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Example sentences for "friers"

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friendship; friendships; friendt; frient; frier; frieze; friezes; frigat; frigate; frigates
  1. Also the tower neere to the Blacke friers was taken downe by the commandement of the maior.

  2. Moreouer queene Isabell, mother vnto king Edward the third, departed this life the seauen and twentith daie of August, and was buried the seauen and twentith daie of Nouember, in the church of the friers minors at London, not yet dedicated.

  3. And to receiue answer hereof, he sent his letters by one Eberhard a chapleine of his, the reader of the friers heremits to S.

  4. Likewise the cleargie granted, that of euerie beneficed man, the king should haue twelue pence, and of euerie priest not beneficed foure pence (the foure orders of friers onelie excepted.

  5. About the same time two Franciscane friers were burnt at London, for matters of religion.

  6. At length being laid for, he fled to the church of the white friers in Oxford, trusting there to be safe through the immunitie of the place, bicause king Edward the first was their founder.

  7. The bodie of the earle of Hereford was sent to Yorke, two friers of the order of preachers being appointed to looke to it, till the king tooke order for the burieng of it.

  8. He was healed of his infirmitie and the rest of the Friers which were sicke did followe the father Warden's cure and took of the Self same powder once or twice and as ofte as thei had neede of for to heale them.

  9. The first sending of Certaine Friers unto the Tartars from the 32.

  10. This William Joyner builded the choir of the Grey Friers church in London, and became a lay brother of that house.

  11. Then turning by the east wall of the said Friers to the south-west end of Creed lane.

  12. Clye, their wives, her daughters, and to their heirs, with condition they yearly do give to the warden or governors of the Grey friers church within Newgate forty shillings, to find a student of divinity in the University for ever.

  13. Westminster, and adjourned to the Black Friers in London, and from thence to Leycester.

  14. He borrowed twelve friers frockes or cowles, and in the euening went downe to the hauen, and hired twelue mariners, and placed them in a backe house, geuing them so much meate and drinke as they woulde eate.

  15. The Right of Presentation to it is in the Abbat and Friers of the Abbey of St. Germain.

  16. There's nothing to be heard in it but tolling of Bells, and nothing to be seen but Priests, Friers and Students; many of whom beg Alms with a Song.

  17. The Church belonging to it is small, but very neat; and the Pews of the Friers are most nicely carved in Wood.

  18. She tolde me that the Casique brought it from Shallapa, a great towne distant 30 leagues from this place on the hilles, whereas dwelt certeine Christians, and certeine friers of the Order of S.

  19. The friers sent vs meat from the house ready dressed, and the friers, and the men and women vsed vs very courteously, and gave vs some shirts and other such things as we lacked.

  20. Within three dayes after we departed from this place, and came to a city called Guaxutla, where there is another Monastery of friers of the same Order: there dwell in this towne about twelue Spanyards.

  21. How the Friers coming at length vnto the Emperour, gaue, and receiued letters.

  22. Of the admission of the Friers and Ambassadours vnto the Emperour.

  23. He answered, that he did it for his wenches pleasure, who familiarly confessed that nothynge in the sayd Robert displeased hir, saue his friers coate.

  24. After these Friers (thought not in the next place) foloweth a testimonie of Gerardus Mercator, and another of M.

  25. Imprinted at London by Thomas Vautroullier dwelling in the Blacke Friers by Ludgate.

  26. The Maides Tragedie: as it hath beene divers times Acted at the Black-Friers by the Kings Maiesties Servants.

  27. A wittie and pleasant Comedie, As it was Acted by his Maiesties Seruants at the Blacke-Friers and the Globe.

  28. As it was acted by his Maiesties Seruants at the Blacke Friers and the Globe.

  29. Hence will I to my ghostly Friers close Cell, His helpe to craue, and my deare hap to tell.

  30. They haue both monks, friers and nunnes, with a great number of great and rich monasteries: they keepe great hospitalitie, and doe relieue much poore people day by day.

  31. Passion of Christ was represented at the Grey Friers in London, on Corpus Christi Day, before the Lord Mayor, the Privy Council, and many great persons of the realm.

  32. The Passion of Christ was acted at the Grey Friers on the day that war was proclaimed against France, and in honour of that occasion.

  33. Cupid and Psyche plaid at Paules, and a greate many comedies more at the Blacke friers and in every playe house in London,' he unquestionably refers to houses or taverns temporarily employed for the performances alluded to.

  34. In no part of this Orientall Indies, there was none of so good a beginning in the conuersion of the soules, as was in this iland: for that certaine religious friers of the order of S.

  35. Afterward they vnderstood that the interpreter was bribed by a seruant of the captaines, for to alter the friers words and to offer the captayne the ara, and any thing els that hee would desire.

  36. The barefoote friers depart from the Iland of Luzon vnto China, and is declared such as was there seene.

  37. And the friers of Fail they made gude kale On Fridays when they fasted; They never wanted gear enough As lang as their neighbours' lasted.

  38. The friers of Fail Gat never owre hard eggs, or owre thin kale; For they made their eggs thin wi' butter, And their kale thick wi' bread.

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