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Example sentences for "deeps"

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  1. His cousin had not yet seemed to him so charming as during these days spent in sounding, tourist-fashion, the deeps and shallows of the metropolitan element.

  2. Isabel remembered that her friend had spoken of him during their plunge, at Gardencourt, into the deeps of talk, and wondered a little what was the nature of the tie binding these superior spirits.

  3. But something in the deeps of his own nature was struggling to the surface to assure him that his dream was truth.

  4. Ultimately, however, and in the final deeps of analysis it will be found undoubtedly that both our realism and our idealism as well as similar qualities of the spirit world are in all essential considerations quite illusionary.

  5. It is bound to experience a certain sense of humility, and yet some pride born of a knowledge that it has been in the presence of a great mystery and has delved into the fearful deeps of kosmic mind.

  6. The world had grown more solemn now: here and there in the lilac-gray deeps overhead a small silver point began to appear.

  7. It told a story of strange workings in the deeps of his soul.

  8. One never rams one's head against a blank wall in him, but always finds deeps and deeps behind.

  9. The unconscious deeps which lie beneath the surface of the mind are rarely less urgent than the motives that are avowed.

  10. The significance of herd instinct and the vast primitive deeps of the unconscious were alike hidden from him.

  11. His flashes of insight are things that go, as few men have ever gone, into the hidden deeps of political complexity.

  12. When Light rose, earthquake-shod, And slow its gradual splendor grew O'er deeps the whirlwind trod.

  13. Then my soul blackened; and I rose to find And grasp my doom, and cleave the arching deeps Of desolation.

  14. That would have been in lowest deeps of sorrow to open a yet lower deep of horror.

  15. A portion of the “fire girdle” of the Pacific, showing the relation of the chains of volcanic mountains to the deeps of the neighboring ocean floor.

  16. At the sea level the weight of air upon each square inch of surface is about fifteen pounds, whereas upon the floor of the hydrosphere in the more profound deeps the load upon the square inch must be measured in tons.

  17. From under the offshore deeps of the ocean to beneath the growing mountains upon the shore, a transfer of earth material must be assumed to take place when disturbances are registered.

  18. Upon a larger scale the end blocks may equally well be considered as the floor of the great deeps off the Alaskan coast, whose sinking at the time of the earthquake was the cause of the great sea wave.

  19. These waves proceed from above the great deeps upon the ocean bottom, and clearly result from the grander earth movements to which these depressions owe their exceptional depth.

  20. The fact of greatest significance in the distribution seems to be that bands of active volcanoes are to be found wherever mountain ranges are paralleled by deeps on the neighboring ocean floor (Fig.

  21. Searching the caves of that prophetic sea, What bringest from the deeps of destiny?

  22. We lie open on one side to the deeps of spiritual nature, to the attributes of God.

  23. Instances of this occur in the clear deeps of Dante, Shakspere, and Goethe.

  24. Their interest for us is as fathomless as the deeps of space in which they shine.

  25. But the most powerful telescope yet placed in human hands can not sound these starry deeps to the bottom.

  26. Now to the heavens they mount amain, Now sink to dreadful deeps again; What strange affrights young sailors feel, And like a staggering drunkard reel!

  27. He form'd the deeps unknown; He gave the seas their bound; The watery worlds are all his own, And all the solid ground.

  28. Thro' watery deeps and fiery ways We march at thy command, Led to possess the promis'd place By thine unerring hand.

  29. Great is thy mercy, and my tongue Shall those sweet wonders tell, How by thy grace my sinking soul Rose from the deeps of hell.

  30. Thy sword shall give my foes to death, And send them down to dwell In the dark caverns of the earth, Or to the deeps of hell.

  31. Again they climb the watery hills, And plunge in deeps again; Each like a tottering drunkard reels, And finds his courage vain.

  32. Out of the deeps of long distress, The borders of despair, I sent my cries to seek thy grace, My groans to move thine ear.

  33. Amidst the darkness and the deeps Thou art my comfort, thou my stay; Thy staff supports my feeble steps, Thy rod directs my doubtful way.

  34. Temptations fled at his rebuke, The blast of his almighty breath; He sent salvation from on high, And drew me from the deeps of death.

  35. For other life is a fountain sealed, And the deeps below are unrevealed, And we drift on legends for ever!

  36. For never shall lips of the living reveal What the deeps that howl yonder in terror conceal.

  37. Nine years she wrought it, sitting in the deeps Upon the hidden bases of the hills.

  38. I have prayed a few broken fragments of prayer, recovered almost miraculously from the deeps of memory.

  39. Even so is God visible from the deeps of the spirit," she answered.

  40. These fishers in black torment tossed, They are the men immensely lost Among the knells and far aways And far beyonds where none can gaze; And in their souls' monotonous deeps The humid autumn midnight weeps.

  41. Then, while my arms with scrofulous blood are dyed, I note in poems clear with scrupulous art What my keen eyes in these dark deeps descried.

  42. There was no triumph on her face When she slowly turned from me, And fear was born in my heart Because I clearly saw its awful image When it sprang into life in the deeps of her eyes.

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