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Example sentences for "authenticated"

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  1. I must be content, for the purposes of this chapter, with a mention of the civilized nations found in possession of the country, and a brief statement of such prominent points in their past as seem well-authenticated and important.

  2. An apparently well-authenticated fact is the following, vouched for by a French naval officer, and the then French Consul at the Canaries.

  3. It is impossible to state how many New Zealanders were annually devoured; that the number was not small may be inferred from two facts authenticated by European witnesses.

  4. As to the allegations that stolen bodies did find their way to hospitals for dissecting purposes, there is a well authenticated story of a case in which a Roystonian was recognised in the dissecting room of a London hospital!

  5. This latter book, which is a mine of well-authenticated information, has suffered somewhat from its rather sensational title.

  6. He was really hot-tempered and on a few well-authenticated occasions fell into passions in which he used language that would have blistered the steel sides of a dreadnaught.

  7. Toner, who devoted years to the work, the Library also has authenticated copies of many papers of which it does not possess the originals.

  8. The German crimes have been too many and too public, too well authenticated by witnesses to be disproved by mere denial.

  9. In any action for the infringement of copyright in a picture, it will be sufficient to produce in evidence an authenticated copy of the picture, e.

  10. But is not the other doctrine as much authenticated by the miracles and so forth?

  11. I see not, then, how a revelation by any such means could be authenticated at all?

  12. We are not aware of any well-authenticated fatal case in man from a viper bite, but it fell to our lot some years ago to see a valuable pointer killed by one.

  13. This account is doubtful; but there is a well-authenticated instance of the destruction of a snake above sixty-two feet long, while in the act of coiling itself round the body of a man.

  14. An order of nolle prosequi, founded on his well authenticated state of intoxication on the evening of the ambush, had set him at liberty.

  15. Under the hand of, authenticated by the handwriting or signature of; as, the deed is executed under the hand and seal of the owner.

  16. Office copy (Law), an authenticated or certified copy of a record, from the proper office.

  17. The pretext that it did so is wholly inconsistent and irreconcilable with well-authenticated facts connected with the revolution by which Texas became independent of Mexico.

  18. Lord Weymouth accordingly wrote (8 March) to the sheriffs asking in what manner the address was authenticated and what was the nature of the assembly by which it had been adopted as it appeared to be "entirely new.

  19. The address, remonstrance and petition to be presented to your majesty, by their chief magistrate, is the act of the citizens of London in their greatest court, and is ordered by them to be properly authenticated as their act.

  20. Roger Bacon's investigations already begun were discredited: worthless mixtures of scriptural legends with imperfectly authenticated physical facts took their place.

  21. Of course this is no news to us who have stood at the bedside of dying Materialists and Atheists, or are familiar with trustworthy well-authenticated accounts of the last hours of such persons.

  22. Such cases are rare, for the Red Cross nurse is usually well authenticated and deservedly above suspicion, but the rarity of the cases and the very small likelihood of detection renders them correspondingly dangerous.

  23. As his work, it all claims our regard; and no part bears the imprint of his mind so much as the Preamble and Bill of Rights; nor is any other part authenticated as coming so exclusively from him.

  24. To the Senate of the United States: I transmit herewith to the Senate, for the information of that body, an authenticated copy of the constitution of California, received by me from the Hon.

  25. An authenticated transcript of a law passed by the legislature of Texas on the 25th day of November, agreeing to and accepting the propositions contained in the act of Congress, has been received.

  26. He relates no fact, he attributes no expression to his characters, which is not authenticated by sufficient testimony.

  27. We have no hesitation in saying that a great artist might produce a portrait of this remarkable woman at least as striking as that in the novel of Kenilworth, without employing a single trait not authenticated by ample testimony.

  28. No; but an authenticated copy, endorsed by the justice of the peace of the place.

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