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Example sentences for "dart"

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darning; darrein; dars; darse; darst; darte; darted; darter; darters; dartes
  1. Here," said I, holding up a bleeding forefinger, from which the tail end of the fluff with which the dart was winged was protruding.

  2. The date is impressed upon my memory because it was the day after Cullingworth shot the air-dart into my finger.

  3. Our positions were absurdly reversed; and it was he who sat collapsed in a chair, while it was I, with the dart still in my finger, who leaned over him and laughed the matter off.

  4. Under cover of the crowds he would slip out of a side door, or dart into an elevator just as the door was closing.

  5. A favourite trick of his to evade Evan was to suddenly dart behind a moving trolley car.

  6. When he, too, finally reached up his hand and Zeb eagerly pounced upon it, all at once the wonderful truth broke in upon the bewildered Andy just as a flash of lightning might dart from the clouds to the earth during a storm.

  7. Incensed he made a dart at Becky; but the nimble artist dodged him, and fled to the farther end of the room.

  8. Teddy, as he jumped upon his log, which darted down the stream, Teddy dancing rather lively to regain his equilibrium, which had sustained a shock by the sudden dart of his log.

  9. Occasionally Becky, annoyed at the strict guard kept over them, would dart to the side of the road.

  10. He could give himself theatrical airs, strike attitudes, and dart stage lightnings from his eyes; yet he was formidable even in his affectations.

  11. As they gazed, these mysterious strangers began to dart tongues of flame; fire ran like lightning up their masts and sails, and then they burst out like volcanoes.

  12. With robes a-flutter like wings, they dart upwards and remain suspended in mid-air at will or float in and out of the transporting picture.

  13. He shot up he wings en dart down, he did, des same ef he 'uz fired out'n a gun.

  14. He dart in one een' en he slip out de udder.

  15. In the middle of this they made a dart at the group so sudden and swift that Hake managed to overturn Flatface with a tremendous buffet, and Heika did the same to his second in command with an energetic cuff.

  16. The hollow eyes were glaring; a thick arm formed quickly to dart out toward the car.

  17. Dart repeatedly toward earth, deliver blast of gas and then retreat.

  18. Te Ponga and his men joined in the swift flight, and as soon as they had reached the water they jumped into their canoe, seized their paddles and shot away, swift as a dart from a string.

  19. Up at the dipping-hole, at the other end of the meadow, Mrs. Morel could see the naked forms of boys flashing round the deep yellow water, or an occasional bright figure dart glittering over the blackish stagnant meadow.

  20. Annie," she exclaimed, "I saw a lizard dart on that rock!

  21. At times these gleams would mantle the sky with all the soft beauty of moonlight, and at others they would dart angrily and luridly athwart the horizon.

  22. With this they would "speel" the flowery, ferny rocks, and dart silently away into the depths of the forest.

  23. The bronchoscopist, looking through the bronchoscope, E, considering himself lucky to have found the point of the tack, seizes it and starts to withdraw it, making traction as shown by the dart in drawing B.

  24. Traction with the forceps in the direction of the dart in Schema B will rip open the esophagus or bronchus inflicting fatal trauma, and probably the pin will be stripped off at the glottic or the cricopharyngeal level, respectively.

  25. The neck being maintained in position B, the desired amount of extension of the head is obtained by a movement limited to the occipito-atloid articulation by the assistant's hand placed as shown by the dart (B).

  26. Traction in the direction of the dart will disimpact the bone and permit it to rotate.

  27. A series of rebellions might dart a ray of truth into the palace of Constantinople; and the illusions of flattery were dispelled by the easy and rapid success of the Norman adventurers.

  28. The indifference of his mother toward him and her love for her younger son, had been the dart which had pierced the heart of the boy, and in the man's heart the wound had never healed.

  29. This was the dart which never failed to take effect, and which the princess always launched at the proper moment.

  30. Their futile reasonings, indeed, fall harmless to the ground, like the dart of Priam from the shield of Pyrrhus.

  31. As he thus sits in the trees his greatest enemies are the various large birds of prey which may dart down on him from above.

  32. It was not now a matter of a little dash on foot, but a full flight after a big blue-bottle fly which can dart through the air like a bullet.

  33. Why then, Comedy, send thy actors forth, And I will cross the first steps of their tread, Making them fear the very dart of death.

  34. O my siniors, der be a great diable in ce eyes, qui dart de flame, and with de voice d'un bear cries out, Villain!

  35. In fact, the sun seemed to dart out tongues of fire that threatened to lap up all the water in the mighty river.

  36. Numbers of the long-legged egrets were wading in the shallow water, stopping now and then to dart their long, sharp bills into the throngs of fish dashing about their feet.

  37. Drawing his sword and springing forward with a loud cry, he succeeded in checking the pursuit long enough to enable the pursued to dart through a gateway of the old palace.

  38. Regardless of wounds or death, numbers of them would, at a signal, dart under the horses' bellies and cling to their legs, while others strove to fell the riders from their saddles.

  39. He and his little companions dart about in sunshine and rain, naked as little brown kewpies.

  40. Deer and grouse and small animals were about us all the way, and I had the pleasure of seeing a big white-tailed squirrel dart around and around a tree trunk.

  41. One would grab the prize and dart up the trunk of a big pine tree with the whole tribe hot-footing it right after him.

  42. Fra Battista's fame and the possibility of mischief set her flashing; she led the talk and found him apt: it was not difficult to aim every word that it should go through and leave a dart in Vanna's timid breast.

  43. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "dart" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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