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Example sentences for "condemns"

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condemne; condemned; condemnest; condemneth; condemning; condempned; condenados; condensable; condensate; condensation
  1. Nature, pulling at thine heart, Condemns the unfatherly, the imprudent part.

  2. Lowth condemns such a phrase as, "the introducing an e" and says it should be, "the introducing of an e.

  3. Henrietta Temple she condemns as "trash," "morally proving that who does wrong should be rewarded with love and fortune.

  4. A word brings the individual before us, and shows not only his character, but the character of the times, and at once illustrates or condemns to everlasting fame.

  5. Our fathers loved and followed it, we love and follow it, and if the Worship condemns it, we will kill you and destroy the Worship.

  6. I said, "The Word of the Holy God condemns all bad conduct, and I must obey my God in trying to lead you to give it up, and to love and serve His Son Jesus our Saviour.

  7. Daphne, through whom the author condemns the evil, is not a typical American girl, but, with evident intent to avoid offense, is made the daughter of a foreigner.

  8. A more recent English writer condemns its "monstrous artificialities.

  9. In utter helplessness, they confess the truth that condemns themselves; they say unto him "The first.

  10. The parable condemns persecution, but it seems not to bear upon discipline at all.

  11. The articles, prepositions, and such, cannot in serious verse stand as rhymes, under the same rule which condemns the separation of the adjective from its substantive in the next line.

  12. Aristotle condemns usury because it is the most extreme and dangerous form of chrematistic acquisition, or the art of making money for its own sake.

  13. Plutarch develops the argument that money is sterile, and condemns the practices of contemporary money-lenders as unjust.

  14. When a man hastily condemns the faults of his neighbor, without feeling any love or compassion, it is an evident sign that he is altogether void of God, and of his merciful spirit.

  15. Tertullian tells us, "We are then absolved by God, when the world condemns us.

  16. It is not, however, the indwelling sin that condemns a man, but the reigning sin.

  17. And it is nature that according to his argument really condemns man.

  18. It is to preserve the family that society condemns the natural child.

  19. Beaufort as depraved, and condemns Shakespeare for having endowed Humphry, Duke of Gloucester, with merit of which he deprived the memory of Cardinal Beaufort.

  20. In both parts of the Annals, he displays the same spirit of contradiction; first he praises, then condemns the same things; in the last part he defends Popular Revels (XIV.

  21. The Senator condemns it; South Carolina condemns it: but South Carolina is only a part of this Confederacy, and but a part of the Christian and civilized world.

  22. It provides that the tests, coupled with the electoral franchise, shall not prevail in the election of delegates, and thus impliedly condemns them.

  23. In his effort to absolve and exalt her Petrarch of course condemns himself, and so justifies Augustine's contention.

  24. Xenophanes not only condemns these poets for having ascribed to the Gods discreditable exploits, but even calls in question the existence of the Gods, and ridicules the anthropomorphic conception which pervaded the Hellenic faith.

  25. Herakleitus condemns such pretensions of particular states to separate stability, inasmuch as it keeps back the legitimate action of the universal force, in the work of destruction and renovation.

  26. Kippis condemns Sir Symonds D'Ewes for his admiration of two anagrams, expressive of the feelings of the times.

  27. It is curious to observe how the narrative seems to have perplexed Hume, who, from some preconceived system, condemns Buckingham "for the falsity of this long narrative, as calculated entirely to mislead the parliament.

  28. Indeed, Cato condemns himself by the advice he gave to his dearly loved son.

  29. Augustine condemns the Seleucians for this among other heresies, that they denied a visible Paradise.

  30. Thou knowest well the law which condemns such offenders to lose an ear.

  31. If it were true that socialism aspires to "the equality of all individuals," it would be correct to assert that Darwinism irrevocably condemns it.

  32. No matter how powerful a State is, it is not above feeling the vast difference between doing something that nobody condemns and something that everybody condemns except the interested parties.

  33. The civil government condemns a criminal to death; the priest gives him absolution and offers him paradise.

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