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Example sentences for "gladly"

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gladiolus; gladium; gladius; gladlie; gladlier; gladness; gladnesse; glads; gladsome; glaid
  1. Much as I desire to visit the North Pole, still I would gladly remain here six months or a year if it would do her any good.

  2. There is not a crowned head nor potentate in Europe before whom I would not gladly and fearlessly put my system to such test.

  3. She put off the time that must come, or let him put it off for her, and gladly lost herself in the bliss of the present.

  4. Even then he did not quite believe that she would see him, and he gladly lost the bet he made himself, at the sound of a descending step on the stairs, that it was the Irish girl coming back to say that Miss Saunders was not at home.

  5. Louis XIII would gladly have shaken himself free from his imperious minister's tyranny, but the King's health was failing and he could only listen to whispers of the fresh plots which he was too weak to discountenance and forbid.

  6. The Marchioness, suspecting nothing, gladly accepted the offer of a drive in the country with the astute Desgrez, who promptly brought her under escort to the French frontier as a prisoner.

  7. So he would gladly have seen Louis crush every opponent except himself, would have found it a pleasant vengeance indeed to see all these upstart powers destroying one another.

  8. If such a man is wise, he will gladly do the thing that is next, when the time and the need come together, without asking what the future holds for him.

  9. I would gladly recall both if I could, but unable to do that I write you this letter which I hope you will receive in the same friendly spirit in which I send it.

  10. And all looked up, and took the joke, As I dropped gladly to the ground Among them, where they all lay gazing Upon the bubbling and the blazing.

  11. Gladly came the determination to abandon the enterprise rather than do violence to the birds.

  12. We know, because he says so, that Tom fought for her, and that Nelly gladly accepted the protection of the staunchest man of the district.

  13. To these houseless strangers I gladly offer hospitality, and acknowledge with thankfulness their cheerful presence.

  14. I would gladly have given my income for a year, to have gained possession of the books, alone; for, beyond all shadow of doubt, I knew them to contain formula calculated to revolutionize the science of medicine.

  15. If you only knew how gladly I would live all my life here if only I could do you some greater service--" She looked a little surprised, and then for one brief second reflected.

  16. He gladly accepted invitations from his tenantry, and would remain on long visits, because he thus saved board.

  17. Indeed, he would gladly refund the loss were the two pairs of boots not forthcoming.

  18. I must beleeve and suffer whatsoever Your Lordships charge me with: yet would gladly heare What my faultes are.

  19. Her love for him was unselfish, and if by any sacrifice she could achieve his welfare, she would gladly make it.

  20. Suddenly he threw back his head and said: "In a good and righteous cause I would face death gladly without shrinking.

  21. I will gladly visit him, and do what I can; but I would fain, if it might he accorded, see Master Garret first, and take word to Dalaber of mine own knowledge that he has promised submission.

  22. Anthony raised his head and broke out into vehement speech, which she welcomed gladly after the long silence of utter depression.

  23. If the Lord had work for him still to do, how gladly would he do it!

  24. He greeted them both in brotherly fashion, and gladly welcomed them to his lodging.

  25. The methods of the League in late years have not been calculated to make friends either among the ranks of the players or of the public, and both would gladly welcome a rival in the field.

  26. He has done a great work for the Chicago team, and can now give way to another, resting on the honors which he has already won and which the base-ball public gladly concede to him.

  27. Ferdinand would gladly have bowed and passed on; but that was impossible.

  28. Will replied that he would gladly dine, but must be excused for a time, afterwards; as he was on duty, and would have to go the rounds, in the evening.

  29. I would gladly send you ashore if I considered it safe for you to go," replied the Captain, "but I advise you to remain on board.

  30. Gladly would I follow you through all the dangers of the war.

  31. I feel for you, and would gladly aid you to any extent which my duty might allow, in averting the possible calamity that may hang over you.

  32. If you will accept of my services, feeble and inadequate as they may be, I would gladly tender them to afford you such facilities as the pressure of the present emergency may allow.

  33. I am willing; I would gladly live on dry bread the rest of my days to see her happy as a queen, the wife of a notary of Paris, as you say.

  34. He would gladly have been run over and crushed by it; if he died by accident, the confusion of his affairs would be laid to that circumstance.

  35. So, as I said before, they needed the pool and gladly put up with its presence, and it was considered common property.

  36. Every species of hospitality was gladly and respectfully extended to the distressed travellers, and they were kindly requested to stay as long at Glendearg as their circumstances rendered necessary, or their inclination prompted.

  37. I would gladly offer a free and full pardon to the greatest sinner that ever lived.

  38. They feel for the sorrows of others, and would gladly relieve them if they could: they can weep with their friends in affliction, but are unable to take their grief away.

  39. Truly this is a sore disease, and one that I would gladly help to cure.

  40. Gladly would they have avoided the eye of their parents on these occasions, but that was not allowed; they were obliged to appear.

  41. The Tory party--so influential then, and which saw with displeasure the future promise of a great orator held out in the person of a young Whig peer--gladly seized a pretext for displaying its hostility.

  42. To the disciples who had already gladly accepted the first principles of the gospel of Christ, more should be given; while from those who had rejected the proffered boon, even what they had theretofore possessed should be taken away.

  43. When the grain is ripe the man gladly harvests his crop.

  44. He gladly sold all that he possessed to make possible his purchase of the field.

  45. The father is powerless to control by force or to direct by arbitrary command; and, while he would gladly make any effort or sacrifice to save his son from the fate impending, he fears for what seems to be an awful certainty.

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