the gory shambles, she draws back.

  14. Oedipus, full of rage, still haunted by the suspicion of treason, yet stung to the quick by some of the dark speeches of the prophet, vehemently assails the prince, and condemns him to exile.

  15. The vicious doctrine it embodied no longer remains as an obstacle to obstruct the pathway of justice when it assails monopoly.

  16. His features contract in the agony of that moment; an overpowering temptation assails him, to tell her some pleasant falsehood about her state; but he resists it.

  17. The sort of shy half-fear which always assails her at his expected approach comes over her more strongly than ever.

  18. Believe me, Didymus's cause is just, precisely because this advocate so eagerly assails it.

  19. Who has not suffered from the idle chatter, or even worse--the lowered voice, that often assails the ear when working in our larger public libraries?

  20. It is difficult to imagine anything more calculated to destroy consecutive and considered thought than the enormous variety of inconsequential topics that assails one every time one opens a newspaper.

  21. Seduction sly assails thine ear, And gloating, foul desire is near; Baneful and blighting are their smiles, Destruction waits upon their wiles: Alas!

  22. It assails our favorite maxims and customs, and declares that he who will be the friend of this world is the enemy of God.

  23. The Senator from South Carolina assails the resolutions of my State, with his accustomed looseness, as springing from ignorance, passion, prejudice, excitement.

  24. The Senator assails Mr. Sumner for referring to the effects of Slavery upon South Carolina in the Revolutionary era.

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