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Example sentences for "friendships"

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friendlily; friendliness; friendly; friends; friendship; friendt; frient; frier; friers; frieze
  1. Friendships lost by indolence, and happiness murdered by mismanaged sensibility!

  2. The moralist rightly says, "There is nothing permanent in this uncertain world;" and even most friendships do not partake of the "Munition of Rocks.

  3. There must have been friendships among the monks of the middle ages compared to which our boasted college friendships are thin and pale; and there must have been frightful hatreds and jealousies.

  4. It treats mainly of those enervating friendships with young women, especially with young married women, in cultivating which clever young men often squander so much time.

  5. Such life-long friendships are unusual, but whenever they do exist, they imply the presence in both parties of true and trusty qualities which preserve their character as pure cement, exposed to any atmosphere, or tried in any furnace.

  6. Socially he is one of the most genial of companions; in character the personification of uprightness and honor; firm in his friendships and incapable of malice toward any one.

  7. Would he have us make no friendships except ideal ones?

  8. Why often do "Our friendships hurry to short and poor conclusions"?

  9. Jefferson's declaration was no mere gesture, for he struck up lasting friendships with several of the prisoners.

  10. In other friendships cultivated by the great actor, and in the influences which he exerted over the most intellectual men who were his friends, we may discover proofs of Betterton's moral worth and mental power.

  11. That, to my mind, is why friendships made amid the blood, mud, hunger, and grime of the trenches are friendships that will endure through life.

  12. Such a girl, while she is not an actual member of a gang of boys, is often attached to one by so many loyalties and friendships that she will seldom testify against a member, even when she has been injured by him.

  13. Such friendships as these can evoke perhaps the best and simplest kind of loyalty.

  14. Another thing which tends to extinguish friendships is that many of the people who desire to form them, and who do form them, wish to have the pleasures of friendship without the responsibilities.

  15. Yet though I can hardly remember a single conversation of my school days, the thought of my friendships and alliances is all gilt with a sense of delightful eagerness.

  16. His capacity for intimate friendships with animals--spider and toad and lizard--was surely an inheritance from his mother.

  17. Chief among friendships was that with Joseph Milsand of Dijon, whose name is connected with Sordello in the edition of Browning's "Poetical Works" of the year 1863.

  18. Few friendships could stand against the information of this funnel.

  19. In the building which I next entered, the lost friendships of English people are preserved.

  20. Of all the friendships which Watts-Dunton formed late in life none was so prized by him as that with Sir William Robertson Nicoll.

  21. He had won his spurs and the right to lounge, and he looked forward eagerly to the rest of the year as a time for reading and the opening up of the friendships of which he had dreamed.

  22. He wanted Story to like him, conscious of a new longing in himself for the friendships that did not come, and yet somehow he could find no common ground of conversation.

  23. It made the greatest difference in his friendships whether his friends met him on equal terms, or whether they brought with them too great conventional deference or solemnity of manner.

  24. His life, so far as it remained to him, had renewed itself in other air; the later friendships beyond seas sufficed him, and were without the pang, without the effort that must attend the knitting up of frayed ties here.

  25. If he were asked he could not deny the many friendships and fellowships which united in the asking; the immediate reclame from these things was sweet to him; but he loved to comply as much as he loved to be praised.

  26. In Motley this was heightened by that feeling of astonishment, of wounded faith, which all Americans with English friendships experienced in those days, and which he, whose English friendships were many, experienced in peculiar degree.

  27. And this year saw the beginning of many of those friendships which he most valued, and of which he had most reason to be proud, and which friendships were ended only by death.

  28. The especially intimate friendships which he formed were with M.

  29. As a young man he delighted in fencing and playing the lute, and in his friendships he was loving beyond measure and prodigal with his services.

  30. Many lasting friendships have been formed between chaplains of differing communions.

  31. Our soldiers have left their homes and friends but they have found new friends, and some of the friendships have become very precious.

  32. It is claimed that their influence in some colleges is positively injurious, while in others they are beneficial and helpful in cultivating social qualities and in establishing warm intimate friendships among the members.

  33. It is claimed to be an advantage to the student living in the West to select a college in his own state, where he will form his friendships and associations, which afterward may be of value to him in his chosen profession.

  34. Sir George Drummond had formed strong friendships with Sir John A.

  35. Mr. O’Connor was a figure that attracted attention and he made lasting friendships in business as well as in private life.

  36. He has formed many warm friendships by keeping in close touch with the progress of his profession as a member of the Canadian Electrical Association, the Canadian Society of Civil Engineers and the American Institute of Electrical Engineers.

  37. And then the faces that come about us at such a time, with their tales of old friendships or generous rivalries.

  38. Jacquet felt for her one of those respectful friendships which rejoice the untroubled heart; a gentle passion; love without its desires and its storms.

  39. An explorer from the deserts is not supposed to know how exclusive we are in our friendships in the Faubourg.

  40. That terrible music was the voice of sorrows hidden from the world, of secret friendships weeping for the dead.

  41. If true sentiments are rare there, there also are to be found, as elsewhere, noble friendships and unlimited devotion.

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