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Example sentences for "enslaves"

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ensilage; enslave; enslaved; enslavement; enslaver; enslaving; ensnare; ensnared; ensnaring; ensorcelled
  1. It is ever thus; where Theology enchains the soul, the Tyrant enslaves the body.

  2. My doctrine is this: He is a blasphemer who refuses to tell his honest thought; who is not true to himself; who enslaves his fellow man; who charges that God was once in favor of slavery.

  3. She exercises a fearful control over me, and enslaves my very soul.

  4. Liberate the king from the thraldom of the capricious siren who enslaves him, and you will do a service to the whole country.

  5. In her turn she enslaves man by demanding endless luxuries which his labour must produce.

  6. Magnanimity consists in two things": "We should beware of the desire for glory, since it enslaves the mind, which a magnanimous man should ever strive to keep untrammeled.

  7. For the comeliness of a man has its source in his reason: wherefore the sins of the flesh, whereby the flesh enslaves the reason, are viler, although spiritual sins are more grievous, since they proceed from greater contempt.

  8. Do not shoot us, brothers, but join hands against the common tyranny which enslaves our peoples.

  9. All soldiers--friend and foe--ought to throw down their weapons and go on strike, so that this war which enslaves the people more than ever may cease.

  10. Usury not only enslaves the borrower and oppresses the poor who are innocent of all debt, but it also affects the rich by gathering the wealth of the wealthy into fewer and fewer hands.

  11. Hinduism enslaves a majority of the men within its reach; of the women within its reach it enslaves all.

  12. The mother enslaves with kindness,--a bondage harder to bear and more difficult to escape than the brutal fist of the father.

  13. If still he cling to that which can be burned, the burning goes on deeper and deeper into his bosom, till it reaches the roots of the falsehood that enslaves him--possibly by looking like the truth.

  14. The man whom another enslaves may be free as God; to him who is a slave in himself, God will not enter in; he will not sup with him, for he cannot be his friend.

  15. His innocence and integrity were requited with the odium of the pitiless creditor who enslaves his helpless victim, and appropriates his all; or the fraudulent borrower who repays a too ready confidence with ruin.

  16. This fear and this hope enters the homes; women and children are educated under the moral degradation that enslaves husbands, sons, brothers, friends, lovers.

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