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Example sentences for "enslaved"

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  1. The natives, who had enslaved each other, became in turn the slaves of these mercenary adventurers.

  2. In harmony with this contrition was his early feeling for the enslaved African, as witness his tract, “The Selling of Joseph,” so that he may be called the first of our Abolitionists.

  3. The people of the South are enslaved; they are enslaved by the usurped power of the Senator from Massachusetts, in part, and he knows it.

  4. The number of skins at times is prodigious, although this fails to reveal precisely the profits.

  5. So I argued last spring, and was satisfied that it would be our duty to be in our seats at the coming July.

  6. There is also the lynx, belonging to the feline race, living north of the Great Lakes and eastward of the Rocky Mountains, with a fur moderately prized in commerce.

  7. Without doubt, the black fox is admired for rarity and beauty.

  8. But the power is unquestionable in the other States also.

  9. Mr. Sumner rejoined:-- I hope the Senate will pardon me, if I add one word to what I have already said.

  10. Trust me that as I ignore all law to help the slave, so will I ignore it all to protect an enslaved woman.

  11. The victims who died under the knife, or were tied to a tree and shot, were usually enslaved captives, especially those of rank, but when these failed, criminals and even children were substituted.

  12. Not encountering love or elevated feelings in the enslaved mass, they found themselves without force or power.

  13. Especially were thefts punished with greater severity, the robbers being enslaved or sometimes put to death.

  14. Each one enslaved his neighbor, if he could, and their chief occupation was mutual oppression.

  15. The Spaniards made slaves without these pretexts, and without those enslaved being Indians of their jurisdiction--going moreover, to take them away from their own villages and islands.

  16. In and from that hour happened the catastrophe which overwhelmed the English people--the Crown became enslaved by a Whig oligarchy.

  17. This resembles rather the triumphal entry of a king, than the exodus of an enslaved people.

  18. Men who, though enslaved by the Aryan invaders of prehistoric times, and who have always been subjected to extremest hardship, have been gifted, like the Egyptian fellah, with an endurance which has enabled them to survive.

  19. It was obvious that what Rossetti meant by being racked and tortured, was that his subject possessed him; that he was enslaved by his own "shaping imagination.

  20. We enslaved them and built the nine worlds in our own fashion.

  21. This was the sixth afternoon that he had spent on this enslaved world.

  22. If you guess wrong, you will be enslaved yourself.

  23. The passion of an angry and enslaved people had for the moment broken its bonds, and the tumult could not be quelled by mere words.

  24. At the same time thou wast enslaved by thy passions.

  25. Farther, if all be true that this man hath said, how comes it to pass that the subjects of Shaddai are so enslaved in all places where they come?

  26. Often indeed we find the enslaved Samson refusing to allow that anything is wrong with him.

  27. In the north at least the Hebrews were kept in servitude for twenty years, suffered to remain in the land but compelled to pay heavy tribute, many of them, it is likely, enslaved or allowed but a nominal independence.

  28. Satan is in very truth the lord of every enslaved soul, not rightfully, only by virtue of the foulest usurpation; but he is so in fact, and he "binds our captive souls fast in his slavish chains.

  29. They were in fact enslaved by "him who had the power of death.

  30. It is but twenty leagues from the town of Samaria to Jerusalem, and their territories joined each other; so that when one of these towns was enslaved by powerful conquerors, the other could not long hold out.

  31. Is it sufficient to ensure any man's destruction that he has raised his head from the bosom of enslaved Christendom?

  32. A spirit of error had been sent to men, corruption of manners kept pace with corruption of faith, and a mystery of iniquity lay like an incubus on the enslaved Church of Jesus Christ.

  33. And let it not be said that the Reformation, while it freed man from human despotism, enslaved him by proclaiming the sovereignty of grace.

  34. His reputation, which was continually extending, and the courage with which he raised the banner of Christ in the midst of an enslaved Church, made his sermons be followed with increasing interest.

  35. Has he not thick-headed ignorant boors; lazy, enslaved farmers; weedy lands?

  36. Meanwhile Anne was gently but firmly trying to pull Bob's arm from her waist, her distressful difficulty being that in freeing her waist she enslaved her hand, and in getting her hand free she enslaved her waist.

  37. Both sexes are enslaved by the hateful and pernicious habit of chewing betel and areca, which they contract even while they are children, and practise incessantly from morning till night.

  38. These women imitate the Indians in every particular; their dress is made of the same materials, their hair is worn in the same manner, and they are equally enslaved by the habit of chewing betel.

  39. Moses feared not the wrath of the king, refused to be called the son of Pharaoh's daughter, and boldly espoused the cause of his despised and enslaved people.

  40. It was enslaved and driven by no unholy or inordinate ambition, by no lust for gold, by no desire for power or fame, by no fear of man, by no shame of worldly censure or adverse public opinion.

  41. In all countries of the world man has become free as land has acquired value, and as its owners have been enriched; and in all man has become enslaved as land has lost its value, and its owners have been impoverished.

  42. They demanded cheap food, and they obtained their desires at the cost of the cultivators, abroad and at home, who became more and more enslaved as Rome itself was more cheaply supplied.

  43. With every advantage of soil and climate, the population of Portugal declines, and her people become more enslaved from day to day, while her government, is driven to repudiation of her debts.

  44. That thus the labourer and land-owner suffer together, the one becoming enslaved as the other becomes impoverished.

  45. Land is nearly valueless; and in this we find the most convincing proof of the daily increasing tendency toward slavery, man having always become enslaved as land has lost its value.

  46. The system commonly called free trade tends to produce the former results; and where man is enslaved there can be no real freedom of trade.

  47. The enslaved South Russian muzhik hated the Polish pan in his capacity as landlord, Catholic, and Lakh.

  48. It emanated from the lowest elements of the population, the enslaved village khlops, who had not yet forgotten the times of Bogdan Khmelnitzki.

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