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  1. The new South is far too ample a theme for a paragraph or a chapter.

  2. But now the Southern ministers of all denominations appealed for ample justification to slavery as it was permitted under the Jewish law, and as it existed in the time of Christ and the Apostles, and was unrebuked by them.

  3. When their babies were born a nurse was provided, and all the mother's work done for her for a month, and for a year she was allowed ample leisure for the care of the baby.

  4. To train such, and train them in multitudes, there must be institutions, ample in intellectual resource and high in their standards.

  5. The work has been begun after long and careful preliminary labor, and with the most ample resources for carrying it on to a successful termination.

  6. But do you care for it as you would for a fine plate or an ample punch-bowl?

  7. English Socialism, the basis of which is much more ample than that of the French, is behind it in theoretical development, will have to recede for a moment to the French standpoint in order to proceed beyond it later.

  8. In Willenhall, Commissioner Horne asserts, and supplies ample proofs of his assertion, that there exists absolutely no moral sense among the workers.

  9. To think of it madded me, because Mr. Fonda had three wealthy sons living near him, who could care for him properly with their ample means and all their servants and slaves.

  10. The embassies themselves are fine, as they are set far back from the street, surrounded with ample grounds, and on one side overlook the Bosphorus, but the street itself is dingy enough.

  11. In Milan I found them clearing away blocks of houses in front of the Duomo, to form an open square, sufficient to give an ample foreground for the Cathedral.

  12. We started from Piccadilly at half-past one, and drove quietly over Westminster Bridge, thinking we should be in ample time.

  13. Instead of standing in an open square, with ample space around it to show its full proportions, it is hedged in by shops, which are backed up against its very walls.

  14. Milk and eggs will provide ample protein for all purposes.

  15. The breakfast should be ample in order to utilize the bile secreted in the night season.

  16. Breakfast~ should be ample in order that the bile secreted and accumulated during the night may be utilized as soon as possible.

  17. His father was against the project, with the result that Conway abandoned the idea and entered his parent's office, where he found ample leisure to employ himself in writing occasional newspaper articles and tales.

  18. I am come to show you how you may obtain ample deliverance from a bondage that, unawares to yourselves, you are captivated and enslaved under.

  19. We didn't search in vain, and near noontime we had an ample supply of bananas.

  20. So it was essential to hurry and empty the galleons before the allied fleets arrived, and there would have been ample time for this unloading, if a wretched question of trade agreements hadn't suddenly come up.

  21. Then we have ample time to finish our voyage," Conseil replied, "if Ned Land doesn't mess things up!

  22. I ask only a little patience of you, since you'll have ample time to be patient.

  23. We proceeded up the river to the mouth of the Cheyenne and turned back to Omaha, having ample time on this steamboat to discuss and deliberate on the problems submitted to our charge.

  24. I never slept with such ample means of defence within my reach,--quite an arsenal.

  25. This celebrated character appeared to be verging on eighty, and, afflicted with gout, was sitting in the corner of the divan at his ease, in the old Turkish ample costume.

  26. And no man would sit on an oak chair who could sit on a divan:" so the Gospody smiled and transferred his ample person to the still ampler divan.

  27. Our host provided most ample fare for supper, preceded by a glass of slivovitsa.

  28. His ample girdle was richly embroidered, out of which projected silver-mounted old fashioned pistols.

  29. A melody may be as ample a medium for religious expression as an eight-voice fugue; hence, it is not imperative that Italian musicians should practise writing oratorios on a wholesale scale before essaying Church music.

  30. Rigoletto was the first of a series of fine examples of dramatic art, which brought world-wide fame and ample profit to Verdi, lifting him, at the same time, into the first rank of operatic composers.

  31. All told, there is ample evidence in this first great work of Verdi's Third period to show that the composer is still wholly himself.

  32. His child had been to school, and could read, write, and add figures--an ample education for the son of a poor locandiere!

  33. At least it was so with me who saw as through a mist Madame LĂ©onore moving with her mature nonchalant grace, setting before us wine and glasses with a faint swish of her ample black skirt.

  34. He was in riding breeches and a black coat with ample square skirts.

  35. When I turned to her she was sitting very stiff and upright, with her feet posed, hieratically on the carpet and her head emerging out of the ample fur collar, such as a gem-like flower above the rim of a dark vase.

  36. Each successive fight shows more clearly than the last how much may hang on an ample supply of ammunition, more especially high explosive howitzer ammunition.

  37. There is nothing that is more important to my force than an ample supply of these guns.

  38. It is strange that the ample and admirable achievements of this artist have not received more general recognition.

  39. When to my study I retire, And from books of ancient sages Glean fresh sparks of buried fire Lurking in their ample pages-- While the task my mind engages Let old words new truths inspire.

  40. I suppose it was a part of that ample gift of humility which had been pounded into my ancestors and passed on to me with the aid of the beech rod, the looking-glass, and the shrill voice of Elder Whitman in the schoolhouse.

  41. Every exhibit of drunkenness went to jail as swiftly as a team of horses and ample help could take him there.

  42. As too few things are certain, novel writers less like truth in their descriptions, than where ample wealth falls upon the hero just in the nick of time.

  43. Count Guidantonio found himself, on his succession, hampered by debts incurred in purchasing another ample investiture in vicariate from Boniface IX.

  44. And that this your agent may repair hither in safety with four horses, this letter will be an ample and valid safe conduct for his freely coming, staying, and returning.

  45. He daily had before him solecisms in policy, errors of administration, official indolence or corruption; above all, ample proofs that priests were no longer adapted for ministers of state.

  46. Possessed of ample means, and prodigal in their use, the ambition and political influence of Girolamo promised a long career of advancement and of coming glories for his subjects.

  47. Such was the genius committed to the care of Odasio, who seems to have rendered it ample justice.

  48. The constant repetition of his name in that capacity by writers on literary history leads to an impression that his zeal was remarkable, and that its fruits are attested by ample remains.

  49. No work remains from his pen, but he has given ample proof of his influence on the age, in the eminent names that issued from his academy, to illustrate Italian letters, either as sovereigns or savants.

  50. This much I can say, that I even now feel as ample satisfaction in the triumph which I anticipate from your valour as if it were already gained; yet for your satisfaction I have something to add.

  51. Although the electors of each school district have ample powers reserved to them, in actual practice matters are attended to chiefly by an elected board of directors.

  52. You will be supplied with an ample sum of money, and I will instruct my bankers to honor any drafts you may make.

  53. He was an elderly gentleman, of ample proportions, who was accustomed to walk at a slow, dignified pace and who would have found it physically uncomfortable to run, even if he could be brought to think it comported with his personal dignity.

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