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Example sentences for "abounded"

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aboudt; aboue; abought; abound; aboundance; aboundeth; abounding; abounds; about; aboute
  1. They told the strangers that about seventy leagues off they would find Veragua, a country which abounded in gold.

  2. Now he sailed along the Mosquito shore, the rivers of which abounded with tortoises and alligators, and in one of these rivers they lost some of their men who had gone in a boat to seek for provisions.

  3. Rich pasture lands lay around, the streams abounded with fish, the gardens and orchards with flowers and fruit.

  4. Alluvium abounded in every direction, forming steep sloping banks, often much worn away by running water, and occasionally from two to three hundred feet in thickness.

  5. The surface of the lowest part was covered with a hard shining white clay, without any of the fine gravel which abounded elsewhere.

  6. He saw before him a line of coast rising above the horizon, which the Indians said abounded in pearls.

  7. On their arrival, taking a hundred men with him, he set out on a reconnoitering cruise to the eastward, in the direction to which the natives pointed as being that of the land which abounded in gold.

  8. From these unsuspecting natives he learned that in their fields fed flocks of the animals which yielded their wool, whilst gold and silver abounded in their country.

  9. There was in the way a great cacique called Tubanam√°, whose territories abounded in gold, but who would oppose their passage with a mighty force.

  10. Ducks and teal, and other kinds of water fowl, abounded in the creeks and coves.

  11. As we were in a part of the ocean which abounded in flying fish, it was the general opinion that the stoppage of the leak was caused by the involuntary action of a flying fish!

  12. It is not that the early Aryans were myth-makers because their language abounded in metaphor; it is that the Aryan mother-tongue abounded in metaphor because the men and women who spoke it were myth-makers.

  13. But to compensate the want of it, they had almost every other perfection: for they had a happy choice of words, and abounded in pithy and agreeable sentiments, though they had not the art of harmonizing and completing their periods.

  14. John Overs was a miser, living in the old days when popery flourished, and friars abounded in England.

  15. Of the sledging train, whose unconcealed traces abounded to the northeast, as Lottery Paul reported two days ago?

  16. She came from a climate where abounded reptiles making such a sound.

  17. The soil was excellent, and the brushes behind us abounded with a new species of melaleuca.

  18. It was covered with high grasses, and abounded in kangaroos; within the space of a few yards we found five or six, but they were immediately lost to us and to the dogs in the luxuriance of the vegetation amidst which they were feeding.

  19. The spot was sacred and abounded with birds and beasts.

  20. And the wells and lakes were ever full; the groves abounded with trees, and the houses and abodes of Brahmanas were full of wealth and the whole kingdom was full of festivities.

  21. Bustards, hares, gazelles, francolins, and several wild animals abounded in the jungle and the plains, and before we returned in the afternoon scarcely a horseman was without some trophy of the chase dangling from his saddle.

  22. Xenophon preferred the route across the mountains of Kurdistan, as it led into Armenia, a country from which they might choose their own road to the sea, and which abounded in villages and the necessaries of life.

  23. He was appointed Rector of Wearmouth, and is said to have "abounded in great revenues, but was gaping after greater.

  24. There abounded there, contemporaries inform us, "men skilled in mystic eloquence, weighing the words of the law, bringing forth from their treasures things new and old.

  25. Or what should I say of the oppressions, injustice, cozenage in trading and in merchandise, which yourselves know better than I can do how much they have abounded in the kingdom?

  26. It is possible that these taverns had gods as signs, just as in the Middle Ages the streets abounded in images of the Madonna and saints, which invited the traveler to turn in for profit or pleasure.

  27. In the seventeenth century England abounded with excellent inns of every rank.

  28. This city was washed by a great river, which flowed from west to east, and abounded in crocodiles.

  29. This part of Mr. Chandler's career abounded in the making of friendships which endured until death.

  30. His own State abounded with evidences of its justice, and his firm faith in the protective principle was also strengthened by the teachings of his practical mercantile experience and by his general commercial sagacity.

  31. It was a period when writers abounded who would have been better employed on translation than on any attempt at original work.

  32. Both Atellan and mime abounded in topical allusions and spared not even the emperors.

  33. Yorkshire abounded in Roman Catholics in the time of Elizabeth (see the "Hatfield MSS.

  34. Father Jones had provided a place of concealment at Coombe, in the Parish of Welch Newton, on the borders of Herefordshire, which then abounded in Catholics.

  35. All this portion of the north of England abounded in adherents of the ancient faith up to about the time of the Gunpowder Plot.

  36. The old clergyman abounded in almost paternal kindness, and pressed upon Graham a glass of home-made wine.

  37. From the time of his first message to them he had rarely lost an opportunity to send a letter to the anxious ones at home, and their replies abounded in solicitous, grateful words.

  38. It almost seemed as if Grace understood him, for although the rich color mantled in her cheeks and she abounded in smile and repartee, a look of deep sadness rarely left her eyes.

  39. Mr. Wilson, unwittingly sapping public faith in written treaties, was held up as one of the many pictures in which the Conference abounded of the delegates refuting their words by acts.

  40. The former were also the most strenuous toilers, for their task bristled with difficulties and abounded in startling surprises, and its accomplishment depended on the will of others.

  41. So transparent were these waters that the trout with which they abounded could be seen gliding about as if in the air; and their pebbly beds were distinctly visible at the depth of many feet.

  42. The Cottonois were anxious for him to proceed at once to their country; which, they assured him, abounded in beaver.

  43. His learning and culture were so much a part of himself, that his most familiar talk abounded in the happiest touches about books and art and life.

  44. Discrepancies abounded in the views of the opposition upon redistribution.

  45. He abounded in the sense of his appeal to the ladies, and they might take their choice of his doing so from humility or from pride.

  46. She abounded in praise of them, and after the manner of Woollett--which made the manner of Woollett a loveable thing again to Strether.

  47. The country itself, as I declared at first sight, was unfavourable to plants, because it abounded in chalk.

  48. In an immense plain, extending towards the south, you beheld many thousands of wandering horses; and the marshes, lakes, and rivers abounded in otters and capibaris.

  49. The city Esteco, which was a few years after destroyed by an earthquake, abounded in public vices proportionable to its wealth and power.

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