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  1. Toward sunset my frame was struck as with an arrow by the sensations of hunger on passing a cook's-shop.

  2. And to-day is like an eagle we have sent an arrow to shoot and know not if he will come down.

  3. In the midst of these tortures an arrow struck me, in the shape of an anonymous letter, containing one brief line: 'The princess is in need of help.

  4. They were directed by an oracle to make a bow of a certain kind of willow, and an arrow of the same, the point of which they were to dip in poison, and then shoot the monster, aiming so as to hit him under his scales.

  5. For no sooner had the arrow penetrated his skin, than he presently began to grow sick, exhibiting signs of the deepest distress.

  6. But there was something about the way he walked which suggested an arrow going to keep an important engagement with a bull's-eye.

  7. What, will not one assist To pull the torturing arrow from his breast?

  8. If that my hand had struck my darling child, This second arrow I had aimed at you, And, be assured, I should not then have missed.

  9. Oh, he has no heart-- And he could wing an arrow at his child!

  10. Suddenly he takes a second arrow from his quiver and sticks it in his belt.

  11. He who could make his own child's head his mark Can speed his arrow to his foeman's heart.

  12. He draws the arrow from his belt, and fixes his eyes sternly upon the governor.

  13. Do you think I fear An arrow from my father's hand?

  14. Not an arrow had been discharged by our bowmen--we did but cause them to run to and fro along the wall top, screaming taunts and threats at the enemy.

  15. Three strides further and a third arrow buried itself in the turf straight before me and snapped with a little click.

  16. I was just getting into full career when another arrow passed my face, this time closer than the first and whistled on among the trees.

  17. With feverish fingers I drew the arrow from the wood and unrolled the parchment.

  18. He stepped back and laid an arrow in the bow.

  19. As for me, I had not seen the man who sent the arrow at all, nor was I even able to figure the exact place from which it had come.

  20. At any moment I expected to see an arrow come singing through the air and a man drop.

  21. It came like a small arrow and with the speed of a drop of rain.

  22. But there was always a chance that the point of an arrow pierce their armor at the vulnerable spot where the headpiece is joined to the corslet or through the opening for the eyes or mouth.

  23. I was about to turn when an arrow whizzed through the air and sped over his shoulder and fastened itself in the trunk of the nearest tree.

  24. I covered twice the space that an arrow could fly.

  25. It was as good as a miss, for the arrow only grazed his arm and tore a piece of the cloth of the sleeve of his coat.

  26. His dagger was over his head ready to descend when the leader of the archers turned and sent an arrow through his neck.

  27. I saw an arrow dart in the direction of the captain.

  28. I looked and there standing before me was an arrow a yard long with its point buried deep in the earth.

  29. I was on the verge of straightening myself to look further into the woods when an arrow sang past me and struck with a click against the cave.

  30. Another arrow sped past and fastened itself in the far wall.

  31. Swift as an Indian arrow flies, Or like a shooting star.

  32. The voice at midnight came, He started up to hear; A mortal arrow pierced his frame-- He fell, but felt no fear.

  33. The latent power of the iron horse could have shot it forth like an arrow from a bow, or have blown the whole station to atoms.

  34. The arrow was tenderly shot, and with a trembling hand, but Joe prayed that it might be sent home, and it was.

  35. These tactics proved completely successful, and Belus fell mortally wounded by an arrow from Haig's bow.

  36. In the same fight, a skald named Jhormod died an honourable death, shot with an arrow while in the act of singing.

  37. With a thud an arrow had buried itself quivering in the fence.

  38. Then he raised the window and deftly shot the arrow out.

  39. As if she understood the little mare laid back her ears and sprang forward like an arrow from a bow.

  40. Instantly Joshua Peniman's gun, leveled at the point from which the arrow came, barked through the darkness.

  41. The whispered words had scarcely left his lips when an arrow whizzed by his ear.

  42. I took that arrow out of the dead body of a white man.

  43. All at once I saw him reel and totter on the seat, then he came tumbling backward, and I saw the arrow in his breast.

  44. As he stood with his bow curved, his arrow poised for flight, his eye chanced to fall upon Red Snake, the baleful and malign influence that had brought this and other troubles upon his people.

  45. The next morning Eagle Eye came to them with his clothing and moccasins on and his bow and arrow in his hand.

  46. Then going to his own wagon he returned with the arrow he had taken from the body of Lee Carroll.

  47. Spotty was standing, his ears cocked forward, and the young Indian, motionless as a statue, stood with bow bent, an arrow in rest.

  48. When he had sponged the blood away he tried to draw the arrow from the wound, but it was too deeply imbedded.

  49. And changing the aim of his arrow with the quickness of lightning he bent his bow strongly and let it fly, carrying his vengeance with it.

  50. Beneath the buckskin shirt which he had thrust aside in his agony his skin was smooth and white, and, as if in immutable justice for the deed that he had done, a feathered arrow protruded from his breast.

  51. For a moment longer he stood, then discharged the arrow and at the same moment let loose a blood-curdling yell that roused the family and set the children to screaming.

  52. The archery and rifle matches come off this afternoon; but I shan't fire another arrow till then.

  53. Henry Burnham, as he paused, with his arrow on the string.

  54. He placed the sharpest one to his bow-string, and with all the strength that he could muster he let the arrow fly.

  55. Wasula had seen her arrow enter the doe's side.

  56. He put his arrow back in the quiver, and immediately, according to custom, he took his pipe from his belt and smoked the pipe of peace.

  57. Do as we are doing now--hunt on foot with only the bow and arrow or the knife and stone for weapons, for these were the weapons of our people for untold years.

  58. Wacootay pulled an arrow from his quiver.

  59. Aside from the loss of his big claws, he had received several arrow and knife wounds during his warlike career.

  60. The animal shot by Flying Bee lay dead not far away, with an arrow sticking out of the opposite side of its body, for he was a powerful man.

  61. Zechah's skill had been proved by his father-in-law, and the arrow test was only sport to him.

  62. Wacootay seized an arrow and fitted it to the string, but his companion checked him.

  63. He may perhaps add my scalp to the many that he has taken of my people, but I will first send an arrow of mine into his body!

  64. Then she turned quickly upon the quivering doe and let her swift arrow fly.

  65. Soon they came to two does lying dead, but there were no arrows, and the wounds were not arrow wounds.

  66. In another instant he saw Tatanka snort and plough up the snow like mad, with the arrow buried deep in his side.

  67. When the deer were almost upon us, I took my sharpest arrow and shot the buck deer.

  68. How painful that little bit of bearded arrow was as part of it lay inside, and the other part in the leather!

  69. At this moment a poisoned arrow struck into me--a long, slender, bearded arrow, which first pierced the leather belt that held my revolvers.

  70. The trouble was that I had to go with that arrow in my body, for there was no time to disengage it.

  71. Just as we reach the end of the village, Rover and Fierce are wounded, each receiving an arrow in his body.

  72. Just as I was raising my gun, an arrow cut the flesh of my middle finger to the bone, severing the small artery, and causing the blood to flow copiously on the path.

  73. They are obliged to stop every time they want to adjust an arrow and take aim, and as for their spears they can not manage them in the thick jungle, for they have not space enough.

  74. I had no time to take the arrow out; the fighting was too terrific.

  75. Therefore she fell upon her knees before the arrow and began to pray to it.

  76. Throwing down his hoe, and looking in the grass, he saw that an arrow was sticking in the crane's back, and that red drops of blood dappled its white plumage.

  77. Gently Musai plucked out the arrow and helped the bird to rise, pushing back the undergrowth so that its broad white pinions could have free play.

  78. As means of capture, nets, traps, snares and pitfalls are most frequently alluded to; but the arrow (Isa.

  79. Sleepy Tony stood for a time uncertain what to answer, though every word of the maiden was like a flaming arrow in his heart.

  80. And it turned, and shot towards the dark pillar; leaping in an arch, like an arrow out of a bow.

  81. Then Neith designed them places with her arrow point; and they drew into ranks, like dark clouds laid level at morning.

  82. Perhaps the most exquisite piece of subtle contrast in the world of painting is the arrow point, laid sharp against the white side and among the flowing hair of Correggio's Antiope.

  83. Apollo is the god of all wisdom of the intellect; he bears the arrow and the bow, before he bears the lyre.

  84. And ahead, sidling, dipping, diving to the current was a deodar log with the broad arrow of government on it, now visible, now out of sight.

  85. Rama chased the deer a long time hither and thither through the forest, and at length he shot an arrow which pierced its heart.

  86. Then Indrajit came to avenge the fallen, but Lakshmana drew his bow and shot an arrow which Indra had given to him.

  87. He stood up unmoved and serene as a mountain peak, and he bent the bow and fixed an arrow in it.

  88. Whosoever can bend this bow, and strike with an arrow yonder whirling target set on high, may, if his lineage is noble, claim Draupadi for his bride.

  89. Vishwamitra urged Rama to slay her, and, guided by sound alone, he shot a great arrow which caused her death.

  90. Khara sought to avenge his brother's death, but Rama drew his bow and shot a blazing arrow which consumed him instantly.

  91. As a well-sharpened arrow swiftly to a distance flies, Thus do thou, O cough, fly forth along the expanse of the earth.

  92. He said: “The man who will bend the bow and shoot an arrow through the wheel which will strike and bring down the golden fish shall obtain my daughter in marriage.

  93. He drew the cord, and the arrow flew upwards with a hissing sound; it hit the target eye, and the golden fish fell over and clashed upon the ground.

  94. Sugriva challenged his brother to single combat, and Rama discharged an arrow which pierced the heart of the usurper.

  95. Krishna was mistaken for a gazelle by a hunter, who shot an arrow which pierced his foot at the only spot where he could be mortally wounded.

  96. Next Bhishma pressed forward with a division to shield Dhritarashtra's son, and the Rakshasa fought fiercely; he wounded Kripa, and with an arrow severed the string of Bhishma's bow.

  97. Simultaneously the terrier, Blink, was launching himself like a white arrow toward the spreading nut-tree, which stood upon a grassy knoll, while the woods rang with his fusillade of barking.

  98. Many an Indian had stained his arrow blood-red with it.

  99. Mingling with them--outshrilling them--came a call which made each scout jump as if an arrow had struck him.

  100. Bunny's been shot by an Indian arrow and I'm his nurse.

  101. No, it was a make-believe arrow fever," said Bunny.

  102. And when Bunny got make-believe shot with an Indian arrow he said he wasn't going to play fever more'n five minutes 'cause he saw what I had for him to eat.

  103. Genesee is taking the trail from the fort, with rifle and many men, and he wants an arrow that can shoot out of sight of any other; so he wants Kalitan.

  104. And, now through one, now another, and generally by MacDougall, the people at the ranch heard at times of the Arrow and of Genesee.

  105. And Rachel, glancing at him, was reminded by that manner of dignified toleration that she had kept him waiting no doubt five minutes--and five minutes in the flight of an arrow is a life-time.

  106. Will the Arrow carry a message as it flies?

  107. The only one about the house who might have helped elucidate happened to be remarkably sound asleep at the time the messenger arrived--an Arrow encased in the quiver of rest.

  108. The Arrow came forward, and shook reverently the hand of the man who had been master to him.

  109. Nor is the occurrence of flint arrow heads and knives, in conjunction with other evidences of human life, conclusive proof as to the antiquity of the latter.

  110. In January, 1854, I picked up an arrow head of quartz in a little ravine or furrow just washed out by a heavy rain, in a field near the Simeto.

  111. In shooting the tortoises of the Amazon and its tributaries, the Indians use an arrow with a long twine and a float attached to it.

  112. Hope has only one arrow left,' said Baroni, mournfully.

  113. Can I fire an arrow that will hit its mark?

  114. At that instant an arrow grazed his side and flew quivering into the canoe.

  115. Hath the deer ever escaped thine arrow or the beaver avoided thy chase?

  116. Seeing the chief at the door, he shot an arrow at him, but the shaft went wide and slew the girl's father.

  117. And catching a knife from the Prophet's belt, she ran with it to the stream on which she and the Arrow had so often floated in their canoe.

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