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  1. So a deer took refuge from hunters in the cell of St. Aventin, a hermit who lived on an island in the Seine.

  2. Perhaps for years and years only the deer and eagles have gazed upon them.

  3. Some one seeing deer above us on the hills, Dr.

  4. Of these various meats the deer proved the best, the mountain-sheep the poorest.

  5. Presently came a dozen shots far above us, and the major, who had followed the hunters, sent his orderly back for pack-mules to carry the two black-tailed deer they had killed.

  6. No one else draws animals in action, whether British deer or African wild beast, from more intelligent and thorough observation, and of his art the graceful rendering of the play of deer in Cawdor Forest gives proof that does not need words.

  7. The moone is shining britely in the ski my Cora deer The nite is late the village clock strikes 2.

  8. If youd only speak to your deer soljer Cora, Ide fite a feller if he was my brother.

  9. Most of them are good hunters and fishers; and by killing deer and other game, subsist themselves, when the packed stores fail.

  10. Deer; earls Ragnvald and Harald hunted red deer and reindeer in Caithness; red deer abounded in Cat.

  11. Little herds of elk and droves of deer fed on the grass-covered slopes, as fat, as sleek and fearless of mankind as though they dwelt domesticated in some noble park.

  12. The antlers of the deer and the elk which emerged from the concealing thickets now showed no longer ragged strips of velvet, and their tips were polished in the preliminary fitting for the fall season of love and combat.

  13. He gazed at the bronzed figure before him, clad in fringed tunic and leggings of deer hide; at the belt with little knife and ax, at the gun which now rested in the hollow of his arm.

  14. But, in spite of their waiting, the deer would not roar.

  15. Many a frolic have I had runnin' the deer through these woods!

  16. Some began to amuse themselves by flinging the clean-picked bones of deer and hare along the glassy ice of the Volga.

  17. Fires were kindled, a score or two of hares and a brace of deer were skinned, and the flesh placed on sticks to broil; skins of mead foamed and hissed into the wooden bowls, and the cask of unbroached wine towered in the midst.

  18. And then he remembered the look on Tarzan's face when they had discovered that the cabin was empty--such a look as the hunter sees in the eyes of the wounded deer he has wantonly brought down.

  19. So quickly the virus worked that at the end of a dozen leaps the deer plunged headlong into the undergrowth, dead.

  20. The deer and the wild pig grubbed up their crops, and now and again the tiger carried off a man at twilight, within sight of the village gates.

  21. Baloo knows it, I know it, the Pack know it, and even the foolish, foolish deer know.

  22. And a doe leaped up--and a doe leaped up From the pond in the wood where the wild deer sup.

  23. These are absolutely sure to hold the deer should the unfortunate animal run into them--a thing which does not happen often.

  24. On clear, moonlight nights they sometimes attempt to stalk the deer while grazing in the open field, but are not usually successful.

  25. In spite of this, however, the stricken deer sometimes gets away, probably to die a lingering death with the terrible iron point deeply embedded in its flesh.

  26. Quite often in the chase a long rope net, resembling a fish net but much coarser and stronger, is placed in advance of the beating party in some good position where the deer is likely to run if started up.

  27. Those with which he hunts the deer are provided with cruelly barbed, detachable iron point.

  28. Presently from one of the many runs leading out of the ravine a deer appears and, if there happens to be a Negrito on the spot, gets an arrow.

  29. But this required an infinite amount of patience, for the deer has a keen nose, and two or three days might elapse before the hunter could get even a glimpse of the animal.

  30. In the first place it was necessary that the run be of the right width with underbrush on either side, because if the noose were too large the deer might jump through it and if too small he might brush it to one side.

  31. The Negritos usually hunt in bands, and, because they have little else to do and can go out and kill a deer almost any time, they do not resort much to the use of traps.

  32. It is the capture of the deer which makes the greatest demands on the Negrito's skill.

  33. His environment does not supply a great variety of game, but there are always deer and wild boars in abundance.

  34. So he bethought himself of a means to entrap the deer while he rested at home.

  35. When a deer is killed it is hung up in a tree and the hunt proceeds.

  36. He never has more than two meals a day, sometimes only one, and he will often start early in the morning on a deer hunt without having eaten any food and will hunt fill late in the afternoon.

  37. In olden days all this country was full of game; bears, stags and fallow-deer are mentioned.

  38. Only wolves and a few roe-deer are now left.

  39. I have been told that red-deer were introduced, ut that the experiment failed; probably the country was too not and damp.

  40. I wish I had something to offer little Marie Louise Usher in exchange for her deer horns.

  41. The right to preserve the game, which meant that they might keep whole herds of deer and boars, and flocks of partridges, to overrun the peasant's land and eat up his crops.

  42. Ursula loved the situation, the white table by the cedar tree, the scent of new sunshine, the little vision of the leafy park, with far-off deer feeding peacefully.

  43. There seemed a magic circle drawn about the place, shutting out the present, enclosing the delightful, precious past, trees and deer and silence, like a dream.

  44. Like the deer he will pass his nights on the mountain slopes, and during the day will be seen leaping on their summits or in their caverns.

  45. It is a day for winter sports, and all kinds of fun, and you shall sit in the casino at the Deer Park and see it for yourself," said Gerda, giving Karen a loving hug.

  46. Then he whispered to Gerda to ask if she thought they might go up in the elevator before going to the Deer Park.

  47. In summer, steamers and street cars are constantly carrying people back and forth between the Deer Park and other parts of the city.

  48. The Djurgård, or Deer Park, is a beautiful public park on one of the wooded islands near Stockholm.

  49. I have ten deer now, but I would gladly give them all to my father if he would let me go to Stockholm with you.

  50. The king gave chase to the flying animal, and, on reaching the spot where the priests were, the thero Mahindo came within sight of the monarch; but the metamorphosed deer vanished.

  51. The leopards frequent the vicinity of pasture lands in quest of the deer and other peaceful animals which resort to them; and the villagers often complain of the destruction of their cattle by these formidable marauders.

  52. Besides the deer and some varieties of the humped ox, which have been introduced from the opposite continent of India, Ceylon has probably but one other indigenous ruminant.

  53. Through these pastures the deer troop in herds within gunshot, bounding into the nearest cover when disturbed.

  54. Careless hunters have mistaken them for bear or deer or some other game.

  55. The stuffed bag was the deer and the corn was for the trail.

  56. The arrow went so fast that I believe it almost would have killed a real deer if it had hit him, but he aimed too high and it went over.

  57. That made him forget all about his deer for 'most an hour.

  58. He says that he hadn't any idea there would be a bear or deer around, or he shouldn't have let him go.

  59. When the party returned they brought back ten deer and all had a great feast on the river bank.

  60. He didn't say it out loud because he knew that although the deer could not smell him on account of the wind blowing the other way, he would hear him, unless he was very careful.

  61. Hank was off like a deer before the words were out of his mouth, running toward the station, nearly two miles away.

  62. Then Hank stepped five paces toward the deer and shot.

  63. The game was for Skinny to scatter corn along, making a crooked trail for us to follow, and then to hide the deer somewhere for us to find.

  64. You won't find anybody drowning up there, but several deer have been seen around there lately.

  65. At last he was crouching down behind some big bushes, and on the other side he could hear the deer real plain, tramping around like a horse.

  66. A grand place, Richmond Park; and in that half-light wonderful, the deer moving so softly, you might have thought they were spirits.

  67. The crossing of the stream by a Deer foretold how soon the hills would be covered with snow.

  68. The wooden or cane shafts probably were tipped with many kinds of points, some beveled, some serrated, some triangular, some blunt, being fastened thereto with the sinew of the deer or other animal.

  69. During winter the men hunt Foxes, Martens, and Sables, and kill some bear of the black kind, but neither Deer nor other game is to be found without going a great distance in the interior, where Reindeer are now and then procured.

  70. The deer are a picture only--a picture that lives and moves and is beautiful to look at, but must not be rudely handled.

  71. The deer need keep no watch, there are no wolves to pull them down; and it is quite probable that the absence of any danger of that kind is the reason of their tameness even more than the fact that they are not chased by man.

  72. For the purpose of keeping the deer in, it was as useful as the pale of oak.

  73. Far away on a rising knoll a herd of deer were lying under some elms.

  74. If the deer were outside the forest at any hour it was sure to be when the dew was on the grass, and thus they noticed that with the hay truss on their heads they could walk up quite close occasionally.

  75. These deer and their ancestors have been confined within the pale for hundreds of years, and though in a sense free, they are in no sense wild.

  76. Starlight and frost and slow time are the same now as when the red deer and the wild boar dwelt in the forest.

  77. The deer fed up to the precincts, and at intervals a buck at the dawn got into the garden.

  78. On analogical grounds it would seem quite possible that in their original state the English deer did move from part to part of the country with the seasons.

  79. So the cross-bow bolt flew point-blank, and thus its application to hunting when the deer were really killed for their venison.

  80. Of old time the deer did run wild, and were hunted till the pale was broken in the great Civil War.

  81. A park without deer is like a wall without pictures.

  82. All the great wave of teaching and text and tracts and missions and the produce of the printing-press has made no impression upon his race any more than upon the red deer that roam in the forest behind his camp.

  83. If the pale were removed how quickly the deer would leave the close forest which in imagination is so associated with them!

  84. Just in front of the sleeping Indian were several objects lying upon the leaves, which he was certain were the bones of some animal, most probably a deer or buffalo.

  85. It was about the middle of yisterday afternoon that I fetched down a deer that was browsing on the bank of a small stream that I raiched, and, as a matter of coorse, I made my dinner on him.

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