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Example sentences for "elevated"

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  1. They ate breakfast in the dining room, Tommy in his own chair, the visitor elevated to the proper height by a dictionary.

  2. The hound sat down on his haunches, elevated his long nose, and poured out to the cold winter sky the passion and longing of his soul.

  3. Dan sat on his haunches, elevated his nose like an aircraft gun, and began to bay.

  4. The Church~ stands upon elevated ground near the castle, and is of Decorated Gothic, dating from the time of Edward III.

  5. Of their architectural works two at least were reckoned among the "Seven Wonders," while others, not elevated to this exalted rank, were yet considered to be among the most curious and admirable of Oriental constructions.

  6. From this elevated position we could see the Turkish horsemen as they advanced towards the village, brandishing their javelins and scimitars, and uttering loud cries of defiance.

  7. The state of mind which he wished to produce in his readers was nearly always a complicated one: they were to be impressed and elevated by a multiplicity of suggestions and a sense of mystery and awe.

  8. And these people wish to be elevated above ordinary prejudices!

  9. Whether my pupil, in spite of her studies of hedges and lagunes, has sufficiently elevated thoughts to develop a taste for our 'tun' philosophy, I greatly doubt.

  10. This is a striking evidence of how the Emperor found time for everything, and could descend from his elevated duties to the most insignificant affairs.

  11. At this period of life routine and habit are everything; and nothing is considered but the elevated position, and how to make it redound to the advantage of his family.

  12. Adorable kindness in a man of such elevated rank!

  13. During his embassage Lucien had paid his court to a person of most elevated rank, and had received her portrait in a medallion surrounded with very fine brilliants.

  14. This tenderness was indeed touching, especially in one occupying so elevated a rank.

  15. The whole has been elevated much too high by the addition of the terrace steps, and an unsightly dome has been added.

  16. Pigalle, elevated on a pedestal which was decorated at the corners by statues of the cardinal virtues.

  17. At length the famous obelisk from Luxor, after many vicissitudes, was elevated in 1836 where it now stands.

  18. Africa and the Transvaal, an elevated plateau, not really desert, but covered with scrub and affording coarse pasturage for cattle.

  19. American Union; consists mainly of elevated plateau, sloping to the S.

  20. The surface is diversified by long sweeps of undulating sand-dunes, elevated plateaux, hill and mountain ranges (8000 ft.

  21. Then, elevated well above the sea, he slid and fell prone upon a slimy wet surface.

  22. Not a soul paid the least attention to this matter of a gentleman in evening dress without hat or top coat dropping from the stairway of a disused elevated station at two o'clock in the morning.

  23. Asses are eminently creatures of a warm climate, where they have a smooth, sleek coat, well-made legs, and elevated carriage of the head.

  24. Connected with this theory of Irish depreciation, was the position that but for the land of his birth Sir William would have been elevated to the peerage.

  25. Of his more elevated occasional poems, there is, perhaps, none that does not deserve commendation.

  26. Great events can be hastened or retarded only by persons of elevated dignity.

  27. He considered the verse of twelve syllables as elevated and majestick, and has, therefore, deviated into that measure, when he supposes the voice heard of the supreme being.

  28. He seems neither to have had a mind much elevated by nature, nor amplified by learning.

  29. It is natural to hope that a comprehensive is, likewise, an elevated soul, and that whoever is wise is also honest.

  30. His training in the Academy ship had been a blessing to him, for it had reformed his life, and elevated his tastes above the low level of dissipation.

  31. The signal officer, who was a quartermaster from the ship, at the order of the captain, elevated the white flag crossed with red, with which all the signals were made.

  32. The papules are elevated and pointed, with a small zone of bright redness of the skin round the base of each.

  33. At Newcastle, a mild typhus (typhus mitior) broke out in the autumn of 1816, not in the poorer quarters, but mostly among the domestics of good houses in elevated situations.

  34. The people of Boston and of the neighbouring villages in the midst of the Fens were in general healthy at a time when fever was epidemic in the more elevated situations of Lincolnshire.

  35. The distinctness of the Peyer's patches varied a good deal (differences which are known to be in part congenital and in part to depend on age), and in only two instances were they elevated and seemingly "ulcerated.

  36. In London, the least elevated parishes on both sides of the Thames were again its chief seats.

  37. In the not very extensive outbreak at Sheffield, one of its chosen seats was an elevated district called the Park, inhabited by colliers.

  38. He and the doctor elevated a cairn on the exact spot where the experiment had been made, and returned on board at five o'clock in the evening.

  39. Pelagianism, at the same time that it corrupted doctrine, strengthened the hierarchy; with the same hand with which it lowered grace it elevated the Church; for grace is of God, and the Church is of man.

  40. A Franciscan, named John Vitraire, of Tournay, whose monastic spirit seems not of a very elevated description, nevertheless, declaims forcibly against the corruption of the Church.

  41. Too great wretchedness might have weighed down the spirit of the child, but the easy circumstances of the paternal roof expanded his heart, and elevated his character.

  42. Going kindly up to him, he took every means to remove his timidity, which was moreover increased by the respect and reverence which the elevated rank of Staupitz naturally inspired.

  43. They afterwards told Luther how many persons even of elevated rank, were inclined in his favour.

  44. We have seen that the garden is wild Nature elevated and transformed by man's skill in selection and artistic concentration--wild things to which man's art has given dignity.

  45. There was a look from his eyes of most vacant and elevated beatitude; a simper sat upon his lips, which parted ineffectually with the speech that he endeavored to make.

  46. His devotion to the Royalist cause[139] is of the purest and most heroic type, and the general tone of his character, as revealed to us in his books, is elevated and noble.

  47. The bottom of the box is elevated considerably above the floor by means of the castors or brazen rollers on which it moves, a clear view of the surface immediately beneath the Automaton being thus afforded to the spectators.

  48. I then mentioned our steel; but the foreigner elevated his nose, and asked me if our steel could have executed the sharp carved work seen on the obelisks, and which was wrought altogether by edge-tools of copper.

  49. But presently he threw his head to one side, and elevated his eyebrows to a great extent.

  50. The fact that electricity passes most readily from elevated points, renders the ship the scene of the most beautiful of the more common electric phenomena.

  51. Its bed has been worn for ages through a somewhat elevated region, and at present the resultant valley has a width varying from twenty to one hundred and fifty miles.

  52. As the clouds swept in meet with an intensely heated region, the trade never chills them sufficiently to produce snow, except in extremely elevated regions.

  53. In some places the bottom of the sea was so elevated as to make shoals where there was deep water before; and in others, the land sunk down and was overflown by the sea.

  54. It is a place of dignity, elevated some steps above the table, and decorated with the various insignia of the Society; amongst which was suspended the identical small cocked-hat in which Garrick used to play the part of Ranger.

  55. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "elevated" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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