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Example sentences for "flaming"

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flames; flamethrower; flamethrowers; flamine; flamines; flamingo; flamingoes; flamingos; flamma; flammas
  1. But the great dome, flaming with its letters, Ædificabo meam Ecclesiam, shining there for ages, kindled the fight anew.

  2. He raised the gem before the flaming sun; The rays concentered, and the flames burst forth As leaping to their master.

  3. The South shall furnish victims for the block; And Teuhtlile shall repair him to the coast; The dread monition of the flaming stars May be evaded with our ready zest.

  4. To escape suffocation the Russians leaped from the flaming windows only to be caught on the uplifted lances of the savage Sitkas.

  5. Suddenly flaming with new raiment, gay vests, and yards of blue and scarlet cloth, he announced: "I weel not work.

  6. She seemed part of the flaming sunset and the tawny desert.

  7. The paragraph concerning his cousin, however, dealt with another matter that sent the blood flaming to his cheeks.

  8. Delta country with the flaming sunset, he had his first glimpse of the lordly Pyramids as the train drew into Cairo.

  9. They talked about a hundred things, moving their chairs as the blazing sunshine found them out, till finally they sat with cushions on the steps of stone that led down to the river beneath the flaming bougainvillaea.

  10. He turned his flaming eyes directly upon Atta-Kulla-Kulla, himself in the prime of life now, in 1745, who it seemed must act definitely under this coercion.

  11. Hail to this partisan of war, This bursting meteor flaming far!

  12. After walking very briskly for about an hour I came to a very small hamlet consisting of not more than six or seven houses; of these three seemed to be public-houses, as they bore large flaming signs.

  13. Rear Admiral Chester has said the same about me, but he "admits" it in big, flaming type.

  14. The sun flushed the skies in flaming colors as it was about to sink behind a run of high peaks.

  15. Again, it was pressed into a basin flaming with magical fires, burning behind a mystic curtain of opalescent frosts.

  16. Then on a sudden, a flaming light, which is the light of conjugial love, filled the house with its splendor, and the hearts of the company with satisfaction.

  17. One wore a woollen robe that shone bright with flaming purple, and under it a vest of fine bright linen; the other had on similar garments of scarlet, together with a turban studded on the right side with carbuncles.

  18. Why, our cow-keeper goes in flaming silk to-day!

  19. There I found planted in the ground a thick stake, and around it a ring of flaming brushwood.

  20. It was the duty of the watch to keep it flaming from darkness to dawn.

  21. He was standing at one end of the table facing the window that had a western aspect, and as he spoke, the flaming beams of the sinking sun streamed through the glass and along the table until they seemed to envelop him.

  22. His failure, injurious to his gigantic quality, is essential to his comic quality, for the reader often cries out, in presence of his flaming victories: Accursed sun!

  23. Drawing herself up to her full height, with one flaming glance she measured herself with him.

  24. Joseph turned round like a wounded wild cat, glaring at Stromminger with flaming eyes.

  25. That we will see," she cried in flaming anger, "whether thou'll dare to lay hands on my property.

  26. One evening when the sails flapped idly and the blocks rattled, when they had been watching in silence the flaming orange of the sunset above the amethystine Camden hills, he spoke the words for which she had been waiting.

  27. Sometimes there are topplings of sanguineous clouds, battles of giants hurling mountains at one another and succumbing beneath the monstrous ruins of flaming cities.

  28. Yes, a flaming book against Rome, in which he would set down all he had seen, a book which would depict the real Rome, the Rome which knows neither charity nor love, and is dying in the pride of its purple!

  29. It was as if a dart of flaming light fell on him in that free, unbounded expanse where he hovered.

  30. And now, that evening, amidst that fete he beheld the South victorious, Sacco winning the day like one who feeds at his ease on the warm prey so gluttonously pounced upon under the flaming sun.

  31. It slowly plunged beneath the horizon, and the only sign of cloud was some fiery vapour, as if indeed the distant sea had seethed at contact with that royal and flaming visit.

  32. With his torso erect, with his powerful leonine muzzle flaming with the white brightness of his beard and hair, old Orlando looked superb.

  33. Tom, beginning to feel that his suit was hopeless, and flaming up inwardly in the spirit which was most natural to him.

  34. Chester, who himself wrote a flaming account of it.

  35. Spite of our flaming "recommendations," which had preceded us from our last employer, the landlord of the Scandinavie, satisfactory rooms were not awaiting us.

  36. Him the Almighty Pow'r Hurl'd headlong flaming from the ethereal Sky.

  37. It had occurred towards midnight of the twelfth; and the spectroscope, to which he had at once resorted, indicated a mass of flaming gas, chiefly hydrogen, moving with an enormous velocity towards this earth.

  38. He compared it to a colossal puff of flame suddenly and violently squirted out of the planet, "as flaming gases rushed out of a gun.

  39. The Martian staggered with the violence of her explosion, and in another moment the flaming wreckage, still driving forward with the impetus of its pace, had struck him and crumpled him up like a thing of cardboard.

  40. It was sweeping round swiftly and steadily, this flaming death, this invisible, inevitable sword of heat.

  41. A flaming meteor sped across the uncharted dark of the heavens, where only the love-star shone.

  42. Baxter, the flaming evangel, made out of Baxter, the blasphemer.

  43. And He keeps a great light burning, light of Gospel invitation, light kindled with the wood of the cross and flaming up against the dark night of our sin and sorrow.

  44. The flaming sword that hung at Eden's gate when woman was driven out will cleave with its terrible edge her oppressors.

  45. In front of the flaming furnace of trial it sets the forge on which scepters are hammered out.

  46. Illustration: As the smoke blew backward, the flaming torch revealed the sleeping children] "How did ye git lost?

  47. He sent great parties out to search the land, and he himself, with flaming torch in hand, set out to seek her in the forest.

  48. The Storm Wind's wicked spell had changed him, and the Little Brown Man with flaming eye and clawlike hand was very fierce and terrible to look upon.

  49. A thousand silver lamps and myriads of waxen tapers gleamed always in the palace of the king; and in the fields the workers sowed and reaped by light of flaming torches.

  50. The boys and girls were frightened of his clawlike hands and flaming eye, and so they screamed and ran away.

  51. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "flaming" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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