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Example sentences for "dangling"

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dangerousness; dangers; dangle; dangled; dangles; dank; danke; danken; danket; dann
  1. From every podgy hand he could see dangling the lithograph of St. Mary's tower with its glazed moonlight; and he was not sufficiently aware of the glib atom who bounced about the golden dazzle of the stage to trouble about his name.

  2. He supposed, with a smile at himself for so gross a fraud, that he really did for them pass mortal stature and that already he had a bunch of legends dangling from his halo.

  3. This method takes away several dangling locks and the carrying of many keys.

  4. The bridle of stout plaited greenhide held, and after a few wild plunges the horse went careering madly away over the plain towards the acacia scrub, the steelyard still dangling from the rein.

  5. With these heavy weights dangling at the ends of the thongs, the young man was required to dance around the circle, to the sound of the drum and chants of the bystanders, until the skulls became detached by tearing out the flesh.

  6. As he saw us standing on either side of him, he started back for a moment, but then stopped short, his keys still dangling from his hand.

  7. Carefully watching the assistant’s face, I pointed first at the keys still dangling forgotten in his hand, and then pointed at the first door I had tried, going to it and shaking the lock.

  8. Mrs. Malony would have remained with the party if she had not encountered her frolicsome cow, a section of fence-rail dangling from her neck, strolling off toward town.

  9. So Mabel, a swollen, imprisoned but gorgeous hand dangling at each side, a big navy-blue hat flopping over one eye, strutted muffless down the street.

  10. His dangling tresses, that were never shorn, Had they been cut, and unto Colchos borne, Would have allur'd the venturous youth of Greece To hazard more than for the golden fleece.

  11. With these cords dangling alongside of them, the horse is put to his full speed, without fear of falling; and, when he is turned to graze, the noose is merely taken from his mouth.

  12. Our royalist countrymen were not heartless dangling courtiers, bowing at every step, and simpering at every word.

  13. He came down to the House in all the pomp of gout, his legs swathed in flannels, his arm dangling in a sling.

  14. The boy thought, as he was dangling from the bear's mouth, that never had he been so stupid as he was to-night.

  15. So he came along now in the gray night, through the bewildering forest, with the reins dangling and his thoughts far away.

  16. Toby reeled first to one side and then to the other, now standing erect in the saddle, and now dangling at the end of the rope, with the horse almost out from under him.

  17. As might have been expected, Toby lost his balance, the horse went on ahead, and he was left dangling at the end of the rope, very much like a crab that has just been caught by the means of a pole and line.

  18. For the great airship lay helpless in the air, turning slowly as if on a pivot, and dangling a thousand feet above that tiny Union Jack which marked the summit of Mount Everest.

  19. For that man, dangling from a rope, turning like a spider hanging by a single thread, and swaying from side to side as the wind caught him, appeared to be supported by nothing in particular.

  20. Instantly that familiar lift had swung downward, turning and twisting giddily upon its single strand of steel wire, till the dangling platform was actually resting on the gallery which supported Dick and his friends.

  21. There came a cry from far up aloft, and then the dangling figure was whisked upward at express speed, for all the world as if he were seated in an elevator going aloft in a New York skyscraper.

  22. While he is away you will find two wires dangling down the elevator shaft.

  23. At the window he quickly attached the wires to the two that were dangling down from the roof and shoved them around out of sight.

  24. As he raised his eyes and they chanced to rest on Kennedy's hands, holding the electrodes dangling idly in the air, I think I never saw a greater look of astonishment on a human face.

  25. The rope ladder was thrown over the side of the ship with its lower end dangling upon the lighter's deck, and we were told we could now go ashore.

  26. There were also hams and sides of bacon dangling in greasy yellow covers over the backs of the pack animals, along with "grub" boxes and bags of canned goods of every description.

  27. He was dangling in the air and whirling round and round at a rapid rate, like a malefactor suspended from the gallows, with the exception that his neck did not suffer, and he cried out most lustily for assistance.

  28. The kitten, no longer able to annoy its companion by its mischievous pranks, now paced up to the fire and commenced playing with a dangling string attached to Joe's moccasin.

  29. Mr. Van Burnam, I have been told that the locket I see there dangling from your watch-chain contains a lock of your wife's hair.

  30. Dangling in his parachute harness when Paula needed him.

  31. Though dangling from the straps in a position that would be vertical were we on earth, he slept like a baby.

  32. Clumsily enough, dangling as he was, Bell twisted about to look for Paula.

  33. He had left his firing switch, but he still carried the portable telephone slung from his shoulder, the earth-pin dangling from it.

  34. There, with my breath regained, and my parched throat relieved, and my tired legs dangling from the most luxurious of rocking-chairs, my spirits rose with my returning strength.

  35. I could have landed a shark with the strength which I put into that wild jerk, but I saw only the worm bait dangling above my astonished face.

  36. The corners of his mouth twitched in a passing smile, and pouncing upon his handiwork, he held it at arm's length, dangling before the astonished eyes of the company.

  37. My rough life does not fit me for playing the part of a dangling fop, or uttering canting lies about religion.

  38. If this promise is not ratified promptly, I'll straight away to the king and expose your foul conspiracy, and I shall have the pleasure of seeing your head dangling from the gate within a week.

  39. The mightiest chieftains, including Le Gris, did not scruple to beg for whiskey, and parties of warriors were arriving from the Ohio river and Kentucky, with the scalps of white men dangling at their belts.

  40. The girl who waits on it has gold earrings dangling against her white neck and a cap with turned up wings, like Molière's soubrettes, and her sparkling blue eyes would incline anyone to ask her for something more than mere plates.

  41. This was no less than the Montmartre of Milan--a great stone gallows with dangling chains, and tenanted--faugh!

  42. The sole occupant of the room sat upon a corner of the table, one foot resting on the floor, the other dangling carelessly.

  43. A dozen came forth thus, stalwart, grim-faced braves, many with fresh scalps dangling at their belts.

  44. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "dangling" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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