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  1. Its author is a young man of but twenty-six, yet he speaks with the gravity of age.

  2. He was author of the book which constitutes its germ and law, the Spiritual Exercises.

  3. The contents of these theses show that their author really had such a disputation in view.

  4. The author and mover of so much healthful change did not escape the persecutions that are the lot of reformers.

  5. All these alarms of a maiden author are set forth in various letters which he addressed on this subject to the dear friends of his bosom.

  6. Among these was Bonnivet, the author of this great calamity, who alone died unlamented.

  7. If the author of the Ordonnances ecclésiastiques accomplished, whether directly or indirectly, so much, we need not hesitate to term him a notable friend to civilization.

  8. But our author had had exceptional opportunities to observe these famous men and women, and he possessed no little insight into literature and personality.

  9. Cicero was the author of De Officiis, "Of Duties.

  10. It was invented by Rougemont, a prolific author of mots, two days after the battle, in the Indépendant.

  11. Yet this man, the author adds, had just given a thousand drusoes to a "sea-man's home.

  12. Flodden; and it has acquired additional celebrity from the no less bewitching Muse of the author of Marmion.

  13. It is admitted by the author of Caledonia, in a preceding note, p.

  14. But whether this was the Ranald here mentioned, or his father, who was then alive, is doubtful; because our author gives the name of Ranald to his father, while others call him Hugh.

  15. The author refers to this as a fact universally acknowledged among his countrymen, although, it must be recollected, no edition of the Life of Wallace was printed for more than twenty years after this work was written.

  16. The author goes so far as to assert, that Philip had applied to Edward for a truce between him and the Scots, that Philip might have a pretence for retaining Wallace for some time longer in France.

  17. The root of bitterness with the Author is, clearly enough, the Theory of Religious Belief in the Church of England.

  18. But the Reverend Author forgets his Logic when he goes on from these undoubted generalities to imply that all has been confusion and utter uncertainty until now.

  19. To be candid, we are inclined to suspect that, in the first instance, something of this sort was in reality all that the learned author had in view.

  20. GOD give the unhappy author repentance of his errors!

  21. If he may but unsettle somebody's mind,--his Essay will have achieved its purpose, and its author will not have lived in vain!

  22. The business of the Essayist, as we have said, is to undermine our confidence in the Bible, by exposing the ignorance of the author of the first chapter.

  23. It becomes with our author as purely spiritual as it was with St. Paul.

  24. They are introduced to the reader at one of their weekly gatherings and then the author proceeds to depict the home and business life of each one individually.

  25. A most remarkable novel which places the author in the first rank.

  26. This is rather a poor dodge at character drawing: I know a competent author would never throw himself on your mercy so.

  27. It is to be hoped that the author is already at work on another novel.

  28. The spirit of Spain has been caught to a very great degree by the author of this book, and held fast between its covers.

  29. A good man knows how to recapitulate all his pleasures in a devout lifting up of his hands, his eyes and his heart, to the great and bountiful author of nature, who gives beauty, relish, and success to all our honest labours.

  30. The author was an aged minister of the Gospel, at Lovingland, near Yarmouth.

  31. The author of "Herefordshire Orchards," calls him "a singular honest man.

  32. JOHN REA, the author of "Flora, Ceres, and Pomona.

  33. This book, after giving the mode of culture of most flowers, generally gives what the author calls its history.

  34. From this source arose that propensity, which appears in all his writings, of investigating final causes, and tracing the wisdom of the Supreme Author of Nature.

  35. He held a correspondence with all lovers of agriculture and gardening throughout England; and such was the justice and modesty of his temper, that he always named the author of every discovery communicated to him.

  36. Miller was the author of several publications, besides the very numerous editions of his Dictionary and Kalendar.

  37. He was the author of the "Curious and Profitable Gardener.

  38. The elder Bobart was the author of the Hortus Oxoniensis, 1648.

  39. In close: The author wishes to dedicate this Story to the many dear, bright young girls whom she is so happy as to number among her choicest friends.

  40. The author deserves great credit for his labor, and the book merits an extensive circulation.

  41. So in our modern days as we have been observing, it is not so much the story, as the things it gives the author a chance to say.

  42. But to apply to any single living person such delineation is a mistake, and might be a great wrong both to the author and to the person designated.

  43. Before we read it, we had seen with curious surprise very hearty commendation of it and eulogy of its author in the leading Presbyterian, Baptist, and Methodist journals.

  44. But in this as in other cases the author has simply used isolated facts in the construction of a dramatic character suited to the design of the story.

  45. The author is thorough in his subject; and has already published a work on our mines which commanded universal approval by its clearness of statement and breadth of views.

  46. In composing act the second, the author had to proceed like Deucalion and Pyrrha, and to create an entirely new generation.

  47. An author so limited even as to bulk, and much more limited as regards compass of thought and variety or situation or character, was about the worst that pagan literature offered.

  48. The author has exerted himself every where to keep the text accurate; and he is disposed to believe that his own care, combined with the general accuracy of the press, must have enabled him to succeed in that object.

  49. A foreign author made some experiments upon the deposition of dust, and the rate of its accumulation, in a room left wholly undisturbed.

  50. The glory of the illustrative work and the authoritative treatment by the author mark this book as one which will stand alone amidst the literature upon this popular flower.

  51. This book outlines a system of psychological reforms that can be followed by every man and woman, as the author says, to "buoyant physical health, release of mental tension, and enlarged and happy outlook on life.

  52. He interprets it in the light of his experience, as the author had written in the light of his.

  53. Many people who are interested in the beautiful fabrics of which the author treats have long wished for such a book as this and will be grateful to G.

  54. The author of Childe Harold and Don Juan will never be truly out of fashion, so long as there is a flare in youthful hearts, a discontent in ambitious minds.

  55. I feel that my world has been made larger; where before I had only seen a blank space, now I see a new world, the world in which the author lived.

  56. If they do not revivify our jaded senses, and awake our tired vision to the beauties of character and nature of the world in which we live, we may lay them aside and be sure that the author does not measure up to the proper standard.

  57. The author has taken the most dramatic period in modern times and he has treated it as it deserves.

  58. THE JEW Mikail Petrovich Artzibashef, the author of Sanine was born in the year 1878 in Southern Russia.

  59. He has done yeoman service to his country both as an author of humanitarian tales and as the mouth-piece of Russia's public conscience.

  60. He is also the author of numerous critical studies distinguished by an original method and an extraordinary brilliancy.

  61. By Charles Sarolea, author of "The Anglo-German Problem," etc.

  62. A work (non-fiction) known the world over, which has placed its author in the first rank of Russian writers.

  63. Russian author to remind his compatriots of certain indisputable, elementary truths.

  64. They are uniform in style but the work of each author is bound in a distinctive colour.

  65. The author of a large number of philosophical and theological treatises, he is also responsible for a slender volume of exquisite poems and a series of publicistic works, wherein the cause of progress is vigorously upheld.

  66. THE FIRST STEP Leonid Nikolayevich Andreyev, the author of impressive tales and remarkable dramas, is well known both in America and in England.

  67. I wrote to you, Sir, on the subject, to have from yourself an avowal that the account was yours; but as I received no answer, I have reason to compliment you with the supposition that you are not the author of it.

  68. It will be perceived that the puffing author was here intended to be a Scotchman.

  69. It was, indeed, playfully said, that no tradesman who applauded Charles could possibly have the face to dun the author afterwards.

  70. But the reluctance with which an author yields to the sad certainty of being unread, is apparent in the eagerness with which Halhed avails himself of every encouragement for a rally of his hopes.

  71. Armstrong, author of the Oeconomy of Love.

  72. Footnote: These notes of admiration are in the original, and seem meant to express the surprise of the author at the extravagance of his own joke.

  73. It should be recollected, too, that, in other respects, the author applies the lash of moral satire very successfully.

  74. After many difficulties he was shipwrecked on the coast of the isle of Malta, where the author of the Acts, from whom we have taken this narrative, does not fail to make him perform miracles, a necessary seasoning to legends.

  75. Moreover by this oath Paul himself contradicts the discourse which the author of the Acts, puts into his mouth in the presence of King Agrippa, of Queen Berenice, and the governor Festus*.

  76. In the Gospel according to St. John, the author of which appears to have drawn his ideas from the platonic philosophy, there is much talk of the Holy Ghost which is never defined.

  77. Of the Descent of the Holy Ghost upon the Apostles, or their Divine Inspiration If we may believe the author of the Acts of the Apostles, the disciples assembled at Jerusalem on the the day of Pentecost, were filled with the Holy Ghost.

  78. This is quite at variance with the author of the Acts, who informs us that Paul being come to Jerusalem, sought to join himself to the disciples, who were afraid of him, not knowing that he was a disciple.

  79. But even supposing that the journey and sojourn of three years in Arabia, really took place, it would be no less certain that Paul took a false oath to the Galatians, or that the author of the Acts is deceived.

  80. But Peter filled with the spirit, made them a long prophetic harangue; which, according to the author of the Acts, produced a great effect upon many of his hearers, who were converted upon the spot.

  81. The author of the Fairy Queen, six books of which were unfortunately lost by his servant when coming from Ireland, where Spenser was private secretary to the cruel Lord Grey de Wilton.

  82. The author of the famous Analogy and Sermons, which have been long used as text-books of moral philosophy at our universities; he was Bishop of Bristol and afterwards of Durham, and Clerk of the Closet to Queen Caroline.

  83. A Benedictine monk of great learning, and an early author and historian; he translated the Scriptures into Anglo-Saxon.

  84. The translator of Virgil and the author of The Hind and Panther and other celebrated political and descriptive poems of singular energy and force.

  85. Born at Clonmel in Ireland, was author of The Sentimental Journey, Tristram Shandy, and other works.

  86. The author of Robinson Crusoe and the History of the Plague, was the son of James Foe, a butcher of Cripplegate in London.

  87. He was the author of The Evening Hymn, and other pious works.

  88. He was the author of Tom Jones and several other novels full of character and accurate descriptions of varieties of life, but disfigured by the great coarseness of the age in which he wrote.

  89. By the Author of "John Halifax, Gentleman.

  90. By the Author of "Mrs. Jerningham's Journal.

  91. Gathered from the Old Histories and written anew by the Author of "The Heir of Redclyffe.

  92. By the Author of "When I was a Little Girl.

  93. Whether you are not the author of the eclogue, entitled, Love in the Suds, as well as of the letter prefixed to it?

  94. To these queries, the author judged it expedient to make the following reply in the same paper of July 4th.

  95. Whether you were not likewise the author of an infamous, anonymous paragraph in a public paper; for which that paper is under a just prosecution?

  96. I am the author of the eclogue you mention.

  97. The author of one of the noblest architectural works of modern times.

  98. This verse, also, if I mistake not, appears in The Poetry of the Author of Waverley, and is certainly set down by almost every reader as the production of Sir Walter.

  99. That, assuredly, is what an author of our day would consider the most extravagant feature of their work.

  100. Donneau de Vise was not only a journalist; he was a dramatic author, and as a dramatic author he was, as he was in journalism, very modern.

  101. In compliment to the author of Poor Richard's maxims, her name was changed to "Bon Homme Richard.

  102. The capture of Ticonderoga had also been secretly planned in Connecticut, and was entrusted to Ethan Allen, the eccentric but sagacious author of that now-forgotten deistical book, "The Oracles of Reason.

  103. His grandfather, an able theologian, was well known as the author of a critical treatise on the New Testament.

  104. In ancient Greece and in mediaeval Italy there were many Benedict Arnolds; in the United States a single plot for surrendering a stronghold to the enemy has consigned its author to a solitary immortality of infamy.

  105. The petition to the king was couched in beautiful and touching language, but the author seems to have understood very well how little effect it was likely to produce.

  106. You, the author of so many sufferings--such calumny--such reproach!

  107. WREN,* Author of "The Wages of Virtue," etc.

  108. He said a great many other things, did the likhne-wala, and the name he signed at the end of his letter was one well known to Uncle Gerald as the author of certain books he knew and cared for.

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